The Cross Species Battle (resmed from New Problems) Bedtime Secrets

Summary: Staying awake, practising for war or sleeping right beside Holly Short?

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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 Shaadia stomped back, sinking into her pillow.

“Sleeping. At only 11 o’clock…” she murmured.

Then, aloud: “So, em…Piper, where’d you learn to fight?”

Piper rolled over the sheets. “LEP academy, duh.”

“Cool! I bet they didn’t give homework!”

“Oh, yeah, my favourite dream was that.”

Silver coughed. “Can we please sleep?”

“Hey, Sil, where’dya learn the awesome sword tecniques?”

The elf scowled.


Artemis Fowl, for once in his life, had no idea what to do.

Stay awake? Fall asleep? Make sure Orion never came to know of this?

Without a word of warning, Holly hugged him tightly. Still asleep, of course.

Artemis allowed himself a grin. Maybe it wasn’t so bad.

She was saying something.


The next part caused him to shudder.


The human would have nearly fainted right there. Loken?! She was still thinking of LOKEN?!

Her grip tightned.  Not a good sign. Artemis felt his muscles tense. Was this even happening? It couldn’t be. It simply couldn’t.


The lights were finally off.

All three girls- if you could call Shaadia a girl- remained quiet and didn’t utter a single word. But naturally, a human wouldn’t shut up for long.

She rolled off the bed and switched on the lights.

Silver screamed.

“Sorry,” muttered the mud girl, rumaging through the bedside table drawers, searching for something. Eventually she pulled out a pen and a piece of paper.

Piper couldn’t help being curious. “What’s that for?”

Shaadia started writing.

John Cena, you are the most AWESOME  superstar EVER!!♥

Silver pulled a long face. “Now is not the time to be writing FAN LETTERS!!”

The mud girl ignored her. Piper shook her head and turned off the lights.


 This was all getting very confusing. Even somebody as smart as Artemis could realize that.

Or perhaps this elf was just too strange to figure out.


Author’s (useless) Note:

Please comment. I doubt anyone will rate this.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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  1. Hey! That is not cool! She fell asleep against Artemis, and yet she’s dreaming and talking about Loken in her sleep. What happened to A/H forever? Oh well.
    And do we get to choke you out in the story? That’s probably what I would do if it was real life. Either that or just put a pillow over my head and go to sleep anyways. I do that to my sisters all the time. Then you wouldn’t be able to wake me up unless you got really loud, but you couldn’t do that because then you’d wake everybody up in the building with us and they might finally run out of patience with you. Hehe. Update soon! 🙂

  2. oh yeah, if you actually slept with me, i would be dead by the next morning! no, honestly. a coupl of days ago two cousins of mine spent the night at my place. thanks to me, we slept at exactly 2:36 a.m in the morning. yeah. kept checking the time. oh, and for your info, HOLLY. ARTY. FOR. EVER. later in this series, there are totally A/H scenes. okay?okaay?OKAAAY??!

  3. Solinium Pulse April 26th, 2013 at 6:18 am 3

    Me gusta. I really am fascinated by this story, but there is a slight problem. Where can I start from the beginning!? I need to read your stories because you are amazing and I need inspiration so I can write poetry, pleeeease help meh with this. And like I said before, me gusta. I like!

  4. aaw, you totally making me smile! so glad you like it! solinium, it starts at the post called The Cross Species Battle: preview and announcement. thats the first chapter. and applications are still open! just give name and a bit of info i have mentiond there, and you’ll be in the next part! please join!

  5. OKAY! Don’t freak on me! I’m good! Arty/Holly 4ever! Hehe. Update soon!
    Oh, and I’m almost done with History Repeats 2, so I should have that up soon!

  6. you’d BETTER UPDATE! omg cant wa!t cant wait cant freaking wait longer!! *screams hysterically* ooh ooh ooooh!! i am your biggest fan, EVER. Get it out soon or…!

  7. Suspense. Artemis and Holly or Holly and Loken. The world may never know…… Until you update again! Can’t wait!

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