The reign of Opal Koboi the second (chapter three added)

Summary: Chapter three has already been added!

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Peace has begun once again,Artemis Fowl has his memories back and the people know Opal Koboi is no longer a threat. The fairies were not in the least worried about the humans anymore: it would take at least ten years to replace the amount of technology they’d lost.

At the moment, Artemis was having a talk with the twins.

“What happened next, Arty?”asked Beckett,eagerly leaning forward. “…And then,” said Artemis, “we won. Opal Koboi is no more,but I still had one chance to live again. Foaly designed the clone,all I had to do was occupy it.”

Myles was even more curious than Beckett. “What happened to the pixie?”

“Gone forever,”replied Artemis. “That’s all I know.” “Will she ever return, Arty?” asked Beckett.

“Let’s hope not,” said Artemis,smiling. “Now,if I were you, I’d go to sleep now. I do not think santa will like it if you stay awake troubling your brother on christmas eve.”

Myles grinned. “There is no santa.”

Artemis did his trademark vampire grin. “I know. But all the same you don’t want to catch father placing a gift under the tree.”


Mervall Brill did the thumbs up to his brother, Descant.

The pixies watched in awe as the figure floating inside the cubicle formed into an actual body. Strands of hair from the body’s head spread across its face. The ribirth of Opal Koboi was turning to be a success.

Her emerald eyes opened.

The pixie spoke.

‘Fowl shall pay,’ was the first thing she said.



Artemis was awakened by a slight chill from an open window. That was strange; he had closed it,after all. He realized immeadeately what had happened.

‘Holly, it’s twelve o’ clock in the night.’

The slim elf moved slowly and swiftly, walking upto his bedside table and switching on the lampshade. The light flashed in his eyes.

‘I don’t care what time it is,’she said.

Artemis groaned.

‘Let me guess; there’s a situation below ground.’

PLEEEEASEEE REVIEW EVERYONE I KNOW THIS IS BAD BUT  I  CAN  DO   WORSE!! oops,got that one wrong.                 -Shaadia


OPS booth, Haven City

“Well?” demanded Holly. “Care to explain what’s happening here?”
Foaly made a big show of groaning. “No.” He noticed Holly’s glare. “Okay, fine. The thing is, well, after Opal Koboi died and all that-”
“Forget it, centaur. Koboi is dead. She won’t-”
“She is not. If Artemis could come back, why couldn’t she?”
Artemis rolled his eyes. “Stop being so paranoid, Foaly. What made you think of it, anyway?”

Foaly walked upto his computer screen. “Video feed from Koboi labs,” he explained.
Holly wasn’t surprised. “You still spy on that place? Give me a break.”
“See it for yourself,” said Foaly, pressing the ‘play’ button.

A scene flashed in a quick blur before them. Then it went black. “Fowl shall pay” said a familiar voice.

Apparently Christmas was going to be another day saving the world.

A/N: Was bored so updated. There’s more coming up, but you’ll have to wait.



Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. So can I just add to it on mine? Or do I add mine in comments?

    Oh one more thing, it’s rebirth not ribirth.

    AAARGHH!!! SPARE ME! SPARE ME!! Because…iwastypingondarvittingtouchscreenandijustpublishedwithoutdoublechecking!! SORRY!! -shaadia

    Silver:This update JUST appeared,(I’m in class and on my phone). I like the story as a whole, but the update was short, but you balance that out by updating regularly. Good work!

  2. SilverGoddess May 3rd, 2013 at 1:01 pm 2

    DUN DUN DUUUUN! You can almost guarantee that Opal saw them in some way or another, and will probably use this against them.

    You’re getting pretty good at romance scenes, too!

  3. augh! awesome idea! dunno though, if i should have her spy on them! but thanks all the same, even though the next “romance scene” will most probably be just shock, cause of what arty said! oh and did you see my emails? thank god! it took, like, one hour to write them both! whew.

  4. Mastermind Excello May 4th, 2013 at 2:10 pm 4

    Are there spoilers for TLG in this? I haven’t read that one yet! I read one paragraph of your story and now I’m pretty sure I know the end to TLG!

  5. Mastermind Excello May 4th, 2013 at 2:11 pm 5

    The story’s good.

  6. WHAT! Oh im sorry im sorry im sorry! I thought everyone read TLG! oh oh im soo sorry!!

  7. Silver just realized she never bothered to change the view name May 4th, 2013 at 9:09 pm 7

    Yeah, I was too lazy to log in, so I just typed it from here, but the Auto Fill on my phone put in the last thing I typed here, thus, the first two I commented on say Silver is being sneaky. Oops.

    Hehe, your mushy romance scenes crack me up…

    You HONESTLY think I’m pretty? I just brushed my hair and took a picture. The lighting sucked.

    One would think the great Artemis Fowl could come up with something better than “I love your perfume.” That’s pretty bad, even for him.

  8. Heheee….I love your perfume…
    Have no clue where that came from *whistles innocently*

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