Tinsel, Fairies and Vampires

Summary:  (Author’s note: character used from another book(twilight by stephenie meyer – best books EVER!! sorry colfer) sorry this is really bad, but […]

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 (Author’s note: character used from another book(twilight by stephenie meyer – best books EVER!! sorry colfer) sorry this is really bad, but hey, its my first fanfic, and its for the competition)


1. Christmas Mystery

Artemis Fowl woke to the sound of his ringphone vibrating. He checked the time. 7:30. Who would be calling at this hour? Nearly Christmas too. Holly would be asleep, no doubt, as well as Mulch and Doodah, Foaly almost never called him unless the discussion concerned stolen technology, hacking or viruses, and Butler could call the phone number which was imprinted in his brain. No. 1, Qwan and the other demons had their own society now and would have no need of him, and Minerva only called in the afternoons due to her prolonged engagement with the Nobel Prize, for which she researched and conducted experiments for the whole morning until the computer over-heated, and then she would call Artemis and start a monologue. Sometimes it was worse than that. Sometimes her brain malfunctioned after too long on the computer and she began to monologue in French.

He picked up the phone.

“Yes?” he asked, a little groggily. A smooth, silky and utterly unresistible voice answered.

“Hello Artemis Fowl. Sorry to disturb your sleep.” Artemis was puzzled. Who could it be? But the voice was feminine, he thought. Definitely feminine.

“Who are you?” Artemis asked.

“I cannot trust you, I cannot tell you. Though I daresay you will know soon enough. Don’t move.” the elegant voice ended abruptly. Artemis froze as he felt something very cold press against the back of his jugular vein. A lithe scaly body draped itself around Artemis’ neck. A snake? Then Artemis saw it was not just any snake, but a silver, glimmering and yet exquisite snake with diamond eyes.Its head slithered to where his pulse juddered beneath his skin, and an icy, smooth tongue flickered out. Horror rose inside Artemis, but he calmed the panic as he slipped gears in his brain and allowed his voice to remain unchanged.

“What is this? What do you want?”

“Artemis, meet Dimona. Isn’t she pretty?”

“Very pretty. And poisonous.” Artemis allowed gentle sarcasm to enter his voice, ever so careful so as not to startle the glistening snakeat his throat. His mysterious caller laughed a beautiful laugh, and Artemis felt empty when it stopped.

“Very humourous. Something quite new for you to develop, I think. I suppose Mulch and Foaly helped.” Artemis suddenly felt at ease. It was very obliging to listen to a voice that almost sang, it was so melodic.

“Yes, they-” Artemis froze again as his brain kicked in. “What do you know of the People?” he asked in a whisper, his voice cautious.

“As much as I have a right to know.” her answer came, cool and a little smug. Artemis didn’t reply. “Well, Artemis, I guess I will contact you very soon again.” The peaceful voice was replaced by the buzzing of the phone. Artemis thought for a moment, permitting his brain to comprehend the matter. Then he dialed several numbers, and spoke, and when he was done, he no longer felt the glacial pressure of the deadly numbing snake on his neck.

Later that day, Artemis’ ring phone quivered again. He answered quickly.


“Tomorrow, noon, Harrods, London. Promptly.” The lustrous voice was harsh.

“What department?” Artemis demanded.

“The roof.” The phone clicked off. Artemis dialed again immediatly.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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  1. well, there it is. i’ll get the link for blackopal now. so what do u think of it? 😀

  2. ARTY'SELFFRIEND December 16th, 2007 at 2:42 am 2

    awwwwwwwwww…….. veelagirl, didn’t you tell me about this on the shout box?? yes yes, you did. well, i gave it a well deserved 5! well done! no spelling errors that i can see. 2 virtual thumbs up!!!! :mrgreen: 😯 👿 😮 :wub: Edward sounds like a freakin’ hero here!! hey my post in OTHER, there is a link to the Leaky Cauldron web page put there by MMK and The dude that played Cedric Diggory in HP 4 is playing Edward in the movie!!!

  3. It was kind of confusing at the beginning, but I like your style! I didn’t think it was bad, contrary to your belief, and I will definately have competition in the contest! 🙂

  4. unlike some stories i’ve read, artemis really matched the one that eion colfer wrote, and that’s quite a feat to achieve. i saw only one spelling mistake and overall, it was great.

  5. hmm interesting! 4/5 your story is pretty good!

  6. I’m still at the beginning, but I still can’t tell how this is holiday-related…

  7. that’s too bad…

  8. Now that I’m finished, I’m even more confused about the end. You ended the story at an aburpt stop. One of the most important part of the story is the ending, and all the readers were left hanging. No offense, but I kinda disliked it because of the unusual storyline, ending, and lack of the participation of the other major carachters. (what happened to Holly, Butler, Foaly, and Trouble halfway?)

  9. true… but the story was interesting keep it up!

  10. thanx guys 😉

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