The Cross Species Battle (resumed from Zidan’s Army) Imprisoned

Summary: An intersting part, with promised action. I SWEAR ON MY WORD AS A PRINCESS!!

Chapters: 1 2 3

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WARNING: rude language

“Come on!” yelled Zidan. “Die! Die already! It’s no use fighting any more, you’re losing!”

Loken got to his feet, wiping a dash of blood across his mouth. “Shut the hell up.”

“You’re not going to win this battle, fairy.”

“I told you to shut up!” Loken yelled, and summoned his magic. When he spoke again, his voice was layered with the Mesmer.

“Put that blade down.”

“It won’t work!” declared Zidan, spreading his arms wide. “I am partly fairy, don’t you remember?”

Loken sneered. “I know that, idiot. Look behind you.”

Zidan spun behind, and from the front Loken attempted a kick. Effective. The next second, tables had turned considerably. Now the human was the one with blood leaking from his bottom lip.

“Enough!” shouted Zidan. “I am sick of you toying with me.”

“Same here.”

The Mud Man yelled, summoning his army. They were inside in minutes.

It was now one against all of them.

“Coward,” growled Loken. “Kill me if you can, Zidan. Kill me. I don’t give a D’Arvit about your life either.”

“Brave last words,” commented his enemy. Maybe to Zidan, this fight was for victory. But Loken had it in his eyes. How all those days spent at school as best friends had gone within a flash and Zidan had turned against him and everyone else.

What he wanted was revenge.


Author’s Note: I love doing cliffhangers. Hah. And now, can anyone guess what’s going to happen next? No. ‘Cause it involves a certain man-eating beast and you’ll never guess what, or how it gets into the picture. Go on, GUESS!





Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. Fine! I will guess!

    So… would the man eating beast happen to be your cheetah? I’m guessing you go with Arty when he tries to come to the rescue and you take cheetah with you?

    Just guessing here….. 🙂

    Uh-oh…. we got caught… well, there’s only one thing I can think to say about that.


    Anyhow, great work! Update soon! 🙂

  2. No,cheetah is around but its not the correct answer! You’ll have to try harder, Piper! 🙂

  3. …well, this is awkward.

    No, contrary to circumstantial evidence, I’m actually not dead. Just… ended up on a regrettably long hiatus. But I’m back now, and about to get in a war of patience with the Google Chrome app on my phone to update some of my friggen stories. Actually, you’ll probably only get one, but that’s better than nothing… right?

    Also, shaadia, if you go back to the first chapter of TCSB(yeah, you may be looking a while), my character is half-sprite half-human. She looks like a human, except has pointed ears of which are hidden beneath her hair and wings, which no one can see, as they are hidden beneath her shirt/jacket or something.Just saying.

    *moans feebly* on to the update battle…

  4. Okay, but more than anything, we’re glad YOU’RE BACK!!
    FG welcomes you again. HAI!!

  5. I’m guessing that you abandon everyone because you are super board, and get taken prisoner. Then butler thinks Artemis is going crazy and Foaly decides to vist them with mulch. Then for some reason, they bring a giant man-eating dragon or dragonfly. I’m probably miserably off but oh well. Anyway Shaadia, you are really good at writing stories. Please continue as soon as possible. Or I will track you down somehow and you will feel my wrath. Or something else that crazy.

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