The Adventures of Anastasia

Summary: This has got a touch of romance to it, but I don't know if I'm good at romantic stories. Never underestimate the power of a Fowl. LEP Captain Luther Gimmit found that out the hard way. The great Artemis Fowl has disappeared. His son, Arthur Fowl, doesn't know his father, only his mother, Juliet. He has heard many stories about his grandfather's schemes, and he decides to try catching a faerie of his own. Along the way, he meets the girl of his dreams, but her father will do anything to get her away from his clutches, although she may not want to go... Did I mention they aren't the same species?

Chapters: 1 2 3

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374 Syk street cam. Time-7.20AM. Date-9/14/10
Captain Luther activated a holographic picture. The picture was of an elf about Luther’s age. The caption on the holograph said “LEPrecon Captain Holly Short. Missing in action.” Luther sighed.
“Oh, Holly. What happened to you?”

Mission Log-2.1
Anastasia walks forward as if in a trance. Fowl grabs her, and pushes her into the house. All I could do was watch. All I could do was-. Sorry, mission control, but I have to do this. I head inside. I follow Fowl’s quiet footsteps. He must be hiding his scheme from somebody… A light turns on nearby. I turn my FoalySheild on. Thank Frond for a FoalySheild! I would never have survived without one!
“Arthur, honey! What are you doing?” It’s Juliet.
“Nothing, mom!” The boy shouts. So that’s who he’s keeping this from. The boy is getting away. I follow him into the dungeons. He goes to cell 366. I’ve got to remember that. He roughly throws the now unconscious Anastasia into the cell, and locks the door. I wince. As we head out, Fowl peeks into another cell’s little widow. He sneers.
“Our family has caught you twice, little faerie! This shows that Fowls are a force to be reckoned with!” The faerie inside begins to cry. I rush to the door. Inside, I see the faerie I would never have expected to see in a million years.
“Holly…” I breathe. I quickly leave.

374 Syk street cam. Time-3.15PM. Date-12/19/97
Anastasia woke her father up by singing loudly in his room.
“Urgh… Annie… I’m sleeping…” He mumbled, turning over.
“Daddy! Daddy! The mail’s here! The mail’s here!” She sang. Luther sighed, and opened his computer.
“You have 3 new messages.” It said. Luther opened them up. The first two were adds for new wings. The third… Luther opened it, expecting another add.
“Captain Luther Gimmit,
We regret to inform you that your wife, Captain Holly Short, is missing. She disappeared in a practice mission to the surface. We believe that this disappearance is at the hands of one or more of the Fowls. We have comprised a list of possible suspects.
1.) Artemis FowlII
2.) Juliet Butler
3.) Arthur Fowl
Deepest regrets,
The Missing Faerie Society(MFS)”
Luther’s eyes widened.
“Holly…” He breathed.

Mission Log-2.2
I returned to the manor today to get Anastasia and Holly. I sneak quickly down to the dungeons. I rush to cell 366. The door is unlocked. Strange. I push it open and grab Anastasia. She’s limp.
“What did Fowl do to you?” I ask. No answer. I wasn’t expecting one anyway. I search for Holly’s cell. Most of the cells are empty, but there are a few that have Mud Men in them. Probably other criminals. I finally find Holly’s cell (Cell 924) and open it using my amazing lock-picking skills. She tumbles out and hugs me and Anastasia tightly.
“Oh I missed you,” she whispers.

374 Syk street cam. Time-3.30PM. Date-12/19/97
“Daddy? do you know where Mommy is?” Anastasia asked.
“Yes, Annie, I know where she is,” her father told her. Anastasia shook her head.
“I’ve seen that letter. Mommy’s gone, don’t lie, Daddy,” she said solemnly. Luther sighed. He wanted Anastasia to be her usual happy self, but Holly’s disappearance didn’t help. Where are you Holly? he thought.

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. *first comment dance*

    It’s a little confusing. I like the story line but maybe have an introduction to introduce all the charactors??

    I don’t understand each section. Who’s writing it? The Mission Log thing? Or is that just me…

    I really like it. Just have the introduction and I think I will understand. All too confusing without…

  2. Oh, I meant to say the good things.

    The idea is great. The description and poem bit is cool too. I love it. Update!!

  3. ‘Tis good, but I want to see ARTEMIS COME IN. Or someone from the AF series. Too short and irrelevant for a proper comment. There was a typo or two, but nothing major.

  4. WE:I think Holly’s going to be important.
    Elf:A couple of typos-gaps and caps where there shouldn’t be. And said is a very very boring word. Use a thesaurus. Yelled, squealed, exclaimed etc, will make it a lot more interesting.

  5. Man Hermonie’s Crazy!

    No offence intended!

    First of all, please keep comments to the actual story, and second, no double posting 😉

  6. Roadburner99- Are you even going to review?

    Well,I will. 😉 This was pretty good, I must say. A couple typos, but nothing that major. I like this idea so far. Please keep it up. 😉

    -Star* :mrgreen:

  7. im pretty sure his dad wouldn’t agree with this…

    anyway good story so far…

  8. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or I will kidnap Artemis and force him to be my boyfriend! ‘Course, i might do that anyway…

  9. the overall story was good & @ star7 HOW DO YOU DO THE BLUE SMILY FACE!!!!!!???????? PS arty girl, you can’t kidnap arty. I beat you to it.

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