The Cross Species Battle (resumed from Pointless) Message

Summary: A/N: Okay, I’ve used some real life quotes as well. Like Silver. She actually said that πŸ˜‰ Shaadia groaned. “Silver, […]

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A/N: Okay, I’ve used some real life quotes as well. Like Silver. She actually said that πŸ˜‰

Shaadia groaned. “Silver, I want my phone!”

“Nope,”said Silver. “No watching sweaty men picking up fights, you’re a girl and accept it.”

“But Barbie is so boring! And lame. And useless. And the plot is stupid. And–”

She was immediately silenced as Holly entered the room, wiping away still dripping tears from her face. “Foaly called you all for a meeting,”she announced, tone emotionless.

“You still mad at Artemis?”asked Piper. “Honestly, Captain, he didn’t really say anything bad, he’s just jealous that you like Loken. That’s a common thing with humans, you know, being pissed off because of some cool new guy impressing his girlfriend.”

“I am not his girlfriend,”growled Holly. “I’d rather be Loken’s.”


“That won’t happen, Holly,”whispered Silver. “Piper is right.”

“Gosh, just stop changing the subject!”snapped Shaadia. “You know I can’t talk about these things, it’s plain weird. I mean, it’s not as if you’re gonna get married or something! Aren’t you supposed to beΒ  JUST FRIENDS?”

Silver glared at her. “Just get back to watching your sweaty men already.”


Foaly trotted nervously, down the room. “So, um…Zidan’s army left us a…eh, message.”

“Like he’d send a holiday postcard,”muttered Loken. “I can already predict that he asked us to come to war, gave a fixed date and everything.”

“I bet on the opposite,”said Artemis. “I think Zidan wants a fight with the oh-so-great-and-mighty Loken.”

“What did you say, Human?”demanded Loken.

Foaly looked at them both, bemused. “Hey, easy there.”

“Read the damned message, centaur.”

“Hah! Look who’s just waiting to be proven wrong.”

“Shut it, Fowl, we shall see who gets it wrong.”

Piper pointed a thumb at Shaadia. “Language, mmkay? We have a kid in the room.”

“Just teach me the meaning of “the” word,”chuckled the Mud Girl.


Foaly cleared his throat. “Here it is. Both Loken and Artemis are right. Zidan wants our forces going against his army, on precisely the 24th of this month. Two weeks left.”

Loken grinned smugly at Fowl.

“And,”continued Foaly. “He wants a rematch with Loken, and he is swearing he’ll win.”

“Am I right yet?”laughed Artemis. “What did I just say?”

“You weren’t exactly right, D’Arvit!”

‘Hmph. You just guessed the very obvious.”

“Just what is your problem, Mud Boy? Were your race evolved annoying?!”

Holly smirked. “Believe me, I know.”

“You’re supporting him, Holly.”

“I know that, Fowl, because maybe I wouldn’t be if you hadn’t said all that crap earlier.”

“I-I…this is ridiculous! I was not attempting at…”

“You don’t have to be so freaking annoying!”shouted Holly. “If you’re saying something, just directly say it without driving me insane!”

“Fine, I will!”yelled Artemis. “I love you. There. Does that make you any happier? I love you more than life, more than anything else I possess, more than Minerva, and I want you to accept me, I do not want anything in my path, and every damned thing Orion said about it was true!”

A long, awkward, unsettling pause.

Holly stared ahead at him, not moving an inch. She had no idea what expression she was wearing right now. Her cheeks felt slightly flushed, and then there was this irritating side of her that wanted to slap him, and the other side wanted to wrap him in a hug and say “I love you too.”


Author’s Note: Okay, short chappie here. I know, practicing with meh “skills”. Just fluff, and I suck at it. ‘Night, y’all!


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  1. SilverGoddess May 21st, 2013 at 6:16 pm 1

    Hey, I never said they were sweaty men picking fights! I said they were sweaty men and scripted fights. Just saying.

  2. hey! john cena is NOT “sweaty”! other than that….its fine. did you reply my email?

  3. Ugh! What’s she gonna do?! I gotta know! That confession out of blue was kinda odd, especially coming from Artemis, but I loved it. It’s exactly what most people ( the sane ones ) have always wanted Artemis to say to Holly. Now, I’m not saying I’m completely sane, but sane enough tell you that’s what I’ve always wanted to hear. It was very good. Please update soon! πŸ™‚

  4. ‘Course you’re sane! At least, compared to me! Heehee…
    Yes, Arty just had to say that! Awesomeness.

  5. You say this because you’ve never met me in person. But you’re probably right. You have to be a least a little sane though, otherwise your stories wouldn’t be so awesome! πŸ™‚ (Except for the cliffhanger endings, that is…)

  6. hmmm….compliment or what was that? thank you! i love doing cliffhangers: or cliffies, as i call them. stories without ’em would suck!

  7. You people finally switched me from neutral. I officially hate Minerva. This story is awesome!

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