The Thanksgiving Disaster

Summary: Artemis and his family are going to celebrate Thanksgiving, so Artemis invites his friends. But then they destroy everything. This is a story to celebrate Thanksgiving! And if it has a point, it would be that having friends to celebrate with IS DA BOMB! :) (Unless they destroy your feast [not cool])

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The day was like any other. Mother was bustling around, cleaning up and thinking of ideas to make our family “nicer”. Suddenly, she did what she had sworn never to do; enter my room uninvited. I was in the midst of creating an untraceable virus (My second, actually. I was going to sell this one online when I had completed it), when she burst in.
“Arty, honey! Today is the day before Thanksgiving! Now that we are to become a better family, we should celebrate it! How about inviting some of your friends?” She winked at me. I almost rolled my eyes, but I stopped myself. What would Father say if a centaur, a dwarf, and an elf suddenly appeared and joined us for this “Thanksgiving”? Mother picked up my ring phone and gave it to me. I sighed, seeing the determined look in Mother’s eyes. I would never be able to convince her not to do this. If I wouldn’t call them, she surely would. I pulled it up to my mouth.
“Hello? Holly? I need to tell you something…”
It was Thanksgiving day. From my room, I could smell Mother’s cooking. It actually smelled quite good.
“Arty! Your friends will be here any minute! Come down and get ready to welcome them!” I slowly peeled myself away from my computer, and went downstairs.
There was a knock on the door. I looked up from my book. Was it Holly?
“Open up, Mud Boy, or I swear I’ll blast your door down!” It was. I opened the door. Holly was standing on the threshold looking miffed, Mulch was eating something (I didn’t want to know what), and Foaly was playing with a handheld device. God, I had missed them.
“Come on in,” I said. Once I had gotten them settled in the living room, I went off to look for Myles and Beckett, so I could introduce them to my friends. After a while without luck, I got a text from Holly on my ring phone. It said:
Much wants food now. Hurry, Mud Boy!
I grabbed some food from the refrigerator, and went back to the living room. As I returned, I heard Father’s voice coming closer. I hid behind a suit of armor.
“No, Phillip! I said next Sunday! It’s Thanksgiving! *grumble*” He walked into the living room, closing his phone as he went.
“So, I wonder why Angeline sent me here to wait for dinner to be re-” It was then that he saw my friends.
“Artemis…Do. You. Know. What. These. THINGS. Are??!!” He was calmer then I had thought he would be. I stepped out from behind my hiding place.
“We have names you know,” Mulch grumbled, obviously miffed.
“Your’s isn’t very imaginative.” Foaly muttered.
“Oh yeah? Neither is yours, Donkey Face!” Mulch shot back. Father looked at me, clearly wanting an explanation. Just then, Mother came in, closely followed by Myles and Beckett. Mother smiled at Father.
“These are Arty’s friends!”
Myles walked up to Holly and stared at her.
“Are you normal? ‘Cuz you look it.”
Holly smiled.
“Not really.” She flicked her hair back, exposing her ear. Beckett stared at us with wide eyes.
“Are the scary creatures gonna eat with us, Mommy?”
My parents, my friends, and I were sitting at the table. Mulch was fidgeting in his seat and licking his lips. Suddenly, the kitchen door burst open, and Butler emerged with a Chicken??
“What is that, Butler?” I asked. Butler looked down. He seemed confused as I was. Holly stood up.
“I know what’s going on,” she announced, “Earlier this evening, I saw Mulch eat your turkey.”
Mulch blushed.
“Maybe I did, how could you know? Anyway, I got a replacement turkey!”
“Nooooo, you got chicken!
I held up my hand for silence. Mulch didn’t listen to me, and grabbed at the mashed potatoes, which were across the table. The end result was that Mulch tipped over the table. When the dust cleared, everyone was covered in food with a very surprised look on their faces. Except Mother. She was positively fuming.
“Artemis!” she barked “You…you ruined it. You…and your friend here.” I looked around. Father was scowling, Beckett and Myles were scared that Mother would yell at them next. Holly was smirking at me, Foaly’s face was turning red in embarrassment, and Mulch was licking the food off his face. Butler and Juliet were nowhere to be seen. I gulped.
“M-Mother, I am sorry for this. I did not mean to ruin your feast. But, as you may or may not recall, it was you who told me to call my friends.” Mother frowned. She looked around the table.
“OUT!” The others shuffled through the door. She turned to me.
“So you say it’s my fault?” I nodded.
“If it was, why would I ruin my own feast? Think about it,” she went on. I got up from the table and slumped down on an armchair. Why was Mother the only one that was not intimidated by me?
Sometime later, I heard the distinctive sound of hooves. I looked up. It was Foaly. He was glancing around, as if he did not want to be seen. He ambled over to the dish full of carrots, and began eating. I heard Mother’s voice in the hall.
“Now that you have promised NOT to eat anything before the feast, we may sit down and begin properly.”
Foaly scrambled to get to his seat. Mother walked in and saw the half-eaten carrot dish, and that Foaly was the only one there (I was still hidden behind the armchair) Mother’s face went from pink, to red, to purple. It reminded me of Root.
“Foaly. What. Did. I. Just. Give. You. All. A. Lecture. About?”
Foaly’s face reddened.
“I couldn’t resist, Ma’am,” he finally mumbled. Mother looked right at my armchair. I came out from behind it. Foaly’s eyes widened.
“So, another reason why I am right and you are wrong!
This time, the feast started without anyone ruining anything. Mother seemed pleased. We ate the turkey, talking about the funniest things that had happened in our lives so far (A conversation courtesy of Myles and Beckett) Then it was time for the pumpkin pie. That was when things started to get ugly. As Butler served the delicious-smelling pie, Holly reached over to get her glass of water, which Beckett had stolen. Their heads collided, and Butler fell to the ground, and Holly’s face went in the pie. That was when all hell broke loose.
Beckett began to cry as Myles accused him of ruining the pie. I did not know if Beckett was crying because Myles was being mean to him, or because of the pie being destroyed.
Father tried to get away, but his way was blocked by Foaly who had done what all centaurs did during times of confusion; crumple into a large heap on the floor.
Juliet was slapping Butler, trying to wake him up, but with no avail.
Mulch had pulled an unconscious Holly from the pie, and was now, eating the parts that were not glued to Holly’s face.
Mother was holding her head in her hands and gently sobbing.
I walked over to Mother and patted her back. She looked up, smiled weakly, and hugged me. She cleared her throat.
“Everyone, listen up! Once Holly regains consciousness, all you fairy types will get out of here as fast as your little legs can carry you. Got that?”
Mulch and Foaly waited dejectedly as Holly recovered. Once she had, the three of them were forcibly pushed out the door by Butler, on Mother’s orders.
I watched them go, feeling sorry for Mother, as they had ruined all her hard work and preparations. I looked back at Beckett and Myles, as they attacked the “extra” pumpkin pie (“For emergencies,” Mother had said) I sighed. I had never been truely thankful for what I had. Good friends (most of the time), great brothers, parents who loved me. What more could I want?… except maybe gold.
Myles looked up at me.
“Are your friends gonna come back next year?”

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  1. Just so you know: there will be an update soon! Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  2. This is so funny!! I’ve never thought of this. Having Mulch for dinner is probably not a good idea… IC and mostly good grammer. Can’t wait to read the update!
    *first (real) comment dance*

  3. This is really funny!! The end sentence is so hilarious!!!!

  4. Awww! I just read the end. Poor Angeline. Poor everybody! Hilarious!

  5. Thank you everybody! No one’s ever said so many nice things about my stories before!
    The story is now complete. There will be no more editing. 🙂

  6. hahahahahahahahaha!

  7. Why has I not reviewed? Why is I using improper grammar? Why-

    Ahem. ANYWAY…
    SPAMMY COMMENT, ARTYGIRL. You’re one of those annoying say-nothing-about-the-story people!? AUGH! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU! *psychotic rant. You’ll see me doing these a lot, especially seeing as so many newbies enjoy leaving spammy comments.*

    It was funny, but also extremely random. Everything seemed a bit all over the place, and the plot was a bit sketchy… IC-ness nonetheless, but I believe Mulch would know his food well enough to know the difference between chicken and turkey. Ah well. It made for a nice effect.

  8. That was so funny. Mrs Fowl was (a little) OOC, but it was still great! Remind me never to make her angry…
    Okay I know I’m going to sound dumb when I say this but what is thanksgiving exactly?

  9. @LEPofficer-Do you live in the States? Anyways, it’s a holiday to celebrate the time when the Indians and the Pilgrims feasted together. It’s one of America’s first and most famous holidays.
    @WE-I know Mulch would know the difference, but he got desperate when he found that all the turkeys were sold out. And it’s supposed to be pandemonium. ^^
    @Artygirl-I see you like it. Maybe say something next time? ^^ Even just “I liked it.”

  10. Fowlfan4ever May 19th, 2011 at 2:28 am 10

    Loved it!!!! Update now!!!;)

  11. Absent_Minded_Professor April 25th, 2012 at 11:19 pm 11

    1. REALLY REALLY MAJOR PLOT HOLE: Ireland doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Ah, well. Still a good fic.
    2. Maybe try to seperate the paragraphs more, either by indenting or doing an extra ‘enter’. Just easier to read. 🙂
    Now, on to the story.
    3. I was kinda lost. A lot of the story was confusion, but maybe a bit too confusing too understand.
    4. I really loved the last line. Awe-some. Kinda sums up the whole thing. Great conclusion.

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