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Waning Moon

Summary: I think it was BS who said that she wanted a "Arty becomes a little kid" fic, but if it was you (and I'm wrong; quite likely), correct me. Anyway, my attempt at it! Erm... hope you like.

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Ah… let’s see how this works out. Yeah, I have a lot of stories that need to be updated; no, I’m not going to update them (right now). If my memory is serving me correctly (it probably isn’t, XD), then BS mentioned in an announcement that she loves “Arty gets younger” fics, and is always looking for more of them. If (again) my memory is serving me correctly, I promised that I’d write one. Here it is…
Disclaimer: Am I the only person who STILL does a disclaimer? Should I just stop doing it? I mean, no one else is getting arrested — (voice in background: Shut up and tell them that –) Alright! Alright, I own — (WHAT DID YOU JUST S–) I DON’T! I
DON’T own Artemis Fowl.

Holly, standing across from Artemis’ thin frame, gasped.

Foaly, millions of miles underneath them both, but visible on the comlink, gasped.

No1, who had been collecting equipment from the Ops Lab and had heard the exchange, gasped.

And the LEP’s prized female Major would’ve guessed that even her former Commander, Julius Root, had just turned in his grave and gasped as well.

Artemis did not gasp; he simply rolled his eyes. “Really? That’s the same response I received last time,” he said, sitting back and crossing his legs, an action he didn’t usually perform since it wrinkled his carefully ironed pants.

“Time travel is still time travel!” Foaly snapped, first to recover. “What do you expect us to do? It is a dangerous process, capable of killing weaker minds –”

“Are you suggesting that I have a weaker mind?”

“That’s not the point, Artemis! I care about you, you stupid Mud Boy!”

No1 quickly gave Foaly’s chair a light push to move it aside, squeezing into the camera’s view. “Might I add that your previous experiences have actually weakened you to a more vulnerable point?  You may not survive this time.”

“You can’t just run off if you have any little problem you need to fix –” Holly growled.

Foaly shoved No1 from the screen to comment as well. “It is illegal. Last time was a special case!”

“–I’m not about to let you–”

“If every Mud Man–”

“Silence.” It wasn’t said as a shout, or a harsh command, but it had the effectiveness of “Shut up, everyone!”. Even Foaly sat back, though his carrot munching was a bit more agressive than it usually was.

“He was too young to die; and it only happened because of my foolish actions. Beckett deserves to live, so I’ll make sure he will.”

“You can’t go around resurrecting whomever you wish just because they died from your actions! This memory will keep you from killing off other people; if you know that you’ll be able to remedy it, you won’t learn anything! And if No1 somehow dies, you won’t be able to fix it,” Foaly replied, eyes narrowed. “Besides, if he was too young to die, then why don’t you just resurrect all of the poor children who died from malnutrition? They were too young, too.”

“Yes, but Beckett’s my brother. I’d be helping Myles as well!”

“Focus on the present!” Holly exclaimed. Shouts of agreement echoed in Artemis’ study.

“I have to do this,” Artemis said, meeting each individual’s unique glare. “I have to.”

“And we have to stop you!” Foaly cried.

Artemis ignored them all, narrowing in on No1. “Well? Will you help me?”

The demon sucked in a breath. “Yes.”

“And you, Holly?”

A fierce glare. “You better not be lying to me, Fowl.”

The last name; not a good sign. “I’m not.”

With a moistening of the lips, Holly nodded curtly. “Yes.”

“Foaly, will you cover for us?”

The centaur located another carrot and started eating it, thinking. “Kelp wouldn’t like it… so, sure.”

“You’re all in, then?” Artemis asked, internally wincing at the colloquial sentence.

A collective, “Yes.”

“Then let’s begin.”

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. Hmmm… Good start. It needs more of a backstory, and the ‘you’re five!’ part was a tad confusing, but on the whole, fascinating idea!

  2. Hermione Fowl April 13th, 2011 at 8:08 am 2

    I got really confused, with changing from Holly, to Opal, to No1, but I’m sure an update will solve that.
    deja-vu-I’m pretty sure this needs to be in italics.
    pneumatic-What does that mean??
    That’s all the mistakes I noticed, so screw you. Here I am, trying to see if I can write a huge comment, cause you always have longer comments then me, but your too freaking good!!!


    It was not only funny, but thouroughly funny, as in a little joke in every paragraph. “I finally know what deja vu feels like” was one of my favorites.

    Good everything! Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and cheese pizza! 😉

  4. Wow, fast replies. You guys are so good to me, XD.

    LEPreconGirl: The basic plot has actually been used many times, I’m just adding my own twist to it (the “basic plot” being Artemis-suddenly-is-younger). Don’t worry, all will be revealed in time!

    HF: I don’t think it needs to be italicized, but there’re some dashy marks over the letters that I can’t do on my computer, XD. Pneumatic… I actually don’t know the exact definition; please stand by — aha! — “of or pertaining to air, gases, or wind”, as said by So a pneumatic hiss… it’s like, a guess there’s just an air/gassy hissing sound. Do you understand? Probably not, I’m putting it badly… I cracked up at the last part, though; shall I take it as a compliment? XD. No matter, all words are highly appreciated.

    ILoveFowl: Thoroughly funny… interesting, XD. Thanks for all your support!

    And to all who(m? I’m not good with this stuff) have read all this way, it will be updated… er… soon. Soon… (cackles)

  5. Shrek. Nukes. Bellybutton. A 5. Lollipops. Orion. One. Word. Sentences. That. make. no. sense. this. Fic. Is. Awesome. A 5. Update. Orion. -. out.

  6. WOAH. This is a true work of art, the sort of thing you usually only see in a rare few published books. An easy 5 stars. Seriouly. This is the best thing I’ve read in… a very long time. Just… update, okay?

    Peace, love, and alpacas 🙂

  7. i like it buuut, plz tell me No1 ISNT going to die?!? anyway, ur doing GREAT!

  8. FantasyDevourer May 17th, 2011 at 3:25 am 8

    Whaaa???? No1 DEAD????
    NOOOOOOO!!!! He’s the reason why the 5th book is one of my favorites!!!

  9. I agree with Fal completely. Update pweeze?

    Peace love llamas. 🙂

    ~Short out

  10. Lat updated in… what, MAY? Serious?
    Well, who am I to gripe. I haven’t really updated any of mine, either.
    But still…..

  11. Orion: Alright, let’s just say you liked it ^^.

    Fal: Haven’t seen you in a while, so the feedback’s much appreciated. Glad you’re liking it. Guess this is my strength? What would that be, just general boring writing? … -__- XD

    ArtyRocks: I’m sorry, I think he was going to… I can’t quite remember the plot XD

    Fantasy: Again, I apologize. It was probably for the plot…

    Short: Thanks! *rides llama* WHEEE

    IC: ‘Ey, sorry. Does that mean you liked it? *unrealistically hopeful* I love reviews. I really do. This is the kind of stuff that gets me writing, but with more words XD. That’s why I give beefy reviews — ’cause I know I love receiving them ^^



  12. Hi remember me I would be honored if you put me in your fanfic I am female a mix of brown and hazel eyes and black hair and 12 years old and and * looks sheepish* then * puppy eyes*

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