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FanFiction Terms

What follows is a list of the most common fanfiction terms used, and their meanings. Thanks to Dreamlight for composing this list. 🙂

General Terms:

/: Used to display pairings in the FanFic. For example, Artemis/Holly.

Antific/Basher Fic: Any Fic used to kill off a character the author does not like. For example, having Minerva commit suicide because Artemis likes Juliet better than her. biggrin.gif

Barbieshipper: Any author who creates the perfect relationship and gets angry if anything threatens the romance. Generally bad.

Betareader (Beta): Someone who reads over your Fic to check for mistakes before you submit your work.

Canon: The official source of material, i.e. the original work that your FanFiction is based on. (In this case, Artemis Fowl). Canon characters would be characters from the Artemis Fowl series.

Fanon: Situations so common in fandom that they have become almost canon. Fanons are accepted by many FanFic writers although there is no reference to it in the canon source.

Ficlet: A story usually between 500 and 1000 word long – longer than a drabble, but shorter than a regular FanFic.

Filk: A FanFic in which you take a song and change the words so that they relate to Artemis Fowl.

Flames: Negative feedback, usually on purpose to attack the author. Flames are bad.

Fluff: FanFics devoid of angst or drama that usually take on a light, carefree romance. Meant to be cute and sweet.

Mary Sue/Gary Stu: An idealized version of the author’s, how the author currently is or wishes he/she was. In other words, a perfect character with no noticeable flaws (like Minerva. Grr) Mary Sue’s are looked down upon and should be avoided at all costs. A canon character can become a Mary Sue too if the author idealizes it too much. A common excuse is: I’m basing her off someone else!

Original Character (OC): A non-canon character that the author of the fic created.

OOC: “Out of Character.” Words said by the author, not part of the story.

R&R: “Rate and Review”. Used when the author wants reviews and constructive criticism.
Songfic: Fics in which the author incorporates lyrics from songs into their work to enhance the theme in the story.

Shipping: Supporting a relationship between two characters, usually canon.

WIP: Work in Progress