The reign of Opal Koboi the second (chapter three added)

Summary: Chapter three has already been added!

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CHAPTER  TWO:  Discussions and Confessions

Author’s note: Yes, yes, kill Shaadia, she’s updating after around a month, don’t we have the right to do it?

“What?” yelled Holly. “What?! This is just not possible!”

Foaly sighed. “I have no idea really what Koboi’s problem is.”

Artemis interrupted. “But I can honestly say that right now is not the time to be dealing with it. She’s just recovered, for heaven’s sake. I doubt Opal will be so stupid as to go on a revenge spree in such a condition. We have time.”

“Arty’s right,” mused the centaur, not bothered to flinch when Artemis growled at the mention of his nickname.

“So what now?” demanded Holly. “We’re just gonna fall asleep and dream of Opal? Can’t we do something at all?”

The human raised an eyebrow. “Tell me, Captain, would you rather enjoy a bit of sleep, or waste time on something that’s too early to decide?”

“Yep,” said Foaly. “I suggest you fly the mud boy back to his place. We can’t take action now, can we?”






Holly drew a long moan.”To think I have to fly all the way back to Haven…”

Artemis shook his head. “I deeply apologize for this inconvinience, though it is technically Foaly’s fault.”

“Seriously, Arty? You have the energy to give lectures at this time of the night?” the elf yawned. Artemis wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “A lecture? Hardly. But all the same I suggest you spend the night in one of our guest rooms.”  Holly half-smiled. “No thanks, though. Wouldn’t want to bump into your mother by any chance.”

Artemis smiled back. “She’ll be thrilled, I’m sure.”

“The twins know about fairies, right?”

“Yes. They can still briefly remember what you all look like.”

They sat down on the bed, quietly looking at each other. “This is freaking me out, Mud Boy,” laughed Holly. “I should really go home now.”

“So you decline my offer?”

The elf laughed again. “Oh yeah. If “decline” means what I think it is.”

“Stop joking around, Holly.”

“I’m too sleepy to tell an actual joke,” mumbled the Captain. “And besides, I have a creepy picture of Opal flashing in my mind.”

Artemis sighed. “It is disturbing. Do you think Foaly wasn’t just playing a prank? He does that in every occasion, including Christmas.”

“That’s a pwetty serious prank,” said Holly. “And if it was one, I fell for it.”

They leaned in a bit closer. Their eyes met. The staring contest lasted for some time,  until Holly broke the moment with an awkward cough. “Ahem. Can I just go now?”

The human gave her a weak smile, then moved forward and kissed her forehead. “That’s all I wanted to do this whole time,” he admitted.

“Foaly had better not have planted a camera somewhere, Artemis. You’re in serious trouble.”

“Come on, Holly, the one time I make an attempt at being romantic, you’re the one who ruins it.”

Holly moved closer to him. “I’ll show you what’s romantic, Fowl,” she grinned, and kissed him on the lips.

Somehow, Artemis managed to mumble something. Three words. “I love you.”

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. So can I just add to it on mine? Or do I add mine in comments?

    Oh one more thing, it’s rebirth not ribirth.

    AAARGHH!!! SPARE ME! SPARE ME!! Because…iwastypingondarvittingtouchscreenandijustpublishedwithoutdoublechecking!! SORRY!! -shaadia

    Silver:This update JUST appeared,(I’m in class and on my phone). I like the story as a whole, but the update was short, but you balance that out by updating regularly. Good work!

  2. SilverGoddess May 3rd, 2013 at 1:01 pm 2

    DUN DUN DUUUUN! You can almost guarantee that Opal saw them in some way or another, and will probably use this against them.

    You’re getting pretty good at romance scenes, too!

  3. augh! awesome idea! dunno though, if i should have her spy on them! but thanks all the same, even though the next “romance scene” will most probably be just shock, cause of what arty said! oh and did you see my emails? thank god! it took, like, one hour to write them both! whew.

  4. Mastermind Excello May 4th, 2013 at 2:10 pm 4

    Are there spoilers for TLG in this? I haven’t read that one yet! I read one paragraph of your story and now I’m pretty sure I know the end to TLG!

  5. Mastermind Excello May 4th, 2013 at 2:11 pm 5

    The story’s good.

  6. WHAT! Oh im sorry im sorry im sorry! I thought everyone read TLG! oh oh im soo sorry!!

  7. Silver just realized she never bothered to change the view name May 4th, 2013 at 9:09 pm 7

    Yeah, I was too lazy to log in, so I just typed it from here, but the Auto Fill on my phone put in the last thing I typed here, thus, the first two I commented on say Silver is being sneaky. Oops.

    Hehe, your mushy romance scenes crack me up…

    You HONESTLY think I’m pretty? I just brushed my hair and took a picture. The lighting sucked.

    One would think the great Artemis Fowl could come up with something better than “I love your perfume.” That’s pretty bad, even for him.

  8. Heheee….I love your perfume…
    Have no clue where that came from *whistles innocently*

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