The Cross Species Battle (resumed from Bedtime Secrets) Gone Missing

Summary: Hmm...some of you will murder me for this...GO AHEAD AND DO IT!

Chapters: 1 2 3

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WARNING! CaptainS10 will kill me for this. That’s a hint of what’s coming up, because Holly is OOC in here. And weird. But there’s a bit of A/H as well.

Okay, I’m gonna go jump off a cliff. Farewell, army!

“I am soo not gonna fall asleep at this rate,” mumbled Shaadia. Sinking back to her pillow, she looked around, making sure the others wee asleep, and grabbed her phone from the bedside table.

Piper wasn’t exactly fast asleep. She was about to, when suddenly…GNOORH.

Snoring sounds.

“Shaadia-“she started, but then saw the mud girl wide awake, pressing some buttons on her *D’Arvitting* phone. Piper soon realized it was voice recordings. Fake snoring.

“Sorry,” said Shaadia. “It’s fun.”


Artemis tried his best to ignore the complications here. Was Holly doing all of this on purpose? Confusing him?

The lines of thought were interrupted by a faint moan. The elf shrugged uneasily, squeezin him tighter.




Now that was interesting. Unfortunately, it was at that moment Holly’s eyes shot wide open, gasping in fear.

“D’Arvit, Fowl-!”

She noticed her position, curled up in a corner of the bed with her arms wrapped tightly around the human’s neck.

Violently shrugging off, she gave him a scowl. “I can’t beleive that whole darned thing was a dream!”

This puzzled him slightly. “What thing?”

There was a minute’s silence. Artemis felt the tension build. Things were seriously going overboard.

After a while, Holly broke the spell with a punch in his arm. “That-” she shouted.”That is what I’ll do if you ever even think of dying on me like that!”



“Is everyone here?” asked Piper, sternly facing the gathered LEP officers and others. “Good, because there’s a-”

“Nope,” said Foaly. “Two people are still asleep.”

Piper looked over the crowd. Silver happened to be filing her nails in a corner. Loken was further away, arms folded. Shaadia happened to be scratching Cheeta’s neck, for some reason. And surely every officer was present ,so-

“Captain Short and Artemis Fowl?”

“Yep,” replied the centaur, cheerily. “And however much you refuse to believe it, I have some live feed-”

His fingers swiftly glided over a keyboard. Something appeared on the main monitor.

Everyone gasped.


Naturally, Artemis was the first of the two to wake up, considering all he had been through last night. He allowed himself a grin, enjoying the elf’s company. She still ¬†happened to be hugging him, even though she wasn’t aware of it. Her head was buried in his chest and her legs were strangling his own.

It would actually be really embarrassing if Foaly found out. Then, as if by chance, something on the ceiling caught his eye.

A camera. Apparently, Foaly had already found out.

“Damn you, centaur!” he shouted, tapping Holly gently on the shoulder to wake her up.

The elf slowly opened eyes, groaning softly. “Mmlp. Good morning, Arty.”

Before Artemis could tell her not to, Holly leaned in and kissed him.

Chapters: 1 2 3

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8 responses to “The Cross Species Battle (resumed from Bedtime Secrets) Gone Missing.” Join in!

  1. I am not going to comment on the last part.
    I finally got some good A/H stuff! Thank goodness. Though its a good thing it was not me that Foaly was spying on, because I don’t take kindly to that kind of thing. I would have killed him.
    I’m still not going to comment on the last part. The only thing I am going to say is WHAT?! HOW COULD YOU? THAT JUST MEAN!
    I am done now, though still not completely satisfied. Update soon or … I’ll postpone the posting of History Repeats 3! No, I won’t, really. But I could still get together with Silver and turn you into a palm tree.

  2. I don’t get what you mean by that. why don’t you like it? It’s essential to the future plot!

    And I DID jump off a cliff!hmph. A mountain goat saved me. Nice creature.

    So…you don’t like H/L, do you? Hmm…*evil chuckle*


    MINERVA?!!!!!!!!!! No. She’s a peice of junk. Lame.

    I’ll never ship her with arty. NEVER.

  3. Good! I hate that girl. A/H is so much better than A/M. In other words, Holly is way better than Minerva. And no, I do not like the H/L ship.
    And I suppose if its essential to the future plot … Okay! I guess I’m fine……. as long as you update soon so I get to see what happens.

  4. i might get to update tonight, when my mom lets me use her computer. heck, imagine how much puppy eyes skills it will take for that! and anyway i am gonna feature minerva as a spoilt sport and arty will not even talk to her, because he will still be thinking of ways to convince holly that he is better than loken and stuffs. n other words, A/M SUCKS TO THE MAX! yeah. wrote that on a desk once. my friends wanted to know what the hell A/M is, i told them, you got it right: HELL. hehehe…

  5. True. Very true. As long as Arty don’t talk to her she can’t do no damage so I don’t care about that . And I hope Arty does find a good way to convince her he is better than Loken, cause he is. Go A/H!
    Okay, update soon!

  6. yeah! A/H RULEZ! becauze minerva’z just a uzelezz lozer who thinks she iz smartz…. mph. LIAR!! ***

  7. SilverGoddess April 30th, 2013 at 5:35 am 7

    Oh, c’mon! You’ve got to get in some action! And make someone fall off of something so people see my wings and realize I’m half sprite! I would prefer to save Arty of Holly. Actually, Loken would be interesting, too. Maybe he would try to recruit me and I play along, becoming a double agent who tells the LEP Zidian’s evil plans! BWA HA HA!!

  8. true. i am planning …CHIX is the one you save! buhuhahawahaa! well…i will try update the next part tonight!

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