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Worth it

Summary: The box laid at the bottom of the tunnel, Mulch greedily went to open it. The box opened and the […]

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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The box laid at the bottom of the tunnel, Mulch greedily went to open it. The box opened and the glow of the gold bars illuminated the tunnel. Mulch’s face blossomed at the sight of all that gold.

“Heh, they’ll never stop me from getting what I love most. . .” Mulch said to himself. Then suddenly the tunnel started to shake and things started to fall apart. “Cave-in!Mulch shouted.

“Mulch!” A voice cried out, Mulch than thought that LEP is still after him.”Mulch!”

“Mulch! Wake up you ole’stink!” Doodah yelled at Mulch as he shook him off the couch. Mulch grumbled and slowly picked himself up, the dream of all that gold quickly evaporated when the realization that he was now a P.I. and a legal fairy hit him.
“What do you want Day! I was having a good dream. All that gold. . .” Mulch trailed off.

“Well I got a clue to that Mob’s location. It’s very low-key, but after a talk with a few of my smuggling buddies they told me that they are looking for people to do a job for them.” Doodah explained.

“And what? We got a location but how about getting there?” Mulch asked, skeptical on Day’s plan.

“Well I don’t exactly know where. . .” Doodah started.

“WOW! So we could point with our finger and tell LEP to go there. Perfect!” Mulch interrupted. He was not happy with his partner.

“. . . But I can get it, the Mob is hiring a duel of smugglers. The job is to get from Haven than to topside L.A.” Day finished.

“Lucky for us than.” Mulch muttered. He began to walk to the door; he waved back at Day not interested in such a ridiculous plan.

“LEP is paying 15,000 for information on Mob’s location and another 25k for the capture of Mob leader Red Dragoon.” Day said, trying to get Mulch to help him.

Mulch turned around, a small grin appeared as he went for the communicator. He threw it at Day as he said “Well call them Day.”

—-Secret Underground Entrance——

Mulch and Doodah got the job and asked to go directly to the drop-off. The package be delivered to them, and then from the entrance the package is to be driven across Haven and into another chute where they will smuggle it above ground. Mulch stood impatiently at the entrance while Doodah sat happily behind the wheels of a very fast vehicle.

“How much longer? They said after getting here it will only take a few . . .finally!” Mulch yelled, he saw three figures that walked up and dropped a box in front of them. They turned around and walked back into the darkness. Mulch walked over and picked up the box with a grunt.

“Need some help Mulch buddy?” Day snickered as the dwarf was moving the box into the car. Mulch closed the door and breathed in deep, Man that box was heavy Mulch thought. He climbed in and nodded at Day to drive.

“Just get us to the next point without attracting any attention. . .” Mulch commanded, turning his head to see Doodah calling out some female fairies. “. . .Day!” Mulch shouted as he pulled his head back in.

“Okay, okay, no attention got it. . .” Doodah grumbled as he stepped on the accelerator more and more. The street lights soon became like star lines to Mulch’s eyes and groaned slightly. He was hoping for the job to end soon, not his life.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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  1. That was very unique. Congrats. 🙂
    But you had a few sentences that didn’t make sense e.g. ‘how long more?’ Just re-read.
    FCD. 🙂

  2. Thanks, I was tired when I was reviewing it, still am.

    I was sort of tired of just Artemis and Holly, so I thought of a whole new different idea.

  3. I love the creativity in this fanfic – we don’t get too many about Mulch and Doodah. This was delightful after weeks of Artemis and Holly. you will want to go back and make it more understandable. It took me a minute to figure out ‘what do want’. I love this, so update, or I will send my banana ninjas after you :D:D:D:D:D:D:

  4. I gotta be honest with you, Mr.B, at first I wasn’t too excited about reading a fanfic about Mulch and Doodah Day. But you had a good opening section that hooked me, and pretty soon I was enjoying myself. 😀

    I really like what you’ve done here. You have lots of good dialogue and humour that makes this fun to read, as well as a cute, vibrant plot. I love Mulch and Doodah’s interactions – they’re so rude to each other but you can sense the partnership. I guess these two (semi)reformed criminals work well together.

    I noticed that sometimes your tenses aren’t consistent. You’re writing in past tense but sometimes you slip into present tense, so just keep that in mind. It makes it kind of confusing for the reader.

    But all-in-all this is a great story. You must update! PLEEZ! Take the WRATH and banana ninjas seriously!!! 😀

    ~December Holly, contemplating coersive threats of her own

  5. Updated, so please keep your Banana Ninjas under lock and key or it’ll be harder to do any stories in a Hospital room because of a Banana Coma. 😛

    Hope you guys like the ending.

    P.S. I am a bit Sappy and cliche about endings so please bear with me.

  6. AGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Copy and paste this to microsoft word and fix the grammar and spelling! It hurt to read this. 😛

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