Until I’m ready: Unix’s story

Summary: Based after the event of Artemis Fowl TAC, Unix is having a hard time adjusting after almost being killed by Butler and loosing his old boss

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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Chapter 1

Inside a prison hospital bed Unix stared blankly into the ceiling. Unable to do much in his restraint state, even if he didn’t have restraints he wouldn’t budge from his bed.  Not from the pain that would come from it but instead from the lack of will or interest in life anymore. Unix lived a life that would have killed any other sprite ten times over, even after all that his late boss Root did Unix found little excitement to bring some meaning to his life. The only enjoyment he received was from the chance to fight and meet new challenges. Met my last challenge Unix simply thought.

Doctors and nurses scurried around the hospital in excitement and such, not because they have an once major criminal’s lieutenant, but because they have two mastermind criminals in their hospital. Each suffering from some mental illness, or so Unix heard from the hushed voices of nurses as they brought in food for him. Unix didn’t care, nor did the fact that the reason why he was in this situation was just a walk down the hall and first door to the left, make him want vengeance. After all I have done in my life, what more is there? Unix thought, he was surprised at the complexity of his question, and guessed that now without a figurehead to follow he would now need to get used to living by his own choice. But that’s it, I don’t want to this thought left his tired of so much thinking and Unix shut his eyes and slept a dreamless sleep, the same kind of sleep he had for the past years when he was under Turnball Root’s right-hand man.

A confrontation on the door awoke Unix from his sleep and when the door opened Unix was wide awake at the sudden and unexpected entrance of nurse, she was followed by three guards and each lined up behind the nurse. The nurse handed Unix an envelope and then she reached for a button on the side of the bed to release the arm restraints of Unix. Unix flexed his arms a bit before touching the envelope that the nursed handed to him. The guards tensed up as he began to tear open the envelope and bring out a small piece of paper with about 25 words, if not a bit less.

Dear Brother,

Reasons of why I haven’t contacted you are many and I cannot bear to write them down on paper, in fact I wish to meet you again. I am not sure of how I will accomplish this, but I must. With both our parents dead, and you once thought of dead, I felt so alone until the news of the recent Atlantis complexity and mishaps.

With all my love,


A new sensation ran through Unix as he read and reread the letter. He couldn’t comprehend what this letter meant nor could he believe that he is actually sane at the moment. His hands were stiff as they put the restraints back on him and didn’t blink when the nurse gave him shot to make him sleep. She saw how many people react after seeing or reading certain things and the nurse wanted to make sure that this Criminal wasn’t going to go berserk. The drug slowly over took Unix and this time when he slept dreams came back, as well as the nightmares of his past.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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  1. THAT WAS AWESOME!!! all you must do is UPDATE!!!

  2. aw. Even if unix is a criminal, it’s still sad how steelily(did i spell that right) he treats his sister. ):

  3. sorry for the double post, but that was really good. I forgot to put it in the first one. UPDATE!!!

  4. I believe this story is complete, I know it’s a quick and sudden ending but I am unable to think of any other to end it. Sorry readers.

    – Mr. B

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