The reign of Opal Koboi the second (chapter three added)

Summary: Chapter three has already been added!

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Holly felt the sleepiness instantly wither away as she felt her lips pressing into his. For a while, everything went fine. And suddenly, despite the soft elfin lips placed gently on his, despite the growing tensions, rising even higher, despite the risk of a camera planted on the wall, he was able to say something. A very unclear, mumbled phrase. “I love you”the tender, carefully laid words sunk in, slowly, desperately finding their way to her heart…

And suddenly, she yelled out, “WHAT?!”

“S-Sorry!” he stammered, pulling away. “I-I love your…em, perfume, that is.”

Artemis immediately realized the utter idiocy of the statement. Idiot. Idiot. Was she even wearing perfume?

“I-,” began Holly, and trailed off. “That’s-that’s alright,really…”

“No!I-I actually meant that…uh, really, the perfume.”

“It’s okay, Artemis, I just didn’t expect it,” the elf managed to say. Why did she have to start it?

Artemis looked downwards, biting his lip. “Sorry.”

“Actually-“began Holly. “I think we’d better not do this again.”


A/N: Of course they do it again! Hmph. Don’t worry, you two!

And keep your eyes open for my next update, whenever I have time…Oh, and now I finally know what Silver looks like! She’s pretty.

OK, now logging off,

Shaadia- 1) the princess of weird.

                   2) the commander of boncus.

                      3) the flying squirrel (haha)

                    4) John Cena’s biggest fan

etc, etc, etc!!



Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. So can I just add to it on mine? Or do I add mine in comments?

    Oh one more thing, it’s rebirth not ribirth.

    AAARGHH!!! SPARE ME! SPARE ME!! Because…iwastypingondarvittingtouchscreenandijustpublishedwithoutdoublechecking!! SORRY!! -shaadia

    Silver:This update JUST appeared,(I’m in class and on my phone). I like the story as a whole, but the update was short, but you balance that out by updating regularly. Good work!

  2. SilverGoddess May 3rd, 2013 at 1:01 pm 2

    DUN DUN DUUUUN! You can almost guarantee that Opal saw them in some way or another, and will probably use this against them.

    You’re getting pretty good at romance scenes, too!

  3. augh! awesome idea! dunno though, if i should have her spy on them! but thanks all the same, even though the next “romance scene” will most probably be just shock, cause of what arty said! oh and did you see my emails? thank god! it took, like, one hour to write them both! whew.

  4. Mastermind Excello May 4th, 2013 at 2:10 pm 4

    Are there spoilers for TLG in this? I haven’t read that one yet! I read one paragraph of your story and now I’m pretty sure I know the end to TLG!

  5. Mastermind Excello May 4th, 2013 at 2:11 pm 5

    The story’s good.

  6. WHAT! Oh im sorry im sorry im sorry! I thought everyone read TLG! oh oh im soo sorry!!

  7. Silver just realized she never bothered to change the view name May 4th, 2013 at 9:09 pm 7

    Yeah, I was too lazy to log in, so I just typed it from here, but the Auto Fill on my phone put in the last thing I typed here, thus, the first two I commented on say Silver is being sneaky. Oops.

    Hehe, your mushy romance scenes crack me up…

    You HONESTLY think I’m pretty? I just brushed my hair and took a picture. The lighting sucked.

    One would think the great Artemis Fowl could come up with something better than “I love your perfume.” That’s pretty bad, even for him.

  8. Heheee….I love your perfume…
    Have no clue where that came from *whistles innocently*

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