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The Hunger Games

Summary: Artemis fumed. When he had asked No.1 to send him back in time, No.1 had messed everything up, and now […]

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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Artemis fumed. When he had asked No.1 to send him back in time, No.1 had messed everything up, and now he was in the future. And without Holly and her magic, he was stuck. Artemis silently promised to have Butler wring No.1’s neck so hard he would squeal like a girl. When he got back. If he got back…No. He couldn’t think about that. He had to find out where he was.
~* 🙂 *~
Artemis looked around. He was in some square or another. A rusty old sign pointed to two roads leading away into the gloom. One arrow said The Seam, and the other said Victor’s Village. He walked over to where a huge crowd was gathered around a woman on a stage. She had spiky pink hair, and was standing in between two large fish bowls.”Hello everyone! Welcome to the Reaping! Lets get started!” Her voice was cheerful, but it didn’t match the gloomy mood of the crowd. She reached into one of the fishbowls, and pulled out a piece of paper.
“Our girl tribute is…” The woman unfolded the slip of paper.
“Katniss Everdeen!” The crowd groaned. One person near Artemis muttered to his neighbor
“Again? That’s her, what is it, THIRD time? Poor girl.”Artemis looked up at the stage. The woman was holding another piece of paper.
“Our boy tribute is…” Se unfolded the new slip of paper.
“Artemis Fowl!” Her happiness momentarily turned into a look of confusion.
“Who’s he?” someone said. Artemis went up the stairs onto the stage, where he was immediately followed by a girl. She had harsh eyes and rough brown hair. She must be Katniss, Artemis thought.
“I’ve never seen YOU before.” she said. Then the two of them were hustled on a train.
“Where are we going?” Artemis asked.
“You’ll see” said Katniss sourly. She was acting mean to Artemis, but on the inside, she was feeling sorry for him. That’s what the games had taught her. Never show your feelings.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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74 responses to “The Hunger Games.” Join in!

  1. I need 22 people for this story. Write your name, your age(12-18), your special skill, your district(1-11, only two people per district), and a description. Feel free to make it all up!

  2. balink is forcing me to read that series,i am on the first book…
    age:i thought that entry started at the age of 8? oh and its 11
    skill:WEAPON:SPACE LAZERs OF DEATH!if no lazers, then i use poisoned crackers(the stuff you eat) or confusing math!
    description:black hair, glasses, and kill the gaurds if they try to take my weapons.

  3. Am I missing something? Who’s Katniss?? Anyway, very good, paragraphs, update, nothing you haven’t already heard.
    Description:Pink hair (dyed, obviously), low-slung jeans, tight top, blue eyes. Flirtatious, cheeky.
    Please put me in!!!

  4. OK. I think that’s better. You should really read the Hunger Games, Hermione. OK, can you please R&R?(I think that means Read and Rate. If im wrong, no offence to whoever might be offended)

    PS dont tell me to update. I cant untill I have all the people.

    One comment at a time, okays? 😉

  5. OK, I’ll read them ASAP. And Elf, I say R, R & r-Read, Rate, Review. =) 🙂

  6. Name: Emily
    Age: 12
    Skill: Shapeshifting (Note: someone could mistake her for food so this isn’t exactly an unfair advantage. Her favorite form is a jet-black wolf.)
    District: 11
    Description: Shoulder-length black hair, piercing dark-silver eyes, cold, unforgiving, constantly suspicious. Favorite phrase is, “So?” Uses a razor-sharp titanium knife.

  7. name: foaly
    skill:can easily program anything
    decription: never talks, black hair, boy, brown eyes, can build anything out of ANYTHING, has a big bag full of “stuff”

  8. Um… Foalylsagenues, you entered twice. I’ll do both of you because I’m nice, but if you prefer one of them I’ll change it. You’re lucky they’re in the same district.

  9. Yeah…just asking….

    Could you add, “Is wicked with the knife but sucks at any other type of weapon” to the description-thingy? And “Is an engineering genius” ? (Like could build a bridge across a river in one minute flat without any help and only using branches and stuff)

  10. Sure, you can do anything you want. Just not so it’s too unfair, like you’re invincible or something.

  11. Whoopee! *Grins evilly*

  12. Her THIRD TIME?!?! No, no, that was a complement. Brilliant.

  13. Ok I only have 4 people and I need 17 more(counting myself 🙂 ) I’ve decided to start with the 4 I have, but all the juicy stuff has to wait ’til I’ve got everyone ‘kays?

  14. I could’ve sworn I entered… fine I’ll do it again.

    I have straight black hair halfway down my back, dark brown eyes(you can’t see it unless you’re about 6 inches from my face and stare really hard, otherwise they look black), tan skin, bad memory, dark blue glasses, enjoys cats and cookies, and I hate cheese. And most other dairy products. EXCEPT ICE CREAM. I am also random and 12 years old. Female. Will eat off floor depending on cleanliness of floor and tastiness of food. Will sit/climb just about anything. Stares off into space and has a lot of potentially useless facts. Weapon??!?!?! DO I HAVE TO? Fine, sheesh. I’ll take… a stick. Preferably strong plastic and light. Like a field hockey stick… (uses candy-cane part to hook someone’s legs) District SEVEN! WOOT!! I LOVE THE NUMBER SEVEN!

  15. OOOOH, can I be in it??
    Name: Ivy
    Age: 15
    Skill: Agile and nimble,you know like a cat, basically a someone who is a half cat half humany thing
    District: 3
    Description: Long black hair with red streaks, emerald eyes, resourceful, sharp, quiet, tall, in her left ear there is a small razor earring that doubles up as a weapon.

  16. WE, you entered your person in another story of mine. Your person needs a name or I will make one up… 😈

  17. Oh!! I wanna choose it!!
    Violet, or Jessica. 🙂 Please choose one of those, it’ll make me feel special. 🙂

  18. @Hermione, I MIGHT choose one, but it’s WE’s person.
    @WE, if you do not give your person a name by tomorrow night, it will be Jessica!

  19. Ooo…That’s nice. (Remember I have a dragon form, and dragons can do all sorts of cool stuff…XD)

  20. Yay, I’m in it!!
    It’s very good, please add more ASAP. And next time you update, make an announcement please, or no one’ll know. 🙂

    ditto Hermione, what fantastical world this appears to be.

  22. I updated again. To explain Elfie, I’m going to”enter”
    Name: Elfie
    Age: 17
    District: 4
    Description: Short, spiky blonde hair, tall, and is a half-vampire.
    Weapon: Can only use a sword, but is awesome at unarmed combat.
    Skill: Mind reading, but only at close range

  23. !!! Oooo…me likey…

    Can I ally with Arty? Please? For a marshmallow?

    And change my description. My fave form is a small (Like wolf-sized) black dragon. With unpierceable hide and unbreakable scales and fire resistance and hypnotism and poison and disease immunity and all that. XD *Wuvs dragons*

  24. You put me in as a girl named Jessica, interesting. THANKS FOR THE UPDATE!!! This thing has a thousand comments, but it’s too short!! Good, though!

  25. I second that. UPDATE!!! Pweeze?

  26. Ooh! The Hunger Games and Artemis Fowl!
    I want in!
    Special Power: Can control plants and make healing potions. Has healing magic.(Earth Magic)
    Weapon: Rowen wood wand with golden handle to focus magic with,
    ivory handled sword with a rose carved into the hilt, ivory bow, rowan wood arrows, owl feathered.
    Description: A five feet and four inches tall girl with hair the color of an oak tree. Has a green robe on with styled flowers embroidered on it. It is tied tith a flower belt. Luminous green eyes. Expert swordswoman and markswoman, Gold rimmed glasses, and a green headband.An Earth wizard to boot. Half elf.

  27. Update please!:)

  28. But no one wanted to…?

    KEEP…TYPING…*Twitchy fit*

  29. Oh boy! Update please! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  30. Hey, I only have 8 people! So, I’m going on strike for this story until I have all 22. Sorry, but it’s a bit long…
    Well, I might slowly introduce people…But I’ve got to actually have more people!

  31. I’ve been wating for this!!

    Name: Zadia
    District: 8
    Special Powers: Can melt into shadows, and folllow anyone during the night.
    Description: Raven black hair, grey eyes, like a storm cloud. Has on a grey form fitting top, with a black skirt.
    Favorite Weapon: Ebony handled knife soaked in poison

    One comment at a time, please 😉

  32. Omg! Artemis Fowl and the hunger games! Sweet!

    District: 4
    Age: 15
    Special Powers: Has an affinity for water. Can talk to sea creatures, is an expert sailor, can corntol and breath under water. (Water Mage, only one in district)
    Description: Sea blue hair, with streaks of white, like sea foam. Deep, ocean blue eyes. Thin, ivory skin, Wears a ocean blue robe with patters of waves stiled on it,has a pin on a golden circle with a dolphin in the middle of it. Quiet, shy, detached from emotions.
    Favorite Weapon: Blue sword, an ax, wand

  33. lol, looks like someone’s taken half my name 😀

    Anyway, update please, I read the wiki page for hunger games and it seems really good 😀

  34. Hey… didn’t see that part the first time. heh.

    District: is it five where they pick peaches?
    Special powers: turns into Aplamondo (falcon. look it up)
    Description: long dirty blond hair, blue eyes, dark cloak, black jeans, t-shirt. likes being second in command (so i can dump stuff on the one in charge when i want), LOVES birds. Social outcast.
    Weapon: Sword, (Silver Fire) or just a Falcon style punch in my bird form.:)

  35. OK, peoples update.
    @Falcon-I think its 11, but stick with 5(See below)
    @everybody else-These are the districts that are full up:
    1, 3, 4, 11, 8, 7. These are the districts that have 1 opening:
    5. These are the districts that are free:
    2, 6, 9, 10.
    ~Choose districts responsively.~ 😆

  36. P.P.S. Emily wants to ally with everyone so they don’t want to kill her, but then on the battlefield she kills everyone who thought they were her ally. >:D

  37. Emily, to make it fair(as if the whole story is fair… 😈 )I will only ally you with everyone who has already gave me a character(Hmmm…about 11 people…)and Katniss because I’ve got some creative ways to kill people. YOU WILL NOT KILL ARTEMIS THOUGH. He’s gonna be the winner.
    PS: I don’t wanna discourage all you other peoples who are gonna sign up for this thing(and I know you’re out there…), even though you’re basically gonna die. Artemis HAS to win. He’s survived worse…(a.k.a: Opal Koboi)

  38. Herminia
    Age: 13
    District: 8
    Special ability: very stealthy and quick. Is good with knifes.
    Description: a poor girl that has 2 brothers that are younger than her. She is very good at sewing. medium height,long red hair,fit,wears a long shirt and shorts most of the time.

    sorry forgot weapon two awls(look it up)and a belt of throwing knifes.

    Please don’t double post. It’s a rule.

  39. jacob
    specail abilities:super strong
    discription: dark short black hair, tall, blue, thick turrtle neck black pants
    weapons: 2 throwng axes and a great axe

    wants to be allies with Herminia

  40. Well, duh, I don’t wanna kill Arty.

    Oooooo…*Pokes Jacob’s throwing axe* Shiny.

  41. Sorry for the double post, but I feel that I need to explain.

    Your story has already been pushed off the front page, so the chances of anyone joining now have been totally and dramatically lowered.

    You might as well make a bunch of filler characters and start now.

  42. i agree with Emily. update

  43. UPDATE! Are you even there any more?

  44. you mentioned me!
    *does a excitement dance*
    also,cool form to write in.

  45. Name:Astrid
    District:7(if available) if not 8 (two four = “Death,death” 😀
    special ability: Really fast, good reflexes. Also super-smart.
    description:brownish-redish curly hair,long to the hips. Short.Fit. Green eyes. Very elegant.Royal blue blouse, beige Skirt. A brilliant autistic girl.
    Weapons:Ka-rati good. good at aiming; throwing. A jewel ed dagger. Awesome 😀

  46. for some reason the rest of my review,got cut off? I’ll just put the rest.
    This is an awesome idea. I’ve just got to read the Hunger games 😉
    -Diana Fowl

  47. @Diana: 7 and 8 are both taken. And 4, and 12. Sorry. Well, I’m in district 4, but I’ll just change it if you want it. Also, my middle name is Astrid! 😀
    @Everyone else: I was just on vacation. I’ll update soon.

  48. Oh, Yayyyyz!

    imma Is gonna to ask all my friends to join.

    Yah. 😀

  49. Okay, I asked, none of them wanted to submit a form. 🙁

    Ish you is update anywayz wid filler characters? Pweeeeeeeeeze? Wid a cherry on top? 😀

  50. age:12
    skill:super speed
    love mockingjay!

  51. please do the whole form artygirl

  52. sorry
    skill:super speed and can stop time and is good with a sword
    description:raven black hair, green eyes, really pale skin, and super violent

  53. also, im tall and psycho

  54. Urm…Artygirl…11 is taken…sorry to burst your bubble.
    By the way, has anyone ever eaten a bubble? They actually taste good!
    ~Elfieonasugarrush 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  55. sorry if i caused any confusment(?)…
    i’m BTAF!

  56. hi i wanna be in age:9 name:max descripion:black hoodie black shirt black jeans black sneackers angrey black hair weapon rusty shotgun with infinite shotgun district:10

  57. Dude, seriously work on your grammar.

    Alright, that brings the # down to 6. We need a few filler characters, and then someone can UPDATE! :angry:

  58. no no im noy woking on my grammmere…

  59. Yes you are. You are going to work on your grammar or I’ll ask Elfie to make sure you’re the first one to die.

    Your grammar, and your spelling.

  60. I spelled that sentence wrong on purpose (dudurdur)

  61. hello…
    elfie? you haven’t commented in a loooong time!!

  62. Ohhh, mememe! Put me in, Elfie!

    Name: Eva
    Age:13, looks 11
    Skill: Logic(seriously, i disproved a teacher once 🙂 HA!) Nimble and secretive, smart (coughcoughGENIUScoughcough), can build ANYTHING, speaks several languages,likes to sit on things or climb, MARTIAL ARTS! WOOT!
    District: 5
    Appearance: Red hair down to earlobes, emerald eyes, slightly tanned skin, 4 foot 6, scars on arms (from- yeah, like she’ll tell. She won’t. Oh well)
    Weapon: Dagger, tricks, knots and traps, bow and arrows, spear, stick, tracker jacket nests, wild animals, best at hand-to-hand with a dagger.
    Extra: Foxface’s cousin. But is smarter. And WILL KILL.

    ps. District 5 specalises in non-electronic weapons, and teachers for the peacekeepers in fighting.

    And may the odds be EVER in your favor.
    *laughs maniaclly…*

    Hugs and lollipops! Welcome back!

  63. Now I shall update with Filler Characters.
    Does NOBODY care about 2 6 and 9?? 🙁

  64. yaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! you updated!!!!!!! have a piece of truffle

  65. Random Comment April 3rd, 2011 at 1:13 am 65

    Question?What would Artemis do?Kill them with math problems?

  66. If there is still room
    name: Atheo
    skill:telepathic and telekinetic
    appearance:wears only white, tall, and white hair
    weapons:picks things up with telekinesis and throws them

  67. @Random Comment: Haven’t thought of that. 0.0 Ideas, anyone? Well, i did give him a knife…that might help…if he can use it…or he could reprogram the force field to zap people.
    @Everyone: Here’s the thing. You all are going to die in my story. I just needed some formidable opponents to fight him. ^^ Aren’t I sooooo nice?

  68. I updated. Like? No? Tell!
    Oh, and PLEASE rate! Only 2, and I’ve had 616 views!
    ~Elfie 😈

  69. BoboParadizo May 22nd, 2011 at 7:19 pm 69

    Sounds awesome. oh and I rated…i gave U a five!
    My name is Bobo Paradizo, District 5
    I am only about 5, and I try to kill people with the Chocolate Bar of Doom.

  70. LEPreconGirl May 22nd, 2011 at 7:51 pm 70

    🙁 I’m dead….

    ARTY WON!!!! YAY!!!! I wish to read more, so update? Please?

  71. Name: bjartskular(silent b)
    Weapon: double bladed staff
    skill:martial arts(boo ya!)

    Forgot description: I can change into a condor,and I am really smart and a smart alec( if I am to late it’s ok)

    Please try to keep it to one comment at a time, okay? It’s one of the rules 😉

  72. @Fowlmaiac and BoboParadizo: Um…Not to be mean, but the entry is closed. I mean, he already won. Of course, I can switch your names from filler characters, but you won’t…do anything. Sorry.
    @Everyone else: Yay! Almost done! He’s just gotta get out of there, and go home! Yay!
    PS: The new chapter thing won’t work. I mean, I can’t make a new chapter. Can anyone help?

  73. Artemis Delfinia June 18th, 2011 at 6:25 pm 73

    FABILOUS! Just FABILOUS!!! I really liked this story and Artemis was like himself sometimes. Too bad I hadn’t had a chance to be in this story… still I give you 5/s. 😀

  74. Oooh…me likee!

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