The Randomness of IAFFF

Summary: Contains cussing and some PG or PG13 themes. Nothing too bad. Deal. RANDONESS AHEAD!!!

Chapters: 1 2

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Next Day, 9:00 AM :

Falcon:SHORT!!!!!!!*walks into Short’s room* Sheesh… SHORT WAKE UP OR I’LL TELL CERI YOU STOLE HER MANGA BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Short:*grumbles* I dun’t caaaaaaare! *hides under pillow* Gooo awaaaaaayyy!

Fal: Crap. *pokes Short* C’mon!!!!! We have some new tendants!!!!

Short:*chucks pillow at Fal* FINE!!!!!!! *grumbles and starts brushing hair and fur*

Fal:*stands* Ok, they should arrive around 9:30 or 10:00. Imma go feed the animals. *leaves*

(A/N Thoughts will be in = marks. Ex. Bob:=I like pie=)

Short:= Sheesh, new tendants? Already?? Hmmm=

30 minutes later

Fal: They should be here soon…

Short: I sense some one…*twitches ears* I know that sound it’s-

(Knock at door)
Voice on other side of door: HEY!!!! LEMME IN!!!!!

Fal: Is that?!

Short: Yep.

VOOSOD:Ice cream and lollipops!!!!!!!!

Fal: It is! *freaks out*

Short: *opens door* ORION!!!!!

Orion: Short! Falcon! Long time no see! πŸ™‚

Fal:*hiding beneath table* O lord…….

Orion: What’s wrong with her?

Short: Err, lack of sleep?

Orion: Ok then.

(Door bell is wrung, playing Ode to Joy)

Orion: Who else is coming?

Short:*walks to door* New tendants. *opens door*

(2 girls, 2 boys, and a gremlin are at the door)

Short: Welcome to the official lair of IAFFF.

Fal:*recovers* Now state who you are. Or else we will give Orion here,*points to Orion* a gallon of ice cream and unleash him upon you!

Girl 1: My name is Torry*. I’m an elf. Pleased to meet you!

Girl 2: Hi. I’m LEPreconGirl. (A/N I’m sorta guessing here, correct me if I’m wrong) I’m also an elf.

Orion: Elves? Like Holly???

Short: Fal? Keep him somewhat sane for a bit. Please?

Fal: Can I use my-

Short: No, use rope instead. Less deadly.

Fal: Fine!

Short:*turns to boys* And you guys are?

Boy 1: My name is Apollo. Human. 13. Opposite of Artemis Fowl.

Short: Nice. You?

Boy 2: Alpha is the name. Human. Telepathic.

Gremlin: I AM BOBO!!!!! GIMME CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!

Short: Well, ok then. Welcome all of you. My name is Short. I’m a mutt of species and I honestly don’t feel like listing all of them. 13. I’m leader 1 of the IAFFF.

Fal:The name’s Falcon. Leader 2 of IAFFF. Female. Still 12, 2 months younger than Short, although I’m taller. Half vampire shape-shifting human.

Orion:*tied to couch* ICE-CREAM AND LOLLIPOPS!!!!!! I mean, uh, I’m Orion Fowl. Artemis’s alter-ego. Deputy 1 of IAFFF.

Short:*unties Orion* We’ll shoe you to your rooms. Follow me! *walks down long hallway*

Fal: We’ll be your guides for a few weeks, then we’ll start making plans. We may have more tendants, so expect others.

Torry*: Do we have roomies?

Short: Yea. *stops in front of a door* This door leads to the girls dorm. *points at neighboring door* Boys dorm is that way. Bobo, you’ll sleep in the boys dorm, considering you’re male.

Bobo: I WANT CHOCOLATE BAR!!!!! Gimme one or I’ll rip your guts out!!!

Fal: Eh, ok….*gives chocolate to Bobo*

Orion:*opens door to boys dorm* I’ll show you boys to your rooms.

Short: Fal, show the girls to their rooms. I need to check up on something…

Fal: Mmkay, I understand. *leads LEP & Torry* to their rooms*

Short:*heads down hall quickly* =Computer room………= Aha! *goes into computer room*
=Let’s see….. Who’s following us?!?!=

End update

People are still welcome!!!

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. OOOKKKK then…I’m in!

    Name, 21bub21, bub for short. I’m a guy.
    Wears a green business suit, blue toupee, purple-yellow dotted tie, gold slacks, silver shoes. Pink jet pack.
    Slightly crazy.
    Wep: Air conditioner remote. I own 100 ACs, all armed with Gatling guns and grenade launchers, They are red. I also have laser vision.

  2. smartie artie May 24th, 2011 at 6:46 am 2

    um…where’s artemis in this story?and what is a sharpie?*asks innocently* i think you write really well.maybe,next time you can write a story instead of something like a conversation*looks hopefully*

  3. @smartie artie
    It’s supposed to be set up this way. As soon as I get more people and I can update, Arty will most likely come in. Artemis doesn’t need to be front and center in every story, ya know. And a sharpie is a permanent marker.

  4. @smartie artie
    I think Artemis is still coming…
    HEHEHHEHEHE funny! L!

  5. LEPreconGirl May 24th, 2011 at 9:27 pm 5

    I will be in it… If you let me. I’m LEPreconGirl (Obviously)
    And guys, you don’t nessicarily need Arty to make it a good fic. This is funny and has the beginnings of an interesting plot so far.
    So… Update for a lollipop? With me in it?

  6. @AFcrazy15 Thankies. She’s actually tried that several times before….(We go to the same school & know each other irl)

    @LEPreconGirl Can you leave your info?






    Weapons(if any):


  7. Name:alpha


    Species:I’ll be a human that telepathic

    Personality:random but loyal.he’s nice and will basically take a bullet to the brain for his friends. on the other hand,he’s really impulsive.

    Weapons(if any):golden m16

    Other:has a black motorcycle

  8. Name: Torry (full name Victoria Diana Star)

    Gender: Girl

    Species: Elf

    Personality:nice (only to her friends) it takes awhile for her trust people but once she trusts you she can be the best friend you ever had. mean to every one else.

    Weapons:her dagger (starlight)

    Other: before her farther was arrested he taught her how to be a good theft.she also likes to throw her dagger at random. she also loves fire. she hates her full name and she hates being called Vicky!

  9. good beginning I agree with LEP (except for the part where she’s in the story) a little danger here some almost impossible success and you got a S-T-O-R-Y

  10. BoboParadizo May 24th, 2011 at 11:44 pm 10

    Name: Bobo Paradizo

    Gender: Male

    Species: Um. I guess I’d be a gremlin.

    Personality:Bratty, Spoiled, Rude…you get the picture

    Weapons(if any): Chocolate Bar of Doom

    Other: Likes to pull out ppls guts

  11. good beginning I agree with LEP (except for the part where she’s in the story) a little danger here some almost impossible success and you got a S-T-O-R-Y

  12. chocolate bar ,doom really

  13. @ AFisawesome
    Hey, the title is ‘Randomness of AFFF’

  14. Name: Fowlmaniac
    Personality: Mixture of Holly & Artemis
    Weapon: Violet sword named Thrysta
    Other: I use a hover board to get around

  15. Did you get Apollo from me? Because I made him up exactly like that

  16. @ fowlmaniac Already got ya in there. You know, as Apollo.

  17. Name: Cimerene

    Gender: Female

    Age: 13

    Species: Elf

    Personality: Dangerous, protective, will punch you if u try to insult me, kind to friends, likes to attack boys mostly (hey, its a lot more fun than it sounds! XD), offended easily, ect.

    Weapons(if any): Bow and arrows, fists

    Other: Er, magical flying pink unicorn? jk, not really/ can i have a dragon? a saphire dragon?

  18. That was soo cool! it is so weird being in a story! I really like it!
    PS (I’m 14) πŸ™‚

  19. I’m 11, but my bday is in a month… June 21, 2 B exact. I wanna B in de storrrrrrrrrrie! I <3 Jolly Rancher Pops. *sigh*


  20. The rat’s name was Molly? The only rat whose name I remember is Rocco XD…

    Heh. Update.

  21. BoboParadizo May 29th, 2011 at 10:58 pm 21

    By the way, Bobo is only 50 (but hes like a 5 yr old human cuz he’s fairy)
    Anyways, thanx 4 putting me in!
    5/S! Update or face my chocolate bar of doom!

  22. Fowlfan4ever May 30th, 2011 at 3:01 am 22

    Why haven’t I commented in thus yet? I’ve read it about 10 times it’s so good! UPDATE!!!

    P. S. I love Orion in this!

  23. FoalyIsAGenues May 31st, 2011 at 12:26 am 23

    put me in!
    name: FoalyIsAGenues or Foaly for short
    personality: awesome with technology and building stuff
    apperence: semi-short hair, centaur, sorta short for my age
    other: i just turned 12
    gender: boy

  24. FowlsGirl123 June 4th, 2011 at 1:37 am 24

    I want in!
    Personality:slightly crazy, but I love sciency stuff
    appearance:xtrmly long blond hair, awesome purple toenails, pixie(not evil),12 and a half,girl
    Oh, and FYI I luv 2 read, so u could do something where all I say is “shhhh, i’m reading” and make evryone angry)

  25. Woah, Short. You actually updated something.

  26. Pick Me!!!

    name: Sappphira (pronounced like sappire with an a)
    gender: Girl!!
    personality: fun, VERY sarcastic, I roll my eyes alot, i’m super cool, and i <3 lollipops, cupcakes, cookies, pie,…..ect pretty much anything with suggar. I can be normal (don't worry im never hyper from suggar),i can be super cold and stowic when im need to, and i have a battle mode….
    appearance: I am a hybrid between a fairy and a vampire,so i was I was tuerned immortal at 18 but Im really 5899. i can be in the sun. I have SUPER BRIGHT red hair and INSANELY BRIGHT green eyes. i am really athletic comicly so. Better than a ninja. I wear a camo tanktop midrif, a green vest with lots of pockts, slitely baggy camo pants, and kneehigh combat boots.
    again age: turned immortal at 18 but im really 5899
    Weapons: 2 daggers in my boots,2 pistols in one of my vest pockets, a netreno in one of my pants pockets, a buzz baton in a diffrent vest pocket, 3 grenades in a pants pocket, and a scythe that nobody knows where it comes from.
    Other: i can teleport to wherever i want. and run faster than any jet or shuttle can fly.

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