The Dark Times:# 1:The Dark War

Summary: Dark Times is a HP/DW/AF Crossover. Three heroes, three villans, three worlds. One Chance. These are Dark Times.

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Welcome to The Dark Times, An alternate universe Harry Potter/Doctor Who/Artemis Fowl Fanfic. Worlds are crumbling. The Ministry has fallen. The Doctor is missing. The People are dying. And Artemis James Fowl is nowhere to be found. These are the Dark Times. The good days are nothing but a memory.

Disclamer-I do not own Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, or Doctor Who

Part One: The Dark War (Contains spoilers for HP book 7 and AF Book 7, along with DW:The Sound of Drums, and DW: Last of the time Lords)

Chapter One: Evil Never Dies

56 miles out of Dublin, Ireland

My name is Tom Marvolo Riddle. The Wizarding World calls me Voldemort. Dark Lord Voldemort. I rose to power once, many, my years ago. and then a boy-a mere baby boy, somehow killed me. Years later, I returned. I defeated the boy and his friends. I burned Hogwarts to the ground. I thought I had killed him. But somehow, somehow, The Boy who Lived survived. And there, in moment of victory, when Hogwarts was mine, he lived. Somehow, he lived.

I fought him, and again I fell. Even with the greatest wand of them all, I fell. My Horcruxes destroyed. My snake Naiagni, killed. But yet I did not die. Instead, I lived. I fled, a shadow of my former self, to a place called Ireland. And now I wait. I wait patiently. For this time…I have an army. I will march upon Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And then, and then I will kill the boy Who Lived.

I will kill Harry Potter.

Atlantis Maximum Security Prison, The Deeps:

My name is Opal Priscilla Koboi. I was once the most brilliant scientist above or under the world. And then he came along. A cocky, smart-mouthed Mud-Boy from Ireland. Fowl by name, Foul by nature.We fought, mind against mind. But somehow, he managed to beat me. Him and that accursed centaur. They locked me away, guarded by LEP fools day and night. But I escaped. I fought the accursed boy once and he and that buck-toothed LEP-recon fairy fought me again. They beat me, and locked me Atlantis. Then the fools created a Paradox. A past version of me tangled with them, yet the the arrogant fool beat me. But I will return. I will raise an army.

And I will kill Artemis Fowl.

The Vortex, The Inner Universe

My name is The Master. I am a Time Lord, from Gallifrey, in the constellation of Kasterborous. I am the MASTER, AND YOU WILL OBEY ME!!! Time and time again, I tried to rule the planet they call Earth. Time and time again, I was thwarted. Thwarted by a time Lord, one of the last.

One, once, I ruled Earth. I capture my foe, the brilliant hero, and I made Earth mine!!! Then he returned. He beat me. He nearly, oh, so nearly killed me. But you cannot kill me. I am The Master, and you will obey me!!!

And the sound!! Why won’t it go away? That familiar rhythm, beating a tattoo in my mind. The Sound…




The Sound of Drums.

I will return. I will raise an army of the Doctor’s foes! The Sontarans, The Daleks, The Weeping angels, The Satyurnians, The last of the Time Lords. They WILL obey, me for I am the Master. They will march under the seal Rassilon, and we will attack that frail world called Earth and then…

I will kill The Doctor.





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  1. Artemis Delfinia June 23rd, 2011 at 2:49 am 1


  2. Kinda short, but I liked it. I like how it has all the drama.Ooh, and I just noticed that all the criminals/evil people have the same intent. To raise an army and kill someone. *sarcastically*EXTREMELY pleasant thought, no?

  3. Cool. Just 1 question though. Whats is Doctor Who about anyway? Update!

  4. You..oh…go ask. Or look on the internet. Us Wikipedia.

  5. ArtfullyInsane June 23rd, 2011 at 4:13 am 5

    This sounds awesome! I can’t wait to read more.

  6. K. Thanks!

  7. …I really need to read Doctor Who…XD. I like how you started out with the villians opinions and whats happened to them!

  8. Guess what-

    The sound of drums is the number FOUR

    —- —- —- —-

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