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Thank You

Summary: Artemis Fowl Birthday Contest Fanfic (maybe). Artemis's 22nd birthday at age 19. Holly was killed two years before. I know it sucks. No flaming, please?

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       Artemis sighed and stirred absently at his tea- a generic brand, nowhere near Earl Grey. He didn’t care anymore. He didn’t care that the tea tasted horrible, he didn’t care that he was alone on his birthday, he just didn’t care.

       If he was honest with himself, that wasn’t completely true. He did care that he was alone today, and that was what caused his angry moods. It was his 22nd birthday today. He was technically only 19, due to that mishap with the time tunnel, but he felt old beyond his years. He had sent Butler away over a year ago. He just couldn’t stand to be around anyone who reminded him of her- who reminded him of two years ago.

      He realized he had gone too far as he felt his mind slipping back to two years ago today.

      Artemis sighed as the sun sank slowly toward the horizon. This day had been so great, he didn’t want to see it end. Holly had come all the way to Fowl Manor from where she had been dispatched on a mission because she wanted to make his birthday special.

      And she had. Even though they had spent the entire day in hiding to avoid being spotted by his parents or the twins, Holly’s unique sense of humor and friendship were enough to make this a day to remember for Artemis.

      Holly stood up reluctantly. “I’d better go,” she said. “Foaly would kill me the second he and Caballine got back from their honeymoon if I stayed missing for much longer.”

      Artemis stood up, too. “I understand. Thank you for stopping by.”

      She grinned. “Thanks for not sending me away or handing me over to the authorities.” She bent down to pick up her helmet.

      As Holly straightened up, a shot rang out. Artemis turned in alarm as she gasped at the pain running through her arm. “Are you all right?”

      She nodded tensely. “It’ll heal.” Even as she spoke, blue sparks encompassed her arm. “Where’d that shot come from?”

      He pointed, and they both turned- to see a very familiar face holding a very powerful gun.

      “Minerva? What are you doing here?”

      Minerva looked incredulous. “What am I doing here? What’s she doing here? I thought she was on a ‘mission’?”

      “She was. She came to visit.” Artemis was quickly tiring of her tone.

      “Did she? Or was the mission just a story?”

      “What?” Artemis and Holly exclaimed in unison.

      “I think you just made that story up. I think you’re meeting in secret. I think you like her more than me!”

      Artemis was apalled. “Of course I like her better than you- at least she doesn’t falsely accuse people, then injure them!”

     Minerva glared at him. “I’ll do more than that! She doesn’t deserve to live!”

      Artemis didn’t have time to react as Minerva’s latest round of bullets knocked Holly to the ground. Blood was rushing from a hole in her chest.

      The last words she ever said were “Thank you.”

      Artemis blinked angrily at the fresh round of tears. He had used all of his magical reserve trying to save her, but it hadn’t worked. And now he had to live with the guilt.

      He had taken care of Minerva; he couldn’t let her get away with taking his closest friend from him. And the last words he had heard from her…

      He thought about the meaning of those last two words. He knew she hadn’t blamed him for anything. She had wanted him to know she still trusted him.

      But he didn’t trust himself anymore. After everything she had done for him, he had let her down. Holly had been the only one who had believed he had good in him, even though he had kidnapped her. She had found the good in him and brought it out, and he still wasn’t sure how she had done it.

      Her last words had been used to thank him. But he realized now that he should have thanked her.

      “Thank you, Holly,” he whispered, knowing that somehow she would hear. “You deserve it more than I. Thank you.”

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  1. GAAH! this is second sad story ive read in 5 minutes..sniffs…

  2. I don’t get it.

  3. cool story, and very well written but….ALL THIS MINERVA HATING IS REALLY GETTING ANNOYING!!!! she would never do that. if she was half as much a genius as she is, she would respect Artemis’ choices. if people would just read the fifth book over again and look at Minerva’s personality, she’s just like Artemis when he was twelve. would Artemis kill someone if they were liked more?? i think not! THIS IS GETTING REALLY ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!! again, Minerva would never do that. i might have given this a five if the Minerva part wasn’t so annoying. besides, she was kinder to Holly than Artemis was when he was twelve, am i right? she should be given a chance.

  4. Unappreciated genius August 31st, 2007 at 8:00 am 4

    i dont know- i despise minerva ( nothing to do with her taking artemis.. cough cough..)because she challenges him, she makes it seem as though he isnt as special- it SUCKS!

  5. 2 sad stories in a row…..waaaaaaaaa
    lovely story!!! 5/5 ☻☺☻

  6. i am sick of sad stories now lol this whole holly is unwanted plot is getting over used also lol but i still like this story!!!!!!!!!!

  7. wats the contest fanfic thing I MUST KNOW… NOW!!! can anyone tell me.
    Oh and greatstory altho i hav 2 agree with Vinyaya that that the ‘holly is unwanted plot’ is getting a little worn out from all the use and i kinda want a funny or romance (not that im critisizing other catergories).

  8. no i can’t no-one told me either

  9. The artemis fowl birthday contest thing? Just read the August 28th news on the main site, it’s all there. (Yes, I’m putting comments on my own story. Keep in mind I write better when it’s not someone else’s character.)

  10. happy birthday to arty happy birthday dear arty happy birthday to you….even thou it was on sunday….lol☻☺☻

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  12. same as unapperciated genius, hating Minerva, and making him lose one of his closest friends. The story was very emotional by the way, I loved it! =)

  13. omg i love that story! its soooo sad tho. =…[

  14. I still think Minerva is still worse than Artemis when he was 12. Artemis made a selfless choice when he gave up the gold, and Minerva even allied herself with a thug brandishing a pistol. I mean, even Artemis’s schemes hadn’t come out that bad. I also hate Minerva for a unknown reason, hovever.

  15. I liked the story though.

    I liked your story 😀

  17. The story was well written, but the Minerva part was unrealistic, because at the closer view, I really don’t think someone with even half a brain would do that, but Minerva is supposed to be a genius and all.

  18. Okay litterally if Eoin Colfer was to drop Minerva into an active volcano, I honestly wouldn’t care. It is within all reason that she got a crush on Artemis and could b jealous of Holly, but I don’t think she’d b stupid enough 2 out right kill Holly herself; she’d hire someone.

  19. I support A/H, but that is a little over the top. I dont think Minerva would do that.

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