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Summary: I’ve seen a lot of these, and I really like the concept. You put your iPod on shuffle and write […]

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I’ve seen a lot of these, and I really like the concept. You put your iPod on shuffle and write drabbles on the first ten songs that come up. You can’t skip any songs and you can only write the drabble for the duration of that song.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the songs, any of the artists, or any of the characters. Any. NE. 2NE1~ (obviously too obsessed with kpop for own good)

~Mute City (F-Zero)~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN36CetQw6I

It was like coffee, Artemis mused.

You knew it wasn’t quite good for you, but it helped you with some aspects of your life (such as staying awake), so you used it.

This was, had always been, would probably always will be his coffee. Shady business deals with shady business partners, meetings in back alleyways and dark streets. It was dirty. It was wrong. Holly hated it.

He still did it.

Force of habit, perhaps. It was, after all, the way that he’d always lived.

And he loved the thrill. Nothing else could quite give him it — not a rollercoaster, not a bomb, not love. Incomparable. Destructable.

~Fearless (Taylor Swift)~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pC024Dap70

It was, essentially, a first time for both of them. Neither knew where to put their hands and feet, neither knew what to say or how to act.

Either way, they both enjoyed it. Artemis found himself smiling, laughing more. It was something he’d known not of before, something that he had missed while he sped through life.

Starting at the age of a young boy, Artemis had always tried to fly through things — become more advanced, more experienced in everything. To become better.

But this new relationship — this new sensation that he had with Holly — made him a better person than he had ever been. He loved it.

He loved her.

He hoped she loved him back, lest his heart break on the first go.

First round around the track. Running, sprinting, tripping a bit. Hope it doesn’t hurt, though.

I’m tired of hurting.

I don’t like hurting.


He smiled and tucked his hand in hers, out to face the world.

~Juliette (SHINee)~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNQycE4NgtI (0:59 for Minho’s awesome rap ^^)

It soon became an addiction. Trouble would stare after her every chance he got, longing and hoping and wishing, oh-so-reverently. He needed more.

But the subject of his affections, one Holly Short, seemed oblivious enough. She used to be so perceptive. She could’ve read right through me before.

Currently, she was lost in her own love. The love for another.

The love for that Mud Boy.

And he hated that, but he stowed it away for another day whilst he moped about the office.

Chix grinned at him and simply suggested flirting, but he knew better. Holly was as good as taken.

And even though it pained him so, he kept coming back for more — more of a delicious taste of poison.

It consumed him, and it should’ve worried him. It didn’t.

It was scary.


~What Can I Say (Carrie Underwood ft. Sons of Sylvia) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy1jP-cYAjA

He was horrible with this sap. Julius’ brow wrinkled as he contemplated the situation. He didn’t know how else to deal with this.

Out on the battlefield, he was quite the glorified warrior. He was so fluent, so comfortable with procedure, but love didn’t quite have a procedure. It was too unfamiliar to him.

Even worse than his Cupid skills were his communication skills. He’d never been too fantastic with words — of course, becoming a Captain meant strategically mapping out your words, but he had avoided taking the necessary course. Julius was more straightforward, to-the-point. There’s no beating around the bush for him

Love was so gentle, fragile. Perhaps like a newborn child.

Wonderful, but you didn’t know how to approach it. A single move could, after all, make or break anything.

So, the fool he was, he let it all go.

~You’re Not Sorry (Taylor Swift)~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jA6sueOuZm4

She was too nice.

It was a bit laughable to think — the strong, proud Holly Short was too nice? She always seemed so curt and brusque at work — do this, do that. No side comments — I love your shoes, by the way; would you like to grab something after work?

She didn’t associate herself much with the others, but she had slipped up with Trouble. She had let down her walls for just a moment too long, smiled just a tad too much.

She let Trouble in.

And the trouble he caused….

So here she stood, broken, from her own foolish actions. Her heart had been wrecked, and now she slaved away, putting up her walls once more. Holly berated herself as she did so.

This is why you don’t trust males.

This is why you’ve turned them away for so long.

Then she met Artemis.

Too quickly, her walls crumbled again.

She didn’t quite mind as much.

~White Horse (Taylor Swift)~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vykrhIJdgSg

“I’m too busy.”

“Oh. OK.” Raine cut the call so he wouldn’t hear her sigh, long and soft, but quiet and heavy. It’d been awhile since she’d last seen Julius for more than three minutes at a time, and she’d requested dinner only to be turned down again.

She still loved him, though.


“Come to my house on the weekend?”

“I wish I could, Raine. The new case? It has so much paperwork attached to it.” A dry laugh sounded on the other end. “So I’ll to finish that.”



“Do you think we could…”

“No. Can’t.”


So, eventually, she stopped calling. He didn’t call back, either.

~One (SHINee)~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79QyQFUbZWw

“I’m sorry. I got jealous.”

“Don’t be. You know you’re the only one for me,” Artemis murmured.

~Forever and Always (Piano Version) (Taylor Swift)~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEFnc-2hQKE

“What happened? To our relationship? To us?” Her eyes were the widest he’d ever seen, so he looked away.

How could you say ‘no’ to this face? she’d once said.

He couldn’t. Either way, he had to break it off. He brushed off her prying questions, her harsh comments.

“I’m sorry, Raine. This can’t continue. We both have a duty.”

“Things can change,” she snapped back. Vinyaya, fighting. The feminist. The one who believed in revolutionaries.

Julius was about tradition.

He wondered how they’d gotten together, gotten into this mess. He knew Haven didn’t quite accept them. The media had already been a bit skeptical — are the standards lower now? — before, and they really didn’t want a commander (who never should’ve been a commander in the first place) in a romantic relationship with another (better) commander.

It just didn’t work that way.

~White Christmas (Taylor Swift)~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iEfX6AvfYI

“It’s been awhile since I’ve seen snow,” Holly admitted quietly. She glanced about her, taking in the sight. The Fowl Manor grounds had been heavily coated with snow.

It was truly serene, and she was glad to be able to share it with such a good friend of hers. Artemis had been unusually happy lately, probably at the prospect of leaving Saint Bartleby’s to spend time with his family — goodness knew he didn’t like the boarding school.

But when he pressed a kiss to her mouth, she had to admit that there might’ve been another reason.

And the snow swirled about them, pure and white.

~I Know You Won’t (Carrie Underwood)~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aa0jVO_zFc

“Don’t tell her. She’ll be crushed. I’ll just have to… break it off.”

“How are you going to do this gently?” Briar asked, worried for his friend.

“I… don’t quite know. I’ll try to build up tension during the weeks or something. Make it so that she’ll want to distance herself from me. I can figure a plan out. Just don’t tell her.”

“Alright,” Briar muttered.


“What’s wrong with you lately?” Vinyaya said huffily. “Why won’t you tell me? Don’t you trust me?”

“Of course I do,” Julius said. “Our relationship… it just doesn’t have the same spark as it used to.” Lies.

Vinyaya frowned. She knew him to be lying.

Offended, she was.

But she broke it off, for it seemed to be what he wanted her to do.

Weeks after, he died from a long-lasting cancer diagnosis.

She wept.

She should’ve known.

He had tried to soften the blow, but it hadn’t made it any easier.

Alright, I have some notes about all of them~ (bet that no one’ll read this)

Mute City: I got this song ‘cause I love it. Really. I was surprised when it came up, though. It doesn’t have any words, so I just wrote what I thought would fit with the rock and roll mood of the song. Mute City is great – chockfull of epicness and guitar solos ^^

Fearless: Sweet, fluffy. Lots of people know it, too. My brother got me 40 Taylor Swift songs when he first gave me mah beloved iPod. I later added more, so I have around 46 Taylor Swift songs. No wonder they keep cropping up.

Juliette: Corbin Bleu got the rights from this guy whose name I can’t recall, but after Corbin released his version, SM Entertainment bought the rights and released Juliette – an instrumental (and better) version with Korean lyrics. It’s a great song, really. By SHINee, of course ^^ What sucked was that I flew into a panic and had to research a translation. Then I scanned through and tried picking out main ideas and whatnot~

What Can I Say: My brother also happened to get me lots of songs by Carrie Underwood. I only listen to three. This is not one of the three. I was in such a panic when it came up. I looked up the lyrics, real fast, and I probably messed this one up big-time.

You’re Not Sorry: I used to like this song a lot, but my liking dwindled over the years. It just wasn’t what I was looking for (which happened to be kpop all along…) I haven’t listened to this in a while (since I have a kpop playlist and I play that on loop all the time), so it’s probably a little warped ^^

White Horse: I tried using different pairings instead of Arty/Holly all the time. I tried. XDD The explanation is basically the same as the one for You’re Not Sorry. Used to be hot in my books, but faded away~

One: I saw the lyrics once. Yesterday, in fact. But just in case, I (of course) flew into a panic and looked up the lyrics. My computer froze. The song continued to play. My computer would not unfreeze itself. In the end, I couldn’t even get the lyrics in time, so I wrote down two simple lines. Extremely short fluff, but on these sorts of songfic drabbles, they’re to be expected.

Forever and Always (Piano Version): I actually did a songfic on this way back. If you want to read it, it’s here: /fanfiction/romance/forever-and-always/ but it’s really different from my work now. Warning: ridiculously angsty ^^

White Christmas: I never listen to this song, but it was easy to cook up some fluff ^^

I Know You Won’t: Another song that I flew into a blind panic for. High chance of warptitude.

But I exercised my fingers through this. A lot. You have to remember that these songs are usually less than five minutes ^^

Review, give me crit~ Not that I can edit this, anyway – that’d be against the rules. Still, tell me how I did. I’ll write more if you guys like this stuff ^^ (watch as I get no reviews)

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. Somebody likes Taylor Swift songs- so do I! This is great. I couldn’t find any mistakes. 5/roses! FCD!

  2. Shattered Sparks November 20th, 2011 at 3:31 am 2

    You reviewed my epic fail experiment drabbles, so I shall review your good ones.

    These really are great for fluffy drabbles, no? I saw all different sides of Charries, and loved it. Very few issues, if any, I’m sorry I’m not elaborating on each, I wanna get this project done tonight, by one in the morning (3.5 hours to go!) and well, need to get to work.

    So, well WE, awesome as always, I give you five stars the second I log in!

  3. gosh pretty good. weirdly enough i havent heard some of songs yet.
    i have come say hi to a friend…
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    again great job on the story

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