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Summary: This is a drabble from Holly’s point of view. It’s semi-AH. sNACks to anybody who can tell me why. 😉 […]

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This is a drabble from Holly’s point of view. It’s semi-AH. sNACks to anybody who can tell me why. 😉

I like storms. They hurt.
I can see one now, the clouds block out the sun, reaching high and all powerful into the heavens. The wind laps at the ground, it pushes and pulls, scrambling greedily for anything it can hold. They want it, the clouds and the wind and the hail, they want what lies beneath them. Everything is so perfect, the storm, so quick and fleeting, wants to hang on to this seemingly permanent state. And when they all realize that they can’t, and even worse, realize what they crave is as temporary as they are, they destroy it. And I laugh, because that world tries much too hard. They try to put up walls, they try to contain themselves, but in the end the storm wins.
I am safe, I always am. The storm can’t attack my world, it’s secure and secluded. But I wish it could. I wish that the clouds and the wind and the hail could prove how fragile we are. I wish that they could show us that we aren’t any better. Because we put up walls, our walls are stronger, they don’t let the storm in, and they don’t let me out.

There’s probably more to come. Constructive crit is appreciated.

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. FCD* I love the symbolism! I love authors that have the ability to make symbolism like that, it’s awesome!

  2. It’s very interesting… It’s a little early to for me to say if I like it or not. But it’s good, I’ll say that. Well, write some more!

  3. I like it! can’t say that I would rate it five but If you added some more I think it could have a lot of potential.

  4. I don’t get it… also, Holly seems very dark(and therefore OOC)…is this about her paranoia with the mud men finding them?

  5. no I think it’s about how she can’t get above ground and breath fresh air and how everyone underground thinks there all that and a bag of potato chips and If they could see really how tiny they were it would lower there egos.

  6. It’s about Holly’s view on society.
    Mudmen society is always changing (or being destroyed by “storms”), they try too hard for stability.
    While her society actually succeeds in achieving stability. Which means that it can never change.
    Which means that it can never join with Artemis’ (which was really implied, and would take a lot of reading between the lines).
    So it won’t let her out at all.

    If anybody could understand that props. 😀 Drabbles are meant to be cryptic, or somewhat that way.

    It is the darker side of Holly, the part that resents the wrongs that the fairy race has done her. It’s digging a bit deep into her character.

  7. um, okay then, I feel like I have a peanut sized brain now. 😮

  8. mahi101 AF Fan March 3rd, 2008 at 1:24 am 8

    Okay, I got them all, The second one was when artemis Fowl the first was drowning when they went to save him. I like them all, its very … I dont know the word… I guess you could say sopisticated.. I guess, and oh yeah, whats drabble?

  9. A drabble is a 100 word piece, basically a drabble of thought. You just let the thought… drabble out. XD
    The first one is a 200-word-drabble, basically a doubledrabble.

    Thanks for the reviews.
    And Jelly- you don’t have a peanut sized brain, you just don’t think like I do. It’s probably a good think. 😉

  10. ok i get them…now about the snacks can i have your truffels?

    when you put me and holly in the troll area i stole some THEY WERE GOOD! im sorry for offending them and want more GIVE ME YOUR TRUFFELS!!!!

    sorry had to let some energy out really like them, you have serios talen good job

  11. A bit late, but I was searching for your stories, so I read this. I specially liked the last drabble, but the others were really good too. You know by now how I think about your work, I guess 😉

  12. Really nice. I think I need to stop giving all your stories five… People will kill me.

  13. So four then. I think well, I’m a bit too young to understand it all, but I know what it means.

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