The Cross Species Battle(resumed from Union of Rivals4) Strengths,Weaknesses and…Sharks?

Summary: “Your plan,Mud boy,”said Loken.”Aside from the fact that the enemy can’t see us,we are defenseless.” Artemis gave him a look.”That […]

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“Your plan,Mud boy,”said Loken.”Aside from the fact that the enemy can’t see us,we are defenseless.”
Artemis gave him a look.”That is the point,loken.If they cannot see us,there is no harm.”
“Course not,”added Shaadia, munching a cookie.
“Where did you find that?”
She shrugged.”I brought some stuff.This backpack isn’t for nothing.”
She pulled out a can from her side pocket, offering a cookie to them both.”Want one?Specially you, Loken.You must be starving.”
Loken’s face said no,but his stomach said otherwise. Reluctantly,he accepted the cookie.


Zidan was furious. How could they escape like that, right under his nose? Fowl was a traitor to his race. How could he help the fairies?

More importantly, why?

Fowl was hiding a lot and he knew where he would find answers. That elf, Short. There was time for other things later. Right now he wanted answers.

A grin spread across Zidan’s face as he remembered his own ever ready backup plan.

Soon enough, Artemis Fowl will be swimming with the sharks.


Holly took quick strides down the hallway, loading her gun at the same time. Priority one: Silver and Piper. She made her way down the empty stairs, careful enough not to trip and fall on the more-than-human-sized steps. They were steep and filthy. Obviously Zidan didn’t care much about the hygiene of his prisoners’ quarters.

Meanwhile, her mind wandered off to other things. Firstly there was this inter-species war that had lasted for three years already. Three Frond Damn years and nobody was winning. Unless this current mission leads to success.

Zidan. A cold hearted megalomaniac with no respect for life besides his own. The thought of the sickening Mud Man disgusted her beyond all belief. The Humans did have a chance against them. But then, everyone of his troops had been forced to fight. Their families were being held captive, for heaven’s sake. Holly wondered what would happen to Minerva if Zidan discovered that she had helped the enemy.

And there was Artemis. He’d been acting strange lately, but maybe Foaly was right. Maybe Artemis was mad at Loken for winning her over, maybe he was mad at her because she fell for Loken. But he’d saved them all, no doubt Loken included.

If anyone can win his heart, it’s you, Holly Short.

That’s what Minerva had said. Was there truth in the statement, or was it just to make her feel better?

Either way, she was going to find out.


Silver and Piper were still texting, but every message was urgent and they couldn’t talk over the communicator because the guards would hear.

Is Artemis behind this?

Foaly. It has to be Foaly.

I bet it’s Fowl’s plan.

How the D’Arvit can we get out of here?

Silver sighed, reading the message for a second time. That was the question. They couldn’t afford to hang around like this.

Her communicator beeped again.

I’m coming. Be ready to kick some butt.

She saw the name of the sender. Holly Short.


“Clever,” admitted Loken. “That is a reasonable supposition, Mud Boy, but you could be wrong.”

“Plan B,” replied Artemis, gazed fixed on the eerily lit ceiling. “But there is no high chance of me being wrong. Zidan is a Human, Loken. Paranoia is in any human’s nature.” He looked at the elf, then at the human girl. They were visible to him because of the LEP visor Foaly had supplied. “In any case, he considered attacks from the enemy, right here at his main control base. He prepared evacuation routes for his own men. And he thought that once his army was safely out, the enemy would be locked in with no way of escape. And the building self destructs.”

“Ya think?” murmured Shaadia, sarcastically. “How does it self destruct? Remote controlled?”

“Possibly,” said Artemis. “But there should also be internal ways, seeing as the…controls to the remote would have to be inside the building. I can manipulate it easily.”

“Will people die?” asked Shaadia, suddenly. “Even if they are humans, will they…?”

“No. It serves as nothing more than distraction. They will think of evacuating, and the LEP will be waiting for them outside. Fully armed and prepared.”


Artemis grinned. “My plans always are.”


A/N: Guys, story’s coming to a close! Only a few more episodes left! I love you all and hope you will stick with me till the very end of TCSB. Your support has been totally awesome. Please review and let me know you’re there.








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  1. Yes, of course I’ll stick with ya! You’ve got some epic ideas, I’m not going anywhere!

  2. I’m not going anywhere either! Your ideas are awesome and you could never guess what will happen.

  3. Not with her you can’t. Her highness thinks up some o the weirdest things ever, and manages to incoorperate them. I suppose that fits her name though…

    Great work, shaadia! And I won’t go anywhere, trust me! I may not be on here as much right now myself story-wise, but I am reading your updates! 🙂 Even if I dont comment…

  4. aw, thanks guys~~ you are awesome!

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