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A Complex Tale

Summary: Phase 1: Paranoid “WHO was in my room?!”Artemis roared. Butler was concerned; it was not like his employer to lose […]

Chapters: 1 2

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Phase 1: Paranoid

“WHO was in my room?!”Artemis roared. Butler was concerned; it was not like his employer to lose his temper. He hadn’t had a screaming fit sense he was three. So, out of curiosity – and concern- Butler confessed.

“It was me, Artemis. I was in there this morning, cleaning your room like I always do.”

Artemis bristled. “Stay out of there.” Then he calmed down, and tapped Butler on the chest five times. “Please.”

Strange, thought Butler.

Butler wasn’t the only one to notice Artemis’s strange behavior. Mr. and Mrs. Fowl and Juliet were both beginning to notice, and even the neighborhood cats looked at Artemis in a funny way. And Holly was about to join the club.

She knocked on Artemis’s door. “Arte? Can I come in?”

“Holly? Is that you? Hold on, I’ll get the door.”

That is a very different mood and speech from when he kidnapped me, Holly thought. And then:  He turns into such a jerk around me these days.

Artemis opened the door, and Holly gasped. He was in the process of rearrangeing his room- all the furniture was in rows, like isles at a grocery store. And then all of the objects on his desk were in rows, too. She watched as Artemis pushed the last corner of his bed into place.

“Well, do you like it?”

“Huh, wha- oh. Yeah. I do. Look, I just realized that I have an importaint meeting. Gotta go. See you sometime later.”

Holly sheilded as she walked out of the room. Something was wrong, like he had some sort of mental- wait. Holly knew this. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to remember. Atlantis…. Atlantis… Complex. Artemis Fowl, the greatest human mastermind, had a fairie mental disease.

Holly suddenly had a plan. She would sneak up into Artemis’s window, film his actions, and show them to Foaly.

Once outside his window, she placed started the camera built-into her helmet. Artemis was counting to five over and over on his fingers. Suddenly he stopped, and stared out his window. Almost as if he knew I was there, she thought.

“Holly, get away from here, and stop the camera. NOW!” His fists were cleched, and he looked ready to kill. “I knew I couldn’t trust you.”

This has a total of three chapters- I’m working on them- and this is also the one where I turn you all into ‘Pixies’. To become one, leave name, apperence, and things to whisper into Arte’s ear. Thanks!

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. can i be a pixie? Just call me…… BOB!
    Possible things to whisper include “KILL! KILL!”

  2. Wait… am I taking that wrong????

  3. i alredy did!

  4. Me too… I’ll kinda… forget I saw that… anyway, I’ll be a pixie, I guess. Note-

    Name: Ckat
    Appearance: tan skin, abnormally tall, black hair, glasses. And insane(duh)
    Things to whisper: Don’t worry, you’re just as sane as I am(quote Luna Lovegood. I love that line of hers!)

    No one’s watching you, just over 50 goverment agencies, a couple of small animals, and all those other pixies…

    Feeding your paranoia is a good thing! It keeps you in touch with us! It’s not like we’re annoying or anything!

    We’re not nonexistent. We’re a figment of your imagination. There’s a difference.

  5. That’s really good. I’ve already entered. =)=) UPDATE OR FEAR MY WRATH!!!!

  6. Great story Fal! 😀 Everyone was so in character! Anyway, I would love to be a pixie! 😀

    Name: FowlStar
    Appearance: Purple and white, anything purple and white, and some white ballet shoes.
    Personality: Weird, crazy, extremely smart, afraid of potatoes and I cannot stand balloons, and I like chocolate, books, and books about chocolate. 😀

    I hope you add me!

  7. Beckett Simpleton September 29th, 2010 at 7:26 pm 7

    You misspelled Arty. It’s with a ‘y’ not an ‘e’ I won’t say anything about fairy because some people just spell it weird. 🙂 Um… Nitpicking here, but Holly coming and then going was a little random… You could have worked her into coming into the story line a little more. Other than that it was pretty good! You can put me in it if you like, but I won’t submit myself because I have before, then I forget the names of the stories. 🙂

  8. And what way would you be taking it Falcon?

  9. As in… ways that the sentence shouldn’t be taken at our age…

  10. I see……..

  11. Or any age, really.

  12. Is this ever going to be updated?

  13. Yeah. I’m on it.

  14. Did I miss signing up as a pixie?

  15. yeah, I wanna sign up!

  16. Sure, sign up. I need as many as I can get.

  17. Is this going to Be updated?
    and is it too late to join?

  18. Artemisia Snape April 27th, 2011 at 4:35 am 18

    UPDATE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  19. As I said, not too late to join. Just leave what you look like and what you would whisper in Arty’s ear.

  20. Okay.

    Name. Victoria Diana Star. aka Torry ( Diana is the roman name for the Greek goddess Artemis)

    Looks like. black shoulder length kinda spiky hair, with red some red streaks in it.
    Red T-shirt or red tank top, black denim jacket (some times), Black denim shorts/jeans.

    Things to say to Artemis.
    Hmmm… I GOT IT!…..

    Your just as sane as Opal. But she might be a little more sane then you.
    Your not the only one going crazy.. the whole world is going crazy too.


    I don’t want to continue this. If anyone else does, feel free. Just tell me first. Otherwise, I will probably delete it.

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