The Cross Species Battle: (resumed from Trust?) New Problems

Summary: Author’s note: I know the title sucks, but I’m in a very tired mood right now. I read around three […]

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Author’s note: I know the title sucks, but I’m in a very tired mood right now. I read around three chapters of this old english classic, and it was so boring I fell asleep for half an hour. Darn, I hate it. *yawn*.

Loken raised an eyebrow. “Uh…what the heck does that mean?”

He wasn’t the only one surprised at this new turn of events. Everyone reacted in some way. Piper most of all. She let her jaw drop open. “Holly?!” she exclaimed.

Holly noticed the others staring at her, and actually blushed.

Shaadia moaned. “Gah, you grown ups are so weird!”

Everyone had already got used to the youngster’s moanings and ignored her.

“What?” protested the mud girl. “I just meant that…”

“Forget it,” said Loken. “I say it is time we really set to work and do something that will be useful in any way.”

“How do you know Zidan?” asked Silver, who had been quietly listening  all this time.

The dark lord snorted. “That idiot? Why do you even care? He is not a great threat. You saw how I defeated him easily. The coward retreated before I even did any damage.”

Holly sighed dreamily.  Loken frowned.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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  1. Yeah! A/H stuff! Its good but I’m kinda with Artemis on this one. Who does she like? Arty or Loken? Both at the same time just seems wrong to me. Or maybe she’s trying to decide. Hmm… I want to find out, so you better update soon!

  2. well…she is trying to,like,decide. i guess she likes loken cause of his action and arty cause of his brains and all that. yes, i see ahead of the future! the next part will be A/H!

  3. Yes! 🙂 So Arty it is then, right? Maybe Loken has his action, and Arty definitely has brains, but to her he should have a lot more then that considering everything they’ve been through together. If we had to vote, I’d pick Arty. A/H rules! 🙂
    Update soon!

  4. cheers, yay! A/H rules forever! let’s meditate on this. oom oom aargh did i just post a spam comment?! =”= sorry…

  5. shaadia being a double posting jerk! April 24th, 2013 at 6:10 am 5

    hi! got very bad news here. having computer breakdown problems and only way to access internet is my pandigital, parents phones or parents laptops. and they are at home rarely so i wont be able to post the next part in a while, but i will reveal it now! its called Bedtime secrets. this part happens at night. there is a loooot of A/H, but H/L too…*smirk*. the three girls are forced to share one room, but because of shaadia watching wrestling videos on her phone, you two dont get to sleep. then i start nagging you with questions about your combat skills, then i switch on the light and start writing fan letters to john cena, and you people scream WHY??! holly goes with arty, and hes happy about it until she starts on about loken. and in the meantime loken is somewhere else preparing his battle stuff. then the three of us play rock paper scissors to see who gets to leave the room and be left in peace. pretty hilarious really. i drew a comic for it.

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