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Summary: Ooh, look, it’s an update…not a very good one, but an update nonetheless. December 15, 2009 I hate to say […]

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Ooh, look, it’s an update…not a very good one, but an update nonetheless.

December 15, 2009

I hate to say it, but Veri’s kinda getting on my nerves lately…I mean, I like a good prank now and again, but even I know when to stop…dunno, maybe I’m just overly p***ed because she glued my pillow to my head…

Anyway, Ver’s going to Haven now. Dad apparently thinks it’ll “help her” somehow…I’m not so sure…she’s pretty upset since she found out; she won’t talk to anyone, and she’s on a hunger strike. Hasn’t eaten a thing for days, and I’m about 99.9% sure it’ll only get worse when she gets to Haven. Kid better not commit suicide down there…


December 15, 2009

Oh, wonderful. Oh, this is just absolutely perfectly perfect. Aurora hates me, Mom and Dad won’t talk to me, and I’m being exiled to Haven. AND I think Chris might be mad at me for gluing his head to his pillow.

Is Nemesis sleeping on the job or something? There’s NO WAY one person can have this much suckiness in their life.

Or maybe they can, if they’re a bad enough person…and I’m certainly horrible enough. I’ve pi**ed my entire family off, gotten kicked out of high school, (truthfully, not my fault; that Destiny Cyrus had it coming) gotten myself kidnapped by running away…

Ugh, I’m feeling bad about myself now….I’m going for a walk.


December 15, 2009

Oh, dear…Verity’s gotten herself into trouble…AGAIN. This time, she’s being shipped off to a boarding school in Italy. Truthfully, I couldn’t be happier. She needs a little disclipine, before she ends up in jail…or worse.

What’s worse than jail, I’ve no idea…maybe working in a fast-food restaurant? Ugh, I shudder to think of a Fowl sinking that low. Unless, of course, they’d been disinherited.

Oh dear, I’ve just seen Verity walking down the front drive…I’d follow her if it wasn’t un-ladylike and I didn’t have homework to do.


“Stupid parents…” muttered Verity, kicking a tree limb on the road. She’d wandered far enough away from Fowl Manor that she could be sure no one could see her from their window. Verity hated people spying on her even more than she hated Justine Bieber.

“Stupid Dad…stupid Aurora…stupid Chris..” she said, stomping on a daisy.

“Stupid daisy!” she yelled, jumping up and down on a few more.

“I agree. Why should the daisies be happy? Need any help reducing those to mush?” a male voice with an American accent called to Verity from her left.

Verity turned around to see who was adressing her, fully prepared to use sarcasm and her extensive knowledge of curses to get whoever it was to run home crying for his mommy. She gasped when the person came into view.

He was hot, there really was no other word for it. Tan, tall, athletic-looking. Nice smile, thought Verity, for the guy was smiling an adorable crooked smile at her, dimples in his cheeks and perfectly white, straight teeth showing. The part of Verity’s mind she reserved for important things like pranks was much too busy taking in every aspect of this boy’s face to notice what he was wearing, but her subconcious informed her that he had on a pair of blue jeans and a tank top, which showed off his muscular arms. Oh, gods, he’s gorgeous…Verity internally gasped.

The gorgeous boy, whoever he was, was smirking at Verity, seemingly amused by the fact that she didn’t seem to be able to take her eyes off him. “Interested in buying anything? Or do you just want to look?” he asked, laughing a little.

Verity blushed for a moment, then remembered that she was p***ed at the world. The red face and slightly dazed look turned into a scowl as she asked the dreamboat, “Who the h*** are you?”

The guy chuckled. “Cormack. Cormack Fitzgerald. You?”

“Verity Fowl.”

Cormack’s eyes widened. “You mean, like, the Verity Fowl? Like, Artemis Fowl’s neice?”

“Uhhh…yeaahh?” Verity said, wondering for a moment how this boy knew Uncle Artemis. After all, he’d established his cover as a respectable businessman long before Cormack had even been thought of.

WOW! I mean, like, seriously, wow! Your family is famous!” he gushed, his eyes nearly popping out of his head.

“Uhm, thanks…I guess…” replied Verity, absentmindedly swinging her foot at a tree branch. “How do you…?”

Cormack grinned. “Fitzgerald is such a common last name…you probably don’t know who I am.”

Suddenly Verity understood. She smiled a little at Cormack. “So, what kinds of things have you nicked? Jewels, money, art?”

“Erm, well, it’s sorta a family business.” answered Cormack, looking slightly nervous.

Verity rolled her eyes. “Well, duh, dude, you’re, like, the same age as my brother; no way you could be a good enough thief to know Uncle Artemis at your age.”

“Oh, yeah…right…” Cormack said, running his hands through his hair nervously. “Well, my family does a lot of business in the…er, diamond trade…


But, mostly, we do business in…human trafficking.”

At that moment, an odd-smelling cloth was placed over Verity’s mouth and nose.

Oh, dammit all to hell, not AGAIN!” thought Verity as everything went black…

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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  1. MuriUmbrielCordeliaN April 25th, 2010 at 6:02 pm 1

    ~~~>green glue.

    Erm…what the heck happened there? A whole paragraph just disappeared! 😯

    EDIT:Fixed it! 😀 And fuzzed up the break….back to the story panel…

  2. Hermione Fowl April 26th, 2010 at 5:51 am 2


  3. It’s kinda confusing to know which diary entry belongs to who but it was still awesome once I figured it out!!!
    It was great, I think I like Verity and Christophe…very cool charries.

  4. MuriUmbrielCordeliaN April 28th, 2010 at 12:09 am 4

    😀 Thanks for commenting, guys!
    Hermione:Yeah, I FINALLY did. 😀 Only took me, what? Four, five months? *wince*

    hitsugayatoushiro: (Never get tired of typing that out 😈 ) Yeah, I was worried about that..hopefully the key made it easier…and they’re two of my favorite charas! 😀

                                               -Miss Mureeh, out!

  5. Omigosh! A SEQUEL! *squeals with utter excitement* 😀

    This was great, Muri. Hilarious, too! *sighs happily* Verity could be my long-lost twin. 🙂

    Are ya gonna continue this? PLEASE tell me you are! If you’re not, I won’t be totally depressed, ‘cuz I know what’s it like to have no free time and not have a chance to write. *shudders* The horror.

    Anyways, AWESOME! Wuv it!

    -Star :mrgreen:

  6. MuriUmbrielCordeliaN May 18th, 2010 at 2:38 am 6

    Eeeh, someone else finally commented!!! 😀 *happydance* Thankyouthankyouthankyou, Star!! Yeah, I am gonna continue this, I’ve actually got a few chapters written that I work on about every day; I was just waiting to make sure this story wasn’t a dud before I posted it. 😀 I’m gonna go work on it now, and since you commented, it’ll be posted within the next few days! 😀

    -Miss Mureeh, out!

  7. *squeals with excitement* Yay! Thank you! 😀


  8. MuriUmbrielCordeliaN May 23rd, 2010 at 3:26 pm 8

    Okay, update posted! 😀

    -Miss Mureeh, out!i

  9. Aw, awesome update! *shakes head and smiles* Verity got kidnapped again? Well, good for her.

    This is amazing Muri… I love it so much! 🙂 Keep it going… (or else.)

    -Star :mrgreen:


  11. MuriUmbrielCordeliaN May 25th, 2010 at 1:05 am 11

    Yay, thanks, Star!! 😀 Yah, I’ll keep it going! I’ve already got the next chapter started! And, next week is Dead Week, so I’ll probably be off school and have lotsa free time to write!!

    LO:Is that a compliment, are you imitating Santy Claws, or are you insulting me? *confused*

    -Miss Mureeh, out!i

  12. I think it was a compliment, but, eh, you can never be sure…

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