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A Complex Tale

Summary:   Phase two: Twinned Artemis picked up the brick-filled lunchbox. So, this was the twins’ idea of a good time. […]

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Phase two: Twinned

Artemis picked up the brick-filled lunchbox. So, this was the twins’ idea of a good time. It will be fun, they said. You will get exersize, they said.

But Artemis knew- or should’ve known- not to trust the adorabe 3-year-olds. The bricks weren’t the problem, but there was a very strong magnent in the box, and now paperclips and clothespins were flying at him from all directions. One of them had to be hideing a video camera somewhere.

“The kitchen!” Myles shouted, followed by an enthusiastic sound of agreement from Beckett. They herded him downstairs, throwing paperclips left and right.

Artemis decided he had a headache.

The kitchen, he knew, was full of forks and knives. Artemis put down the lunchbox- or, tried to, at least.

Not done yet. More to this chapter.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. can i be a pixie? Just call me…… BOB!
    Possible things to whisper include “KILL! KILL!”

  2. Wait… am I taking that wrong????

  3. i alredy did!

  4. Me too… I’ll kinda… forget I saw that… anyway, I’ll be a pixie, I guess. Note-

    Name: Ckat
    Appearance: tan skin, abnormally tall, black hair, glasses. And insane(duh)
    Things to whisper: Don’t worry, you’re just as sane as I am(quote Luna Lovegood. I love that line of hers!)

    No one’s watching you, just over 50 goverment agencies, a couple of small animals, and all those other pixies…

    Feeding your paranoia is a good thing! It keeps you in touch with us! It’s not like we’re annoying or anything!

    We’re not nonexistent. We’re a figment of your imagination. There’s a difference.

  5. That’s really good. I’ve already entered. =)=) UPDATE OR FEAR MY WRATH!!!!

  6. Great story Fal! 😀 Everyone was so in character! Anyway, I would love to be a pixie! 😀

    Name: FowlStar
    Appearance: Purple and white, anything purple and white, and some white ballet shoes.
    Personality: Weird, crazy, extremely smart, afraid of potatoes and I cannot stand balloons, and I like chocolate, books, and books about chocolate. 😀

    I hope you add me!

  7. Beckett Simpleton September 29th, 2010 at 7:26 pm 7

    You misspelled Arty. It’s with a ‘y’ not an ‘e’ I won’t say anything about fairy because some people just spell it weird. 🙂 Um… Nitpicking here, but Holly coming and then going was a little random… You could have worked her into coming into the story line a little more. Other than that it was pretty good! You can put me in it if you like, but I won’t submit myself because I have before, then I forget the names of the stories. 🙂

  8. And what way would you be taking it Falcon?

  9. As in… ways that the sentence shouldn’t be taken at our age…

  10. I see……..

  11. Or any age, really.

  12. Is this ever going to be updated?

  13. Yeah. I’m on it.

  14. Did I miss signing up as a pixie?

  15. yeah, I wanna sign up!

  16. Sure, sign up. I need as many as I can get.

  17. Is this going to Be updated?
    and is it too late to join?

  18. Artemisia Snape April 27th, 2011 at 4:35 am 18

    UPDATE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  19. As I said, not too late to join. Just leave what you look like and what you would whisper in Arty’s ear.

  20. Okay.

    Name. Victoria Diana Star. aka Torry ( Diana is the roman name for the Greek goddess Artemis)

    Looks like. black shoulder length kinda spiky hair, with red some red streaks in it.
    Red T-shirt or red tank top, black denim jacket (some times), Black denim shorts/jeans.

    Things to say to Artemis.
    Hmmm… I GOT IT!…..

    Your just as sane as Opal. But she might be a little more sane then you.
    Your not the only one going crazy.. the whole world is going crazy too.


    I don’t want to continue this. If anyone else does, feel free. Just tell me first. Otherwise, I will probably delete it.

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