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What Would YOU Do?

Summary: Spoilers for TLG. This is a series of small scenes, but I need people to add into it. please read and add your ideas to the comment box!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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A/N: this is a little something I’ll drabble in when I’m bored or stuck on writers block, but it is NOT a drabble. It’s just a start for now but I want to add more scenes with other people, so please leave a comment on the bottom of your name, gender, what you want to happen in your scene and if you want it happy, depressing, funny, romantic, etc. A lot of them will seem like drabbles, but they may be added on to, which is why I’m not calling them drabbles. R&R&R!


The Bad Haircut

Artemis walked into the barber shop and ran a hand through the too-long hair. He hadn’t had a haircut since his resurrection, three months ago. He had spent the time recovering his memories and going through endless tests.

A woman who looked about forty and wore too much makeup walked up and told him to wait, saying she would be through in a few minutes. Artemis nodded and sat down in one of the glossy leather chairs.

About ten minutes later, an older, gray-haired man walked out and brought him to one of the trimming stations. Artemis explained exactly what he wanted done , and the old man muttered a reply. The barber threw the vinyl cape around and it settled over Artemis’ slim frame. He then twisted the chair away from the mirror and set to work.


The old man set the blow dryer on the counter and took the vinyl cape off Artemis’ shoulders before brushing them clean of the few raven strands that had fallen. He twisted the chair back around to face the mirror.

Artemis’ heart almost stopped.

His hair looked terrible. It was entirely too short in the front and was uneven by almost and inch in the back. He whipped around, his face a color crimson that would make even Root look pale. He glared daggers at the sleepy looking old man and called loudly for the manager.

The woman came out and her eyes widened when she saw the old man. “Dad! What do you think you are doing?! I told you to bring him back here, not trim him yourself!”

She looked apologetically at the boy who, not surprisingly, looked like he had a third degree sunburn. She quickly pulled the man to the back and pulled the door shut. Artemis swore he heard a lock turn, then she came back out.

“I am so sorry about that. Let me fix your hair, free of charge?” she said desperately, making it sound more like a question.

Artemis’ face had, almost, returned to normal. He nodded stiffly and sat back down.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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  1. Haha…funny. That’s a FUNNY idea,i know my descriptive verbs aren’t good sooo….i can just say it”s good. I like this one.

    Hmm…you want people? ADD ME!!!

    Dude you had better appreciate that one cos i was planning to put it into one of my stories but you deserve it better.

  2. Go ahead and put it in yours! Maybe we can use each others ideas and incorperate them into our own stories. Like I’ll create a situation and you add to it in your own story. I just updated, though I didn’t add in shaadias’ part YET. I kinda wanted to make this little fluffy bit before I lost the idea. It is one of the fluffiest things I have done and I’m not sure if I’ll make anything else so fluffy, but I really liked this idea.

  3. the update felt good to read,especially after that…awesome/tiring/sloppy(don’t know) day at school. i mean really,we tried touching a bull skull in the science lab and sprayed water all over the place. anyway ,to the topic. you know what i think of fluffy stories,but i kinda like your ones. keep it up silver.

  4. I dunno if this is spamming, just makin sure you know i’m still interested. Please write more!

  5. shaadia feeling like crying April 2nd, 2013 at 11:33 am 5

    WHAT–?! WHY THE FREAKING CLIFFHANGER?! and why is it so sad?? dude! how DO you come up with such awesome ideas????!!! *wrings own neck* why are you better than me?? waaargh! you are so awesome!!!!

  6. so they did get married? what happened to the sickness? um….have i ever told you how good your descriptive writing is? you should be proud of that.

    *invades comment* Okay, she isn’t sick in this one. None of the stories have any relation to another unless I specify otherwise in an Author’s Note. The sickness in the fourth one never occurred in the fifth. Does that answer your question?
    And thanks, I am most proud of this little drabblicious fic. I try to make everything as descriptive as possible, but I think this fic got it best:)

  7. I love your writing. The quality, the grammar, the plots, the everything.
    And before I forget…
    thanks for updating!!

  8. Hmm… very good, Silver! I think you should do a full length on the last one, it was very good. I like the dark demented stuff. 🙂

    Happy birthday! Good luck on getting your permit! Er… here’s a virtual lollipop to celebrate! O- 🙂

    *invades comment* I have been considering a full-length like this for a while, I just figured this would be the best way to pitch the idea. If people like it, great, I’ll do it. If they don’t, this is short, so they’re no worse for the wear.

    MY LOLLIPOP! Om nom nom… mmm, mango…

  9. OMG……………..Awesome.

    Oh, and i’ll send ya a happy b’day email!

  10. I’m scared. chapter seven was scary. but hey…sadistic-ness rules!!
    I sent a whole apology letter, if you check your inbox. And now I’m watching GL!

  11. Kudos! I love your descriptions. I suck at them u know. Keep on writing! It really made me smile when arty proposed. Not many.can pull off.romance like.this. Sweet but not sappy.

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