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You Are What?

Summary: You Are What?! AN: I was writing the eleventh chapter to Tip For When You Jump into the Deep, and […]

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You Are What?!

AN: I was writing the eleventh chapter to Tip For When You Jump into the Deep, and then this idea popped into my head. Arty and Minnie get bored one day and do what bored teens do. Two months later, Minnie finds that she pregnant. How do they react? How will it effect there lives? Note to anyone who may be Artrva shippers: I don’t intend to have them fall in love and get married : ) So don’t hate me!!!

Disclaimer: I own a lot of things, however, the Fowl series and its characters I do not.

Chapter 1

Minerva just stared blankly at the thin strip of paper in her hand. It was the fifty-sixths result sheet she had printed that day. Yesterday, she printed out twice that amount. And out of one- hundred and sixty-eight result sheets, only two read negative. With a heavy sigh, Minerva tossed the strip in her hand over to what was becoming a monstrous pile of crinkled papers that Bo was playing in. She would take ten more, but really, now all she was doing was killing trees. She knew her fate. Taking another big swing of water, readying her self for the next test, she thought back to how all this happened.


That what it all boiled down to in the end. They just got bored. Artemis had been back for a few years at that point, and she decided to go pay her friend a visit. His parents had left for the week with the twins and Juliet had gone out for the day with her current boyfriend. They had talked for hours about politics, break-through medicines, theories about space and time, fairies, magic…But as the nigh grew old, they ran out of things to talk about. They had turned on CNN but they were only playing spin, nothing either of them wanted to hear. Not knowing what else to do, they decided to experiment. They didn’t mean for it to go as far as it did- it started off just as simple kissing and light toughing. But then it got more playful, then lustful as their needs started to grow, and then soon it was full blown sex.

She smiled. It was a wonderful experiment to perform.

But Minerva was unhappy about the results.

They didn’t think about the outcome. Minerva frowned and finished off her third littler of water. She was ready to seal her fate once and for all.


178 tests taken, 175 confirmed positive. She though she’d be in tears right now, yet she was oddly clam. Sure she wanted to smash her printer with a baseball bat; everyone wants to kill the messenger that brings them bad news, but other than that, she was…numb. Void of feeling. There she was, teen genius, one of the smartest people in the world, and she was about to be bestowed with one of the worlds saddest titles. Teen mother. Her face screwed up when she thought of that. It sounded awful in her mind.

“Minnie? Minnie what’s wrong?” Her little brother, Beau, asked.


“What’s wrong with you? You’re knuckles are white, and you’re frowning so hard you’re going to have to get daddy to fix them for you with a laser.” He stated matter-of-factly, as he bit of a piece of a chocolate bar. She looked down at her hands and indeed they were clenched into tight fist. She unraveled them and deep puncture marks indented her hands where her nails use to be. She sighed heavily and flexed her long fingers, letting the blood flow through them again.

“Nothing is wrong Bo,” She lied. “You’re big sis is just a little upset and tired right now okay?”

“Are you upset because of what those papers over there say?”

“Yes, very upset. How about we burn them in the fire place and make s’mores?”

“Yes!” Bo punched the air and did a quick victory dance, as if he had won something. “But I still don’t see why you’re upset. Those papers say ‘positive’. That’s good silly.”

Minerva sighed again, shook her blonde head and patted her little brother on the shoulder.

“In the grown-up world, Beau, positive isn’t always a good thing.”

“But you’re not grown up Minnie.” Beau stated ironically. Minerva frowned and leaned back in her chair and rubbed her flat belly.

“I am now.”

Do it and I’ll love you.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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  1. Minerva Paradizo January 28th, 2009 at 5:07 am 1

    Ooh! This is really good. None of the characters are irrevocably OOC, and I really like Minnie’s character! Update!


  2. ArtemisFowlfan96 January 28th, 2009 at 5:23 am 2

    OMG. I was half laughing, half in shock while i read this! I thought they were smarter than this! Idiots! Good story, though. Continue!

  3. Wow. I don’t think I can really review this, as I am in shock. Wow. I like how you’re not portraying Minerva as evil. Other than that, I am too numb to comment. Wow. Continue this, I’m interested. You should probably out a warning on it of it gets inappropriate, though.

  4. ArtemisFowlfan96 January 29th, 2009 at 1:05 am 4

    I know! Total shock! I seriously thought they were smarter than this! Theyre genii! They should have thought of the consequences!

  5. wow, won’t Arty have a shock!

  6. OMG. I adore the last sentence–and the story of course! 😀 I never thought I’d ever like an Arty/Minne fic this much! Being one of the countless Minerva haters of course 😀 This was surprisingly enjoyable.

    Hmm…as for constructive crit…there are some spelling mistakes. But nothing other than that.

    Please continue this!

  7. ArtemisFowlfan96 January 29th, 2009 at 4:52 am 7

    I know! Its a really good story and interesting and captivating and CONTINUE NOW or I will have Artymon send u a letterbomb!

  8. Ooh, I like this.
    I wouldn’t have thought that I would. But I really do.
    I especially like this part:
    ““In the grown-up world, Beau, positive isn’t always a good thing.”

    “But you’re not grown up Minnie.” Beau stated ironically. Minerva frowned and leaned back in her chair and rubbed her flat belly.

    “I am now.””

    I don’t think that either Artemis or Minerva would be so irresponsible as to get her pregnant. But it’s a really interesting idea.
    And the writing is good.

    Computer pregnancy tests, though? That’s weird. I’ve never heard of those before.

    Good job, continue, maybe?

  9. ArtemisFowlfan96 January 29th, 2009 at 3:03 pm 9

    Yes! Very good! Continue!

  10. Kierisa Zwölf January 29th, 2009 at 5:03 pm 10

    I like this! You should update it! Though it seems I’ve read alot of stories were Holly/or/Minvera get pregnant. 🙄

    I still like it, and the writing is good!

  11. omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    uhmmm shock like every1 else heheohhhh dear
    um i think it went a lil too far…ok im just destoying myself i didnt even read al1 the books!!!(SSSSsTTTTTOOOPP)!!!!!
    i am really weird

    Try not to stretch the page, eh? ~WE

  12. oops i sent 2 hahahaha my laptops slow so yea
    does artemis and minnie go out in which book w81dont tell me i didnt read it yet i only read uhh arctic, opal, eternity ,adn otiginal
    wats the order of the books i know it goes artemid fowl,arctic incident, opal deception,w8 then eternity??? help

  13. i can spell i just cant type haahaa

  14. ArtemisFowlfan96 January 30th, 2009 at 1:57 am 14

    umm its artemis fowl, arctic incident, eternity code, opal deception, lost colony, and time paradox. Neways, CONTINUE NOW!!!!!!

  15. C


  16. HEY!!!!!!I thought that Artemis should at least let Holly be first!!But oh well……nice anyway!

  17. ArtemisFowlfan96 January 31st, 2009 at 1:08 am 17

    ? neways, why rnt u updating??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Thank you guys for the possitive response! The story will countine soon! That I can promise; just as soon as I find my power tools… I have to fix my computer

  19. ArtemisFowlfan96 February 1st, 2009 at 8:09 am 19

    lol work quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Alanna-Lena Zelen February 1st, 2009 at 9:41 am 20

    Did you remember a disclamer? We don’t want young AF fans findidng this story, expecially if the mods are wrapped up in the story and forgot to remind you that warnings should be added when *hum,hum* is involved!

    Other than that,….. please continue! Please,please,pleasepleasepleaseplease!
    And I most certainly not critting you for forgetting that one particular rule! If you’re extremelly curious about my age, look for my profile in the forum.

  21. This was a story that i have been working on for a while now, so i have all the way through chapter 5 posted for you guys!

    To Alanna-Lena Zelen:
    The discliamer is in there, I did forget to put the rating on this one so thanks for the reminder!

    To ArtemisFowlfan96: I found them!!!!! and now i’m happy again. I love my power drill!

    To ArtiHoli180: I think alot of people agree with you, but i for some reason can’t see Artemis and Holly getting together.

    To Kierisa Zwölf: Really? I haven’t seen one yet… Well i hope this doesn’t end up repeating any of thoes… I pride myself on coming up with new ideas…

    To BlackOpal: Lol nor do I. But i started writing this story to see just hwo much fun I could have with these character when still keeping them belevieable. I hope it’s working!

    Minerva Paradizo: I’m normally not a big fan a Minerva (If you read some of my other stuff you’d know how I generally view her…) But i’m hoping that with this, i can make her seem…more real maybe? lol idk, But i do like her character in this story as well

    To EvilOpal: I think it’s good that you’re in a state of ‘wow’ and that you are interested lol =] I don’t think that Minerva is evil( bratty? yes. Stuck up? yes.) But again, i’m hoping to from her into a more likeable person(while subjecting her to a very trumatic exprince at the same time.

    To Star Jinin: lol this is by no means an Arty/Minne Romance fic!I totaly agree with you;I can’t see them being married or being any sort of couple.Rather, it’s a fic where they mess up and have to deal with the

    To Miasaki: Oh yes he will. You’ll see! ^-^

    To artemis’bff: I won’t tell you what happens in the books (though this story will most likly spoil all the books.) And don’t worry- I’m just as spazzy and weird lol =p
    The order of the books goes as follows: Artemis Fowl, The Artic Incedent, The Enrity Code, Opal’s Deciption, Lost Colony, Time Pardox, Then there’s also a mini book.

    There, i think i responded to everyone…. Thanks so much for the reviews and the help!. I Hope you contuine you to like this!

  22. ArtemisFowlfan96 February 2nd, 2009 at 10:18 pm 22

    cool updates! Its so interesting but I feel Artemis is being a real jerk! Continue soon!

  23. I had to bite my shirt to keep from laughing so loudly that to wake the whole neighbourhood…..

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