The Adventures of Anastasia

Summary: This has got a touch of romance to it, but I don't know if I'm good at romantic stories. Never underestimate the power of a Fowl. LEP Captain Luther Gimmit found that out the hard way. The great Artemis Fowl has disappeared. His son, Arthur Fowl, doesn't know his father, only his mother, Juliet. He has heard many stories about his grandfather's schemes, and he decides to try catching a faerie of his own. Along the way, he meets the girl of his dreams, but her father will do anything to get her away from his clutches, although she may not want to go... Did I mention they aren't the same species?

Chapters: 1 2 3

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Once upon a time, a boy named Artemis Fowl captured a faerie named Holly Short. Many years later, his son, Arthur Fowl, decides to capture a faerie of his own.
In the dark depths of Haven, an old LEP Captain named Luther Gimmit is commissioned to keep watch at Fowl Manor. His only daughter, his beloved Anastasia, begins to want the one thing her father won’t let her do; to go to the surface.

Mission Log-1.1
My name is Luther Gimmit if you don’t already know that, and I’m supposed to keep a watch on the Fowls.
Everything is quiet. Sheesh! Why do I have to do this? It’s boring! All I want is to be home with my little daughter, Anastasia. Is that too much to ask? Well, recently, she’s been begging me to take her to the surface but-Augh, you guys at mission control canter probably don’t care about this. So, I’m keeping watch on the great Fowl Manor. Nothing is up. I’m done. You happy?

374 Syk street cam. Time-6.30PM. Date-6/12/98
A lone pixie walked into a house.
“Daddy!!!!!” A young pixie shouted as she ran into the older pixie’s arms.
“Anastasia. Today at work, after the horrible battle against the goblins, I promised myself I would never let you up to the surface. Ever. I love you too much, and I would never put you in danger.” The older pixie muttered quietly.
“Is Unkie Sky gonna visit, Daddy?” Anastasia squeaked, bouncing around happily.
“Erm… I don’t know how to put this, but he didn’t make it home.” The older pixie mumbled uncomfortably.
“Can’t he just take the next shuttle?” The ever happy Anastasia asked.
“No… he’s… sleeping… in the battlefield.” Her father replied. Anastasia stopped bouncing.
“Daddy, I’m not stupid. I know what happened now. I’m sowwy.” Anastasia sighed as she hugged her father.
“I know you’re not stupid, honey. You’re just too young to be exposed to this.” The older pixie said kindly. Anastasia sniffled.
“Don’t cry!” Her father exclaimed quickly.
“I just miss Unkie Sky. He was fun.” Anastasia muttered as she left to go to her room.

Mission Log-1.2
I see movement! Oh, it’s only Fowl’s cat. Wait… there he is! He’s singing. Wait… I hear it…
“Come to me my little pretty,
Fall into my clever trap.
Come close so I can see you,
I’m going faerie hunting tonight…”
Oh no! It’s the age-old faerie hunting song! Wait… I hear the response.
“O I come now
I come to you.
I fall in your trap,
You’ve caught a faerie tonight.”
I know that voice! It’s Anastasia…

374 Syk street cam. Time-6.44AM. Date-9/14/10
Two pixies woke up at the same time.
“Mornin’ Anastasia.” The older one mumbled.
“Morning Captain Luther!” The younger one said jokingly.”Can I go to the surface today?”
“No, not today.” Luther replied. This happened every morning. That is, until Anastasia got angry.
“I’m almost an adult pixie! Can’t you let me go to the surface at least ONCE? You always say no! You never say why! So,why?!”
Anastasia said angrily.
“Don’t speak to me like that Anastasia. You know it’s rude. Now hurry up, or you’ll be late for school.” Luther said calmly without looking up from his paper.
“Oh-kay…”Anastasia said, feigning submission. She hugged her father and left, but instead of going to school, she headed towards the surface shuttle bay, fingering a stolen shuttle pass.

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. *first comment dance*

    It’s a little confusing. I like the story line but maybe have an introduction to introduce all the charactors??

    I don’t understand each section. Who’s writing it? The Mission Log thing? Or is that just me…

    I really like it. Just have the introduction and I think I will understand. All too confusing without…

  2. Oh, I meant to say the good things.

    The idea is great. The description and poem bit is cool too. I love it. Update!!

  3. ‘Tis good, but I want to see ARTEMIS COME IN. Or someone from the AF series. Too short and irrelevant for a proper comment. There was a typo or two, but nothing major.

  4. WE:I think Holly’s going to be important.
    Elf:A couple of typos-gaps and caps where there shouldn’t be. And said is a very very boring word. Use a thesaurus. Yelled, squealed, exclaimed etc, will make it a lot more interesting.

  5. Man Hermonie’s Crazy!

    No offence intended!

    First of all, please keep comments to the actual story, and second, no double posting 😉

  6. Roadburner99- Are you even going to review?

    Well,I will. 😉 This was pretty good, I must say. A couple typos, but nothing that major. I like this idea so far. Please keep it up. 😉

    -Star* :mrgreen:

  7. im pretty sure his dad wouldn’t agree with this…

    anyway good story so far…

  8. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or I will kidnap Artemis and force him to be my boyfriend! ‘Course, i might do that anyway…

  9. the overall story was good & @ star7 HOW DO YOU DO THE BLUE SMILY FACE!!!!!!???????? PS arty girl, you can’t kidnap arty. I beat you to it.

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