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Summary: Within the Maze, guarded by Sphinx, The Taurus awaits.

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Author’s notes

An idea I came up with. Will have mild gore. (Gee, thanks loads TM. 2 weeks ago I couldn’t even read gore. Now I’m writing it?)

So, these stuff is important. It contains some stuff.

Many, many references to Greek Mythology. Well, two stories in particular. Theseus and the Minotaur, and Artemis and Orion(Which, by the way, is a love story).

The actual story starts at Chapter 4. The rest are introductions. A very, very, very long intro…

The first few chapters give some insight on where I got my names. Reading optional.

Anyways, one last thing. In every chapter, there’ll be 3 sub-chapters. The first(sub-chapter) you can skip. It’s not relevant to the plot, but I feel it enhances the story a bit. If you want to skip them, I suppose you can skip my mythology bits too, which are Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5.




and Rate!

You’ll make me a very, very happy person.

Yours procrastinationly,


PS: Whoever who can guess who I’m basing Taurus on will get a story written by me dedicated to them. It’s not the Minotaur, and it’s from a novel. He doesn’t look like Taurus, but his personality is quite similar. (This one is a dead giveaway. His name begins with C)

Here: Hangman!

CA _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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11 responses to “Taurus.” Join in!

  1. Yay, I love mythology! But now more of the actual story, please :D. The last chapter is still too vague. I’ll be waiting for an update.

    I_C: Okay. You HAVE to read the Minotaur story, but the others are kinda optional. It’s just an interesting touch. I plan to make 3 sub-chapters within each chapter. You can disregard the first one if you like, it’s just extra bits of Greek mythology from the charrie’s PoV. But the second and third are actual storyline-related things.
    Will update shoon(shortly/soon), all will come clear in time.

  2. FantasyDevourer October 18th, 2011 at 11:41 pm 2

    Ditto to Iris. No mistakes I saw, which means that if you made any, they were very small.

    Good Job. 🙂

  3. I like where this is going. Slowly it becomes clearer what is going on. And there’s gore 😯 . TM is influencing the whole site xD.

  4. Wonderful! What an original idea. I’m honestly baffled.

    There were a few mistakes:

    “Posedion” – Chapter 2, first paragraph

    I will, of course, read the rest when I get back from school. 😀 Expect more reviews.

    And Iris, GREAT job. You’ve matured.

    I_C: Aw, thanks Fowlie….

    Fixed the Poseidon error. No wonder it didn’t look quite right….

    Anyway, as long as my steady stream of inspiration doesn’t run dry anytime soon(Doesn’t look like it. With my lately erratic sleeping pattern, i.e: hyper brain generating so many ideas when trying to sleep that I need a notepad or some tech with a notes app when I go to bed, and half brain dead in the daytime, woozily daydreaming my way through classes…Not fun. I’ll probably settle down soon-ish), the chapters will keep on coming.

    Good Frond. I write up a novel when REPLYING to reviews… I think this reply is even longer than the review itself!

  5. Really good and I didn’t notice any Mistakes As for the who you based taurus on I’m guessing Mr.Chu From Maximum ride. I couldn’t think of any Other Book characters like that who start with c.

    I_C: Nope. Not Mr. Chu. And not from Max Ride either, though it’s a good guess.

  6. This is actually pretty good! Although you COULD work on the gore a teensy bit…XD

    Really, this was quite good. A few mistakes here and there, but I liked this.

    I_C: Saving the gory ideas for the Selection.

  7. I finally found the update! Normally when I see something is updated, I go look at the last chapters. But the last chapters didn’t change…
    I think it’s better to put the story of the sfinx etc in the begining. That’s less confusing when you update.

    I_C: Fixed it now.

  8. Its very interesting and I didn’t notice any Mistakes. For the hangman thing A?

  9. Okay… Just an extremely long chapter added, plus some intense editing.

  10. This now is one of my favourites, I just love mythology. I found no mistakes, good for you! Update!

  11. OMGOSH!!!thats awesome!!i love greek mythology,which makes this all the better. I only saw the few spelling errors others pointed out.. so… ya. THATS AMAZING!!!love it and UPDATE!.. eh… please.:)

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