The X Factor – Artemis Fowl style

Summary: When Artemis takes over the famous TV show "The X-Factor" he has no idea what he has let himself in for.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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Foaly walks on stage.

“Hello and welcome to the X Factor, I am your host, Foaly. Now  lets welcome the judges. There is …..”

Drumroll plays.

Artemis Fowl,  Holly Short and I really shouln’t say this but, Dom Butler.”

Wild applause, the judges walk on, Butler giving Foaly his evil stare.

“Anyway” continued Foaly nervously “Before we invite the first contestant, I would like to say something about these new microphones. They were recently patented by me. They work by……….. Bla bla blaba blaaa.”

Holly and Butler were very bored, whereas Artemis was amazed, these microphones could make him a fortune. Butler’s sudden whistle made him jump and he stared at the bodyguard angrily. Then something else caught his eye. Mulch, Commander Kelp and a lot more LEP people were pushing a terrified Foaly off the stage.

“What’s happening?” the centaur asked.

“We can not have a lecture in the middle of a singing program,” grunted a straining Mulch, then “Why did I volunteer in the Foaly removal squad?”

“Why can’t we have a lecture?”

“Got to go and take your job.”

Foaly actually growled.

Back on the stage.

“Hi” said Mulch “I am your new host. Right, the first act is Opal Koboi!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6

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  1. LOL! It was real funny!
    But…. I saw some minor grammar and punctuation(ok, mainly punctuation) issues. Like when Foaly asked “What’s happening?” you left out the question mark and the apostrophe.
    I’m sorry for nitpicking but it just bothers me to read a block of text with incorrect punctuation. It’s probably just me…..

  2. Thanks for commenting. Don’t worry about the nitpicking, it is really useful.

  3. I must say

  4. I take it you want me to update?!?!
    I will try to but i’m not very good at getting real people in stories. The last time i did that it was a disaster!

  5. Hmm…this seems interesting. I’ve never heard of the X factor before, so, yeah. This is kind of original. Nice works, there are only a few errors. Update!

  6. What? You have never heard of the show or never heard about a fanfic about it?

  7. Yep…I’ve never seen it, heard of it (before now) and have never read a fanfic about the X factor. I suppose that should be shameful…but I don’t really watch TV that much.

  8. You must not live in England – its probablly the most watched show over here. I dont really like it, I just made this to try (and fail) to make fun of it.

  9. In Australia, too. You watch them as they bring in tractor drivers and stuff and make them sing, or something. Then they’ll press the BIG RED BUTTON and make the crosses light up. Right?

  10. Wait… Opal Koboi is going to sing?!

  11. Iris Cam: I think you’re thinking about Britain’s (or whatever other country does it) got talent. They dont have the crosses in the X factor unfortunatly. 🙁
    Holls: maybe – i’m not sure yet…..
    () ()
    (0 – 0)
    ( ( ) )

    Here is a failed attempt of a bunny for everyone who commented.

  12. Nicee! You finally update! 😀 I’ve been waiting forever! <3

    Okay…so concrit for the third chapter. :3

    1) Little spelling things…

    realised – realized

    Definately – definitely

    2) Don't forget to use commas…

    “True” replied Artemis.

    would be…

    “True,” replied Artemis.

    “Awesome sir! Can I start now?” Butler started to get a bit overexcited.

    would be…

    “Awesome, sir! Can I start now?” Butler started to get a bit overexcited.

    3) “Wait!” Called Simon.

    Called would be called. Unnecessary capitalization. 😀

    Haha, I like the part where Simon was talking. Very funny. And there's a nice cliffhanger too…

    I have to admit, I'm kinda curious. Please, please update. The sooner, the better too. :3

    Awesome job, Taffy-chan! 😀


    I will change the mistakes. Thanks for pointing them out. Sorry, I know my updates take ages but I’m a slow typer 😀

  13. I never heard of the X Factor before. I thought it was kind of funny and original. No con crit from me though, everything was said, I think. Anyway……….Update!

    I’ll try, I’ll try. The X-factor was really popular in England, but now they have got new judges and its gone downhill. I suprised you haven’t heard of it. I think Simon Cowell has started an American one now.

  14. Simon…like, America’s got talent? I’ve watched America’s got Talent, but don’t really remember that much.

    Anyways, something I noticed…

    “Yes.” Replied Beckett.

    Would be “Yes,” replied Beckett.

    Periods can’t go at the end when someone’s talking, unless you don’t have a “said Bob” and have, instead, another sentence. Such as…

    “I like pie.” Bob went to the pie shop.

    Then, you put a comma if you have…

    “I like pie,” smiled Bob.

    Also, I noticed that you capitalize the synonyms of said, sometimes.

    “Hello everyone! Its nice to meet you.” Said Beckett, excitedly.

    The “said” is lowercase. :3

    Other than that, everything was pretty good. Funny, too. 😀 I really like this. Hope you update soon!


    It’s kinda like America’s got talent but its only singing. Thanks for the help I wasn’t sure what to do with that. You really helped. 😀

  15. Oh. Em. Gee. You are making an X-Factor fic. I love you!!! Ever since I discovered One Direction(<333) and that they were on the X-Factor, I've been watching it online. I loooove it.

    But that's beside the point. Well done, Aflac. ^_^ I did spot a few spelling and punctuation mistakes, like at the end of sentences that are ending with quotation marks. It should be:
    "This is an example sentence," stated Trubbie.
    Most of the time you go:
    "This is an example sentence" stated Trubbie.

    Other than that, not really many mistakes. 5 stars. :3

    Someone who has heard of it! One Direction? You have not seen the best of the X-Factor…
    Anyway thanks for commenting. I’ll try and hunt down those mistakes. 😀

  16. Artemis shot Holly and Butler an evil glare. They knew what it meant. It was a say good things or mother and father will ban this show, kind of look.

    That earned a giggle from me.

    Well done, Affy! That’s a yes from me! You’re through to the next round.
    Yay! *goes crazy* Thanks! 😀

  17. Loved it, as usually. Nicely done, Taffy.


    The first paragraph of the new chapter was a bit…long. If you divided it into different paragraphs, it’d be much easier to read. :3

    I’m a bit busy, I’ll review longer with the next update. *hinthint* xD

    Okay, I’ll try. *takes hint* I’m busy tomorrow and the day after. Then I’m at my Granny’s till boxing day, so I might not get a chance to update till after christmas. But I’ll try. 😀

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