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The Artemis Fiasco

Summary: This is a story that I randomly made.

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I made this because I wanted to…

I was about to type a chapter for Artemis, Holly, and a few Fans just for fun, but I decided to write this instead. I will write the chapter for AHAAFFJFF tomorrow. Wow that story needs a new name…

Anyway, Disclaimer:  I DO NOT OWN Artemis Fowl, Holly Short, Barney, Hanna Montana, Percy Jackson, Edward Cullen, Bella something, London Tipton, or dare I say it Nick Jonas, or any other charters I put in this crazed mess I call a story. I do however own Torry YAY me!!!

Warning: Artemis and Holly might be OOC at some parts *cough cough* the whole fic or most of it *cough cough* oh yeah I forgot I also don’t own any of the fans I put into this.  I hope you enjoy.

Yet another Warning: People from books, TV shows, movies, ect, may pop up at random times.

Torry: *On my computer*

Weird boy: *Crashes through my window*

Torry: *stares at the boy* Y-Y-Y-Y-Your Ar-Ar-Ar-Art

Weird Pixie: *fly’s through window* ARTEMIS FOWL!!

Torry: Yeah, you’re him.

Artemis: Opal! I told you to wait in the portal!

Opal: But it SO BORING!

Artemis: Opal!

Opal: FINE! *fly’s out window*

Torry: That was weird… now let me guess you’re looking for someone named Torry, right?

Artemis: No, but I am looking for someone named Summer Star, have you seen her?

Torry: Why are you looking for her? What did she do?

Artemis: Well for starters, she has been going through different dimensions, and kidnapping people from books! So have you seen her or not?!?!

Torry: Are you sure we’re talking about the same Summer star?

Artemis: Yes, why?

Torry: because, *Knock on my wall* Hey Summer!

Summer: *irritated* WHAT! *turns up music*I can’t here you!

Torry: SUMMER!!!!

Summer: WHAT!!!

Torry: Have you been kidnapping book people?!?!

Summer: *turns music off* No… Why do you ask????

Artemis: YES YOU HAVE!!! You kidnapped my best friend!!!

Summer: Torry, Who was that?

Torry: Oh… My… Gosh…

Artemis: What is it?

Torry: You- You- You…

Summer: I what?


Summer: WHAT???

Torry: He said you kidnapped his best friend! So I assume you kidnapped Barney!

Summer: *walks into my room* who said I kidnapped Barne- *sees Artemis*

Torry: Artemis, meet my sister Summer. Summer, this is Artemis Fowl the second.

Summer:  Oh… *walks out of the room* *comes back with Barney* Here you go.

Barney: *walk over to Artemis* Hello Arty!!! *gives Artemis a hug*

Artemis: Don’t call me Arty! You over grown purple lizard!

Barney: But Arty, I’m not Barney, I’m *starts to unscrew head*

Torry: *stares at Barney*

Hanna Montana inside Barney costume: Hello Arty!

Artemis: Aaaaaaaaaa help us Its Hanna Montana!!!!

Torry and summer: Noooooooooooooo!!! *start to pretend die*

Artemis: Wait…. *looks at Hanna* why are you in a Barney costume Hanna?

Hanna Montana inside Barney costume: Oh I’m not Hanna Montana!

Artemis, Summer, and Torry: *stare at Hanna* you’re not?

Hanna Montana inside Barney costume: Nope… *unscrews head*

Torry: You know, that is creepy on so many levels.

Holly inside Hanna Montana costume, inside Barney costume:  *snaps fingers and both costumes disappear* Hello Arty *gives Artemis A hug* I’m so glad you saved me! *gives Summer an evil glare*

Summer: Oka-y… now that’s just plain weird.

Holly: Your one to talk ‘little miss kidnaps book people for her own amusement’

Summer: Hey! I only kidnapped four!

Artemis: *winces*

Holly: *puts hands on her hips* only four?

Artemis: *winces again*

Summer: Okay, five!

Artemis: *smiles*

Holly: What about Percy?

Torry: Wait! Percy? As in Percy Jackson?

Summer: Yep…

Torry: You kidnapped Percy Jackson and Holly Short, and you didn’t tell me!?!?!?!

Summer: I knew you’d be mad.

Torry: Mad! Are you kidding? I would have helped!

Holly and Artemis: Really? You don’t seem like that kind of person!

Torry: Really?

Holly and Artemis: Really.

Torry: Oh… *jumps out window*

Artemis: Where’s she going?

Summer: I have no clue. *Awkward silence*

Artemis: Sooooo… *looks at Summer* How’s the family?

Summer: it’s good, *more Awkward silence* and how are the twins?

Artemis: Their good-

Torry: *Comes back with two people, one of them has a bag over their head**in weird alien voice* I’m Back. *points to the girl that does not have a bag on her head* this is Crazy. Crazy, this is my sister Summer, and that is Captain Holly Short of the LEP, And that *points to Artemis* That is-

Crazy: ARTEMIS FOWL! *goes and hugs Artemis*

Artemis: *looks at girl with bag over her head* who is that?

Summer: *walks over to girl with bag on her head* *pulls bag off the girls head*Oh, my, gosh…

Holly: MINERVA!!!!! *Makes evil face at Minerva*

Minerva: HOLLY!!!!!! *Looks at Holly like she just ran over a cat*

Holly: *growls*

Minerva: *Hisses*

Artemis: *Pulls Holly back*

Crazy: *Unties Minerva*

Artemis: What did you do that for????

Crazy: Cuz I’m CRAZY! Duh!!!

Fowlie: Me Two!

Apollo: Me three!

Fantasy: Me Four!

Artemis: Where did you three come from?

Fowlie and Fantasy: ARTEMIS *Run and give Artemis Hugs*

Artemis: *Looks at Apollo*

Apollo: Hey dude, I’m a fan and all but I’m not going to huge you.

Summer: Okay… this is getting to weird for me, I am out of here. *jumps through sealing*

Fowlie: So THAT’S your sister.

Torry: Yep…

Fan people: So what are we going to do now???

Holly: Well first we are going to save the people that Summer kidnapped, then me and Artemis are going to take Opal Koboi back the prison.

Apollo: Can we come! *looks pleadingly*

Fowlie: Yeah, Can we?

Fantasy: Please!!!

Crazy: We’ll be good!

Torry: And do whatever you tell us to do!!!

Fan People: *Stare angrily at me *

Torry: What?

Fan People: *keeps starring at me*

Torry: Forget that last part.

Minerva: Did you guys forget that I’m still here?

Everyone else: Yes.

Minerva: *pouts* Oh…

Artemis: I didn’t forget you were here.

Minerva: *face lights up* really! *runs and kisses Artemis*

Holly: *Steam comes out of ears* Not my boyfriend, You spoiled Mud girl!!! *tries to pull Minerva away from Artemis, but fails*

Nick Jonas: *walks into room*

Minerva: IT’S NICK JONAS!! *lets go of Artemis and jumps into Nicks arms* Will you marry me?

Nick Jonas: Sure.

Everyone else: Oh brother!

Artemis: You know, I don’t really like the Jonas brothers…

Torry: Me nether mud boy, me nether.

Minerva: Good by everyone! *jumps out of Nicks arms* *walks over to Artemis* It would of never worked between us. *runs back over to nick and jumps out the window holding his hand*

Fowlie: That’s kind of sweet.

Torry: Yeah it would be if we weren’t eight stories high.

Apollo: we’re in an eight story house???

Torry: Don’t be silly, its only three stories.

Crazy: But you said?

Torry: The third floor is floating.

Everyone else: Oh…

Edward and Bella: *Walk into room* Hello.

Holly: *pulls out her Neutrino*

Fantasy: Cool! Another Vampire!

Edward: You’re a vampire?

Fantasy: Yep!

Percy: *comes running into room* *looks at Edward* You’re a vampire?

Edward: Yep…

Percy: Cuts Edward with his sword,

Edward: *turns into a sparkling pile of Edward dust*

Fantasy: On second thought, maybe I’m not a vampire.

Bella: *Cries* you killed him! *runs and jumps out window*

Percy: *runs after Bella* WAIT!! I’M SORRY!! I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS YOUR BOYFRIEND! *jumps out window*

London Tipton: *runs after Percy* Wait for me! *jumps out window*

Artemis: You really need to close that window.

Fan people: Ya think?

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11 responses to “The Artemis Fiasco.” Join in!

  1. LOL!! iloved the Barney part!!!!
    your so funny!! write more!!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I laughed so hard when I read this. I’m still laughing. I wish I were in it, but hey. That was so funny!I liked where the fan people stare angrily at you.(:

  3. That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. me:more,more!!
    cole:you people are insane.
    me:no duh!!
    me and cole~

  5. I’m so confused! This is the second fanfic that has me in it…at least I believe there is only one Fowlie…maybe someone hacked into my account? Hmm. I don’t remember signing up for anything like this… I haven’t been active for months. Anyway, charmingly funny story, but is there a plot to this?

  6. Sorry, Fowlie is Fowlfan4ever sorry. they signed up for one i made before so i put them in this one as well. sorry.

  7. Grr. Nevermind. One of the other authors already explained it. To be honest, I feel cheated. Nice story though.

  8. LOVED IT! can i be in it? btw, its Hannah, not Hanna. thought u would want to know. 5 lollipops!


  9. That was weird but cool. Please update soon.

  10. FantasyDevourer July 15th, 2011 at 4:06 pm 10

    🙂 I’m in it!!
    There are some tiny spelling mistakes, but this is my favorite story that’s in that kind of format. Hannah Montana… she WOULD be in a Barney costume.

  11. A "Fowl" Visitor September 8th, 2011 at 9:29 pm 11

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    I’m so confused, and yet, at the same time, trying not to laugh.

    Well, it was… interesting. I loved the part when Percy walked in *blushes*

    Haha, well, all in all, it was fairly good. I give it 3 1/2 lollipops.

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