The Cross Species Battle: Strength Against Numbers (part 3)

Summary: Author’s note: Okay, I SWEAR I had this whole episode written on paper. And I’m just back from searching for […]

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Author’s note: Okay, I SWEAR I had this whole episode written on paper. And I’m just back from searching for it all over my room, and haven’t found it. Please forgive me if this turns out…weird, because I’m trying to do it from memory.

“So,” began Shaadia, cautiously stepping back into the elevator. “What’s next? I am not going in there.”

Loken snorted. “What happened to all the enthusiasm?”

“There are actual sharks in that thing!”

Artemis could not help but stare at the glass bridge he was standing on. Or more accurately, what was under it. The water looked like it had been taken out of the sea. And as for sharks…he was sure they’d approve a habitat like that.

He spotted an indent in the glass, not far away. Possibly some form of hatch. Right. Just what they needed. There was only one problem though.

“Seriously, Loken? You aren’t immortal, you know! All it’ll take is one bite from one shark and–”

“This armor is impenetrable.”

“The pressure in there is going to crush you!”

“Does it look like I care? So long as the job is done.”

Artemis groaned. “I suppose you have…pressure resistant suits built for this purpose?”

Minerva looked at him incredulously. “You think we don’t?”


“Eighth cell on the left,” muttered Holly. “Damn it. This place is crowded with Mud people.”

“Wait,” called Silver, suddenly stopping in her tracks. “What are we going to do if Zidan finds out about this?”

“Plan Two.”

Piper’s ears twitched. “There is a plan two?”

Holly rolled her eyes. “Of course not. And anyway, if something does go wrong, Artemis will probably come up with a plan two.”

Piper’s upcoming objection was interrupted when the other elf’s communicator beeped.

“Holly,” said Artemis’s voice. “Slight change of plans. We will require you to get something from Minerva’s lab.”

“So now you realize that nobody can dive that deep without some kind of suit?” Silver chuckled. “Great. I thought you were supposed to be a genius.”

They couldn’t see the Mud Boy’s scowl, but it was certainly there. “Of course, you are correct. There’s no need to be smug.”

Holly couldn’t resist a smirk. “Talking about smugness, is he?”


Zidan frowned. The fairies had shielded. Naturally, he was expecting that, but it could hardly be helped if he had a bunch of dimwits as his army.

Then there was Loken, Shaadia, Minerva and the newcomer, Artemis Fowl. He had managed to activate one camera–just one, but it had lead him to the right place. The elevator shaft. The last he had seen was Loken aiming at the roof, which also contained the hidden camera. And that was it.

Zidan massaged his temples, thinking. Which floor were they trying to get to? Or were they taking chances? The last thing he needed after all these years was the entire thing blowing up.

The Human’s eyes widened.

Self Destruct.



Once the path was completely clear, Holly gave the go-ahead for the others to join her. Surprisingly, the lab was not locked and it was actually a piece of cake getting to it.

That is, until more humans arrived.


Author’s note: Okay, that part was horrible, and boring, but it’s important anyway. The fun parts are coming, don’t worry.

And as for the soundtrack…STUPID THING GOT DELETED!! And I have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN!! ugh…

Please review!

-Shaadia <3

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  1. Yeah, it was sort of boring. I can’t wait till you find that paper! I need to know how it was important. And I loved the smugness part!

  2. Boring, perhaps, but if it’s important, I’m all for it! 🙂

    I wonder if Artemis knows how hypocritical he sounded….

    That sucks! How did it get deleted?? And you might want to double check and make sure that there’s no way that you can recover it before you go in and do it all over. Just a suggestion…

    Update soon! Please! 😉

  3. shaadiaTheWeird December 3rd, 2013 at 9:57 am 3

    well, I’m assuming that piece of paper will soon be a distant memory…I STILL CAN’T FIND IT!

  4. Well, I hope you find it soon!

    Er, hi, Silver. Wow. It’s been a long, long, while. But I am so glad I found this episode! I’d completely forgotten the self-destruct thing and now I know I can totally use it in my rewritten version of TCSB. Which, by the way, is already 26 chapters long on FF and has a lot of readers there…shikes. I need to find a way to put it on here as well.

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