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Summary: Today is Artemis’ birthday. And today Holly wasn’t there, she was somewhere, well I don’t know where, but the point […]

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Today is Artemis’ birthday. And today Holly wasn’t there, she was somewhere, well I don’t know where, but the point is, she’s gon. And I have Artemis to myself for the whole day.

I’m holding his favorite candy. I’m holding my most promising thesis. I’m holding my heart in my already full hands. And I’m standing here, shivering and shaking underneath the scorching sun. But that’s just how he makes me feel. And it’s a great feeling.

“Minerva!” I hear his beautiful voice from behind me. I turn around, he has a smile on his face. It’s rare, and infectious, I smile too. He takes all the things from my hands, along with my heart. I thank him and wish him happy birthday.

“There isn’t a need to thank me, I need to thank you!” He smiles slightly again. He was in a great mood. That was also very rare, but it was also very nice.

We walk in the park, talking about all sorts of things. His interest in my thesis really flatters me. And for the first time in my life, he offers me some of the candy. It tasted céleste. He chuckles at the look on my face, as he pops some into his mouth as well. It was quite unlike him. But I guess it was a good thing.

We walk back to the Fowl Manor. We sat down, shared some ice cream, which was also just magnifique. Followed by a game of chess, I won eventually, but I could tell from the purposely careless (but well-concealed) moves, that he was just letting me win. I’ll have to make it a point to brush up my chess playing skills.
We then continued to attempting to bake a birthday cake. But that was proven difficult. Three hours in the kitchen ended up in a call to the bakery, the cleaner, and someone to fix the oven.

The cake was exquis, after that, we solved some algorithms and theories together, we then satisfied ourselves with a few games of sudoku.

It was late and I had to go home. Artemis walks me to the door. “Bye, Minnie, it was nice having you.”

“Bye Artemis….” I hesitated. ” I love you.” I said in barely a whisper.

He pulls me into a big bear hug, he looks into my eyes and says, “Aww.. That’s so sweet of you, Minnie! I love you too!”  he cups my face for a moment and waved goodbye.

I had nothing left to say. I walk back slowly.

Oh mon Dieu! Why won’t you just get it!?


😀 how was it?

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  1. *winces* For someone who hates Minerva as much as I do, a high-quality A/M romance grates against my nerves like arthritis on old people. I have to tell you, your story is really good. I also have to tell you that this first bit, at least, really irritates me. I am a blatant A/Y shipper. 😉

  2. that was A?M he said Minnie im confused

  3. Er… to be completely honest… I don’t think this is anywhere near your best. I don’t mean to be mean, it’s just… you can do so much better. It seems kind of OOC and… I don’t really know how to describe it right. You’re a really great writer, and in my opinion this isn’t quite up to par with your other stuff, I’ll leave it there.
    Sorry, I hate being mean…

  4. nah, it’s nothing. This was sorta like a test run. I’m never touching Minerva fics ever again.

    () ()

  5. THANK you. Every Minerva fic pushes me closer to extreme insanity.

  6. That was really OOC, man. You do rock in just about anything else, but I just don’t think dear Minnie is your forte. The random french grated my nerves.

  7. Brrr. Minerva. Even my friends who dont read Artemis Fowl (shun them) now know her name. Its mostly good, although a little cheesy at the end. No offense intended.

  8. Awww that was sad… and fun and sad and fun …. 🙂

  9. That was good for an A\M fic. They can’t ever be good

  10. I agree with IWA and Domovi. Sad for her, fun for us! and it was pretty good! =D

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