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Help and How-Tos

Registration – With a registered account, you can write your own stories, and will not have to enter your name in every review you write. Registration is free, and we never spam you. This guide will take you through the quick registration process.

Writing a Story – Writing stories is what this archive is all about, so let’s make sure you can do it! This guide will show you the basics of writing a story, adding chapters, saving it, and modifying it later.

Adding New Chapters – With the new format, the formatting necessary to add a new chapter to your stories has changed. Here’s a quick, visual tutorial to help you through the process.

FanFiction Terms – There are some words and acronyms commonly used in the fanfiction world. This guide will explain the meanings of the most popular of these.

Writing a Good Review – Every fanfiction writer loves to hear reviews on their story. This article contains a few pointers for writing reviews, and even criticism, that writers will appreciate.

How To Write a Good Fanfiction -Here’s some tips on getting started in the fanfiction world and writing stories that will get you reviews.

How To Categorize your Story – Learn how to file your story correctly so that others can find it.

How to Write a Story using Good Spelling and GrammarAll stories need to have good spelling and grammar, otherwise they aren’t readable. Learn easy ways to improve the spelling and grammar of your story.
If you have any questions which are not answered above, then feel free to drop us a message.