The Re-Making Of History

Summary: Okay, I think this is already up on FF, but now I’m sticking it, and the next chapter, up on […]

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Okay, I think this is already up on FF, but now I’m sticking it, and the next chapter, up on here… Anyhow, more suggestive stuff in this one, and it’s a little bit more descriptive than last, but still T rating… anyhow, you have been warned, read at your own risk… and enjoy!!


Chapter 4- Names and Advice
After the meeting with Hilder, Artemis went back to the manor and locked himself in his study to think. Of course, he went to the Ops Booth first, telling everyone things went ‘okay’ and that he had a plan to deal with things now. Which he did, though not one they all would have thought of: his plan was to go home, chew it over, and perhaps get some advice from his trusty manservant. Which was exactly what he did.
As soon as Artemis returned to the manor, he went upstairs to Butler’s room and knocked on the door. The only reason he was checking there was because it was so early, he didn’t figure Butler would be up making breakfast yet; however, he also had no illusions that the manservant was still sleeping. He usually only slept a total of about three to four hours a night- that was all he needed, even as he got older.
Indeed, the manservant opened the door after only a few seconds wait. “You’re up early,” he rumbled to Artemis.
“Yes, I know. I just returned from Haven, though. You know how long those shuttles take to reach the surface sometimes, especially when coming here.” He sighed, then nodded at the door. “May I come in?”
“Of course.” Butler stepped back to allow Artemis in before shutting the door and turning to him. “What’s the matter, Artemis?” he sighed.
“Well, I’ve already told you I just came from Haven,” Artemis began, sitting down on his employee’s bed. “While I was down there, I had an… interesting talk with the Council.”
“What do you mean by ‘interesting talk’, Artemis?” Butler asked, raising an eyebrow. “And why were you talking with the Council anyways?”
“Well, the Council held a tribunal regarding Holly’s and my…. situation,” Artemis said. “That’s why I was talking to them. And as for the talk itself, it would be easier to show you.”
Wordlessly, the manservant nodded, walked over and dug out his laptop, then handed it to Artemis.
“Thank you. This will only take a second to get it pulled up and ready.” He snapped open the laptop and turned it on, then immediately started opening several files and tampering with them. Butler didn’t try to watch and figure out how he did it, because it made his head hurt, but in less than three minutes Artemis had hacked into Foaly’s systems and pulled up the feed on the Council’s security cameras.
“Here we are,” he announced. “Just let me run it back a little and we’ll be good……….. there!” He looked up at Butler, then handed the computer to him. “Watch this.”
He pressed the play button.
Butler made about five seconds in before he stopped the computer and turned to Artemis with a look on his face that clearly said ‘what the hell?’
“Holly is pregnant?” he asked, with a deceivingly calm tone.
“Yes,” Artemis said, not meeting his eyes. “I would have told you sooner, but I went to Haven as soon as I found out. There were a few things I absolutely had to take care of down there, right away. I’m sorry for the delay.”
“Of course. I understand,” Butler told him. “But still… I already don’t like this Hilder guy.”
“Just wait. It gets worse,” Artemis sighed. “Keep watching.”
They resumed the video.
From there, Butler and Artemis watched the rest of the video in silence. Butler was taking it all in for the first time, processing it, and Artemis, on the contrary, was re-living it. However, it was still extremely hard for both of them to listen to.
After it was over, no words were spoken for a long time, until Butler finally spoke.
“Wow. That was harsh,” he finally said.
“I know,” Artemis replied thoughtfully. “What I don’t know is what it was about. I think the whole problem was that he was worried about the exposure risk. After all, in both options that he gave me, the child wouldn’t be known to the human world.” He looked at Butler. “No matter, though. Both options are completely ludicrous. What do you think?”
“I think that this man is just looking for an excuse to get you away from the People, that’s what I think,” Butler said. “But I suppose you meant the options.” He sighed and rubbed his forehead. “I honestly don’t know. It’s like you said, neither of the options are good, or even feasible for that matter.” He paused. “Things don’t look good either way.”
“I know,” Artemis agreed. “That’s why I’m here. What do you think I should do?”
“What do you want to do?” Butler asked, looking at him knowingly.
Artemis sighed, standing and beginning to pace rapidly. “I don’t want to kill the child, for starters,” he started. “It’s my own flesh and blood; like I said, it’s a product of Holly’s and my love for each other. Which brings me to that point: I could never hurt Holly like that. The guilt would kill me, and the sadness her. That’s too much. And as for the second option… it would still hurt her too much. I can’t ruin our life together for that, and it’s not like it would be for humans. We can’t just be clandestine lovers or something like that; it would be too suspicious. And how I see it, for the other option, the way I would have to convince her, is to tell her its dead. Another reason that’s out. It would still hurt her the same as the first one.” He stopped and looked at his bodyguard. “This is a no win situation. I have to find a way out.”
“But how? Hilder is watching you, and presumably Holly as well. You can’t let her in on this, either, and it… you have a plan, don’t you?” Butler asked, stopping when he noticed the look on his employer’s face.
“I have an idea,” Artemis corrected, frowning. “But it’s not likely to work. And if it doesn’t, then I’ll have to find another way out.” His frown deepened. “I’m not liking the look of this, Butler. Not at all.”
“What are you going to do about it, then?”
“I am going to go sit in my study and think,” Artemis announced. “I have to come up with something better than I have now. And if I can’t… well, let’s not think about that.” He sighed, turning towards the door. “Thank you, Butler. You know where I’ll be if you need me.”
Butler stood up and walked over behind him, patting his charge on the back. “Glad to help, Artemis. Good luck with your thinking. If you need anything else, I’ll be in the kitchen cooking breakfast, okay?”
“Great. Thanks.” Then he walked out, starting to half-run down the hallway to his rooms. Butler sighed, watching him go, and then turning and heading the opposite direction, towards the kitchen. Sometimes a few minutes of venting can go a long way, he thought hopefully, shooting the man now far behind him one last glance before sighing and disappearing into the kitchen.
About two weeks later, Holly showed up and started knocking on his window again. Artemis went slowly over and opened it to let her in. He took one look at her and knew something was up; she was grinning at him like a madman.
“What?” he asked immediately.
She dropped her wings on the floor and looked up at him, still beaming. “I got results,” she told him.
“Results of what?” Artemis asked.
“The gender, the gender! Of our kid! Or should I say…” her grin widened a bit here, “our son.”
“What?” he exclaimed. “We’re having a boy?!”
“Yes! Isn’t it great?”
“Oh, Holly, that’s amazing!” He scooped her up and spun her around, then pulled her in and kissed her deeply. Though, he couldn’t pull her completely tight to him now, because her belly was now a little round and he didn’t want to risk hurting her or the child, he still managed. Then he dropped her down on the bed, leaning over her and nuzzling her neck. “You’re amazing,” he murmured, into her skin.
Holly giggled. “Not really, but thanks anyhow.” She pecked his cheek again and said, “my, there’s just so much to talk about! We have to think of possible names, and throw a baby shower, and-“
“Let’s start simple,” he interrupted. “Naming it, for instance. I don’t really want to have to keep calling our child ‘it’.”
“True,” Holly agreed. “So… any ideas? What do you want to name him?”
Artemis looked at her, his face deadpan, and asked, “what do you want to name him, Holly?”
“Hmm… I don’t know. Maybe.. James? Oh, or Julius! I would like using the commander’s name, definitely. Or maybe Kris?” She looked up at him. “You know, we kind of have to both like these, so a little input from you would be nice.”
“I don’t have any ideas.”
“That’s a lie!” Holly exclaimed. “Artemis Fowl always has ideas, for everything. Now, just give me one.” He shook his head. “Come on! Please, Arty?” She tugged lightly on his jacket sleeve, staring at him with wide, pleading eyes, and he sighed.
“Fine, fine.” He paused. “What about… Artemis? You know, to carry on the family name? And then all we’d have to do is think up some middle names.” He looked down at her. “What do you think about that?”
She thought about it for a minute, and a grin slowly spread across her face. “I like that. I can deal with it… So, for the middle name, can we use Julius?”
“Artemis Julius Fowl the third,” the man mused. “I like the sound of that.”
“Yes!” She pecked his cheek. “Thank you, Arty.”
“Of course, love,” he murmured, kissing her neck. “Anything for you…”
They laid there in silence for a while, until Artemis finally spoke up and asked, “how long are you staying?”
“Until tomorrow,” Holly replied. “I have to leave tonight, to go perform the ritual, but I’ll be back afterwards. Presuming I don’t get kidnaped again, it shouldn’t take me long.”
He growled into the side of her neck. “No.”
She looked at him, raising her eyebrows. “What?”
“You are mine,” he growled into her neck. Then he sat up, and, looking down at her with a playful smile, said, in that same tone, “if you think that will happen, then I must go with you, and keep you safe. Nobody is allowed to kidnap you but me.” Then he leaned back down and started nipping at her neck.
Holly laughed. “If that makes you happy, Mud Boy, then believe what you want. And I’d be glad for you to come with me.”
Artemis froze. He heard the last part, but didn’t acknowledge it. “Excuse me?” he demanded.
“What? I just said-“
“I know what you said,” he told her. “But indeed, I think you are mistaken in believing that I only believe it, and that it is not true. You are mine. I own your heart and your pretty little body, as well as you. I can make you do whatever I want.” He kissed her once, briefly, then looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “Or do you mean to tell me now you have given it away to someone else?”
“I haven’t!” Holly said, blushing. “But I’m not a piece of property, either. You can have me; I’m yours, and you know that. But you don’t own me, and I don’t have to do what you say. It’s not a hard concept to grasp, especially for you, with your big genius brain. Okay?”
“Do you honestly believe that?”
Holly blinked a few times. “Of course I do. It’s the truth, isn’t it?”
“Oh, no,” Artemis said with a signature vampire grin. “Perhaps you are partially right, however….. I can make you do whatever I please. I don’t even have to give you orders, and you still wouldn’t resist me.” He kissed her shoulder. “You know how?”
“No… but I am curious as to how,” Holly admitted. “Will you tell me?”
“Hmm… actually, I’d prefer to show you,” he answered, after a moment of thought. “Sit up and close your eyes.”
Holly did as she was told, though it showed that she was actually a little nervous to do so. He smirked, gently lifting her up and carrying her into the bathroom, then set her on her feet. “Don’t move,” he ordered, walking over to start running tub water. She jumped at the sound.
“Hold on,” he cut in. “Don’t speak.” Then, putting in a plug, he walked over and knelt in front of her, starting to unbutton the front of her blouse.
Holly shivered at the sudden blast of cold air on her bare skin. Her eyes opened. “Artemis, seriously. Is this even-“
“Safe?” Artemis finished for her, putting his hands on her shoulders and sliding the shirt off her. “Yes, of course. I did some research after coming back from Haven the other day; we can be intimate if we want, we just have to be careful. But don’t worry, the whole point of this is to teach you a lesson, and I can do that without being rough… that is, if you cooperate and pay attention.”
Holly’s eyes widened a bit, and she nodded. “Okay. I got it. I’ll behave, I promise.”
“Good.”He pecked her cheek, then looked over her shoulder to see whether he was unhooking her bra right. She blushed, but didn’t resist.
He quickly removed that, and the rest of her clothing, before sending her to the tub and then walking over to shut the water off, clothes the door and lock it, then come over and kneel beside her.
“What now?” Holly asked him, squirming a little as he ran his eyes over her nude body.
“Now,” Artemis replied, rubbing his hands together in anticipation, “the lesson begins.”
Holly swallowed hard and nodded, her eyes widening as Artemis slowly started to lean down over her….
Needless to say, Holly was very, very wrong about what she had said to Artemis before, and after Artemis was done skillfully teaching that to her, she was fully ready to admit it.
It was a couple of hours later before he brought her out of the tub finally, and she was exhausted, more than she could think of words to describe. Artemis was just as tired, yet thoroughly satisfied. Although, he hide his tiredness better than his elfin girlfriend did. She didn’t even seemed to register that she was being lifted out of the water; she was half asleep already. As he carried her out, he chuckled and snapped his fingers by her ear.
“Hoooolllyyy,” he crooned softly. “You awake, dear?”
She whimpered and covered her ears. “I am trying not to be. I want to go to sleep,” she moaned softly, burying her face in his chest.
Artemis chuckled again as he unwrapped her from the towel and his embrace, dropping her in his bed. “I suppose. But, one more thing.”
“What?” she groaned.
He leaned over and whispered in her ear. “I want you to answer a question for me. Who was right, you or I?”
“I’m not playing head games now, Artemis, I’m going to sleep,” Holly growled, tugging the blankets feebly and trying to roll away from her lover.
“Ah ah ah,” chided Artemis, catching her. “Answer me, and then I’ll let you go to sleep.”
“Ugh,” she groaned. “You’re so annoying! You were right, I was wrong, the world is as it should be. Can I go to sleep now?”
“Fine, fine. But just remember that.” He leaned over and kissed the side of her head, right on the tip of her pointed ear, chuckling when it caused her to whimper and roll over, burrowing deeper into the blankets. “Goodnight, Holly.”
The elf didn’t even merit that with an answer before passing out.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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