The 12 Ships of Christmas

Summary: The 12 most common ships of AF, a chapter for each, one a day from the 13th for a traditional 12 days of Christmas. Happy holidays!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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There is only darkness, and the sound of bells. They are miniscule, attached lightly to the silver chain of her necklace, but their ringing is clear and true, no matter how soft. The faint glow of the fire’s last dying embers illuminates one corner, and the flickering dances to a beat unheard.

There is only darkness, and the sound of bells. The tiny, velvet box still lies open and forgotten beside her knee, the scribbled note invisible in the shadows. The firelight, a dull resistance to the night, leaps close once, warming them.

There is only darkness, and the sound of bells. Darkness, but warmth; the room is cozy and comfortable, peaceful and still in the dead of night. The bells are quiet, jingling as a whisper, to the rhythm of her slow heartbeat and deep breathing. Even after the last remain of the once lively flames has gone, the comfort will remain, the sense of belonging will not vanish.

There is only darkness, and the sound of bells. They dream not of sugarplums dancing an intricate ballet, but of their own dearest fantasies, those rarest things that are wondrous in their eyes. His arm is curled securely around her waist, his hand coming to rest entwined in the metal of his gift to her, where she lets it remain.

There is only darkness, and the sound of bells, and then there is a voice, cast into the silence, the words riding on a mere whisper. He loves her, he says. He always has. And somehow, in her dreams, she hears him, for her lips turn up in a smile against his chest. The bells speak for her, moving with the beat of her heart below. She knows she will keep the bells close to her heart forever, and with them, his own heart.

And then, once again, the room sinks into silence, and there is only darkness and the sound of bells.

This is not for the fic exchange, this is my Christmas gift to you all. The 12 most common ships of AF, a chapter for each, one a day starting on the 13th for the 12 traditional days of Christmas. Hope you guys like it, and happy holidays to you all, whatever you celebrate!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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  1. (first reply dance)
    thats sweet!
    i think it has a very good writing and idea.
    obviously everyone knows who the two are.

  2. OMG aww… That’so sweet. I luurveee the way every paragraph starts the same way. It made it kinda creepy and sad I think. I’m votin’ five. Definitely.

  3. That’s nice πŸ˜€

    It’s so sweet πŸ™‚ Five stars πŸ˜€


  4. Sweet = Word of the Day? πŸ˜‰
    Thanks, guys! Hope you like the other ones just as much.

    @Ann: the point of the intro is to let people pick the pairing of their choice… although I’ll admit it started off based on a specific pairing *coughcough*

  5. That. Is. Utterly. Amazing. This is why you’re one of my favourites πŸ˜€

    () ()

  6. Ditto. 0_0

    You should DEFINITELY be an author. You have the gift. *awed look*

  7. Dude, u write very well! five stars!!

  8. yoshi: correction. She already is. πŸ˜€

    When this is over, I’ll rate it 5 stars. πŸ˜€

    () ()

  9. Thanks, guys!! You’re so nice…
    But DO NOT rate it 5 at the end unless it deserves it. T/H was one of the easiest to write, and it’s already going downhill with the A/B.

  10. I rate it 5(so far) =)

  11. It takes great skill to do an Artler properly, and even if you do, people still freak out. xP

    You should update, though!!! πŸ™‚

  12. I will update… today or tomorrow. I started 2 days earlier than I’d planned, so I gave myself a bit of a break. But yeah, I think I’ll appreciate good Artler fics a bit more now that I’ve tried writing one myself…

    Which pairing do you guys want to see, Root/Vinyàya or Foaly/Caballine? I can’t fit both in…

  13. Root-Vinyaya. F/C is canon, and therefore bleah.

  14. Awww. It’s adorable. It’s a great idea. You make me jealous. Awww… lovelovelove. Yay. πŸ˜€

  15. I’m updating 3 times today, since I fell behind. *gulp* Please, no one kill me for the A/M. If you really want to skip it, it’s chapter 4.

  16. wow….A/B….I never woulda thunk…..but you made it, how should I put this…..not gay? I don’t know but Im not into that *coughgaycough* ships, but that one I actualy liked. GOOD JOB :)!

  17. you are a fantastic writer but i must say- YOU KILL OFF HOLLY AND MAKE MINERVA HAPPY YOU BE CRAZY >=0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the arty butler is just kinda crazy thats kinda like dating your dad. =/ but i LOVELOVELOVE the first and the second even if holly dies. i want a foaly caballine!!!! =D that would be cool

  18. Helen Raspberrih December 31st, 2009 at 4:31 am 18

    Uh…A/M. I’ve nothing against it, but, it’s somehow…sweet, and…stereotypical, and, well, it makes me feel a bit, um, sick.

    Nothing personal, you still rock. A/M just doesn’t work for me, in ANY way (yes, when I try to write it I make people hate me, but mostly because Holly can’t make it and stuff…happy A/M? I’ve never written a single one…sadly)

    You. Have. To. Be. ‘Persuaded’. To. Update.

    Persuasion: Choose either
    1) Chocolates
    2) Thumbscrews

    and please update before tomorrow for desired, uh, inspiration *points above*

  19. I shall update if my writin’ brain wants to cooperate… lately I haven’t been able to write well enough to post, but I shall try.

    And it’s okay, to the people who hated the A/M-ness, I think you’ll rather enjoy the twelfth and final ship… πŸ˜‰

  20. I know! It’s A/H. Becuz if it’s not A/M, it’s A/H.

  21. A rather pathetic update, I realise… but it’s proof that I haven’t been able to write anything serious lately, at least…

  22. Ohansahyosheli January 28th, 2010 at 10:39 pm 22

    Is Fern really Vinyaya’s name? I thought her name was just…Vinyaya.

  23. Hah, I don’t think she has a mentioned first name. I made one up for her.

  24. I cannot believe I’d never read this before! 😯 It was beautiful beyond description. The imagery, the detail…. Oh, gosh AA. You just made my Top Ten List of best stories of FanFiction.


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