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Summary: Once returning home Artemis had -not of his own free will mind you, but still- spent nearly every free moment with his younger siblings. It that time he had noticed something. Something… odd.

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Before TTP! Oh and, nii-san mean ‘big brother’ in Japanese. Onee-san means the same, only more formal. This will be coming up on a test after the story, so commit it to memory!
Disclaimer: I don’t own AF or the Nightingale. Those belong to Eoin Colfer and Hans Christian Andersen.

Once returning home Artemis had -not of his own free will mind you, but still- spent nearly every free moment with his younger siblings. It that time he had noticed something. Something… odd.

Myles had not said a single word in the entire two months he had known him.

He had communicated, mind you, just in the most common way presented to him.

“Don’t worry about it, Arty. He hasn’t said a word to anyone, so don’t take it personally.” His mother had told him. Of course he had probed further upon gaining this knowledge. ”He’s just… A late bloomer in that way. He’ll talk when he’s ready.” And that was left to that. Of course the teen was still curious; it was his character, after all.

So he had tried to get is younger brother to speak, though to no avail. Beckett would answer every question Artemis had asked, fully wanting his *nii-san to know him better. Myles, on the other hand, would continue with his odd version of sign language which he had fully expected his big brother to be able to translate. Artemis had of course, but that still brought up the fact that the toddler refused to speak.

Which brings us to the current date.

Artemis sighed quietly as he slowly entered his little brothers’ room, having been appointed ’story teller’ for the night. Myles and Beckett each awaited eagerly on their beds. Myles pointed t the bookcase, then locked his thumbs together, then pointed back to the bookcase. Beckett nodded in agreement.

The raven haired teen in the doorway chuckled slightly as he made his way to the shelves, plucking a red book with golden illustrations on the cover amongst the many fairy tales. “The Nightingale then?” he questioned. Both twins gave a quick thumbs up. Artemis chuckled again, and began.

“In China, you know, the emperor is a Chinese, and all those about him are Chinamen also. The story I am going to tell you happened a great many years ago, so it is well to hear it now before it is forgotten…” Both the twins seemed to become lost within the words as their older brother spoke, their eyes closing to see the world described clearer.

Myles made a small movement with his hands as the Nitghtingale’s song was played in his imagination, something like how someone moves their hands when describing rain’s pitter patter to someone ho can’t hear. ‘It sounds so pretty,’ The movement said, or so Artemis assumed, and continued.

And then, far too soon, the ending words were rolling off the geniuses tongue. Beckett looked at him in disappointment, then moved over to his own bed, climbing under the covers in a half dejected way. Artemis smiled, then turned back to Myles.

The blond was making rapid movements with his hands, his eyes glowing with delight, and Artemis couldn’t help but laugh inwardly at the words.

‘Your voice was so nice,’ His littler brothers hands told him. ‘Say another story. I wanna go somewhere else before bed! Please?’ But Artemis knew it was not true, at least he thought it wasn’t. His voice was not silken and made for story telling, like that of his mothers. It was cold and detached, ready to push people away. It didn’t take someone to where he was reading about. It was simply… there, out in the world to be heard.

He shook his head, and Myles eyes dropped to the ground in disappointment. “Tomorrow,” Said Artemis, a rare smile lighting up his palid face. “I’ll read two stories to make up for only one tonight, okay?” The boy looked up and nodded eagerly and Artemis’ smile grew a fraction wider as he stood up and turned around.

He slowly made his way to the door, only shutting off the light once he heard the covers rustling, indicating Myles would soon be asleep. “Goodnight boys.” He muttered quietly, trying to shut the door without having it creak and failing miserably, wincing at the racket he was making.

And then, a small voice broke through the (almost) silence, like that of someone who was half asleep. “G’night, onee-san.” Artemis smiled for the second time in so many minutes as the stubborn door finally clicked shut.

“His first words” -he paused- “Were to me.” He shook his head in disapproval, more so to himself then anything. “I don’t deserve it.” And with that, he started making his way back to his own bedroom.

A/N: Run through spell check seven times (quite literally mind you) so there should be no spelling errors. NONE! Any OOCness I take full resposibility for though.

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  1. shadowsnake451 January 7th, 2010 at 2:32 pm 1

    hell! this has to be your best so far Ally! That was amazing XD

  2. shadowsnake451 January 7th, 2010 at 2:32 pm 2

    *late first and second comment mexican wave*

  3. Umm… hate to break it to ya, but “geniuses” as a possessive got past spell check. The grammar around some of the quotes is sorta… iffy. A couple examples: “‘Goodnight boys.’ He muttered quietly” should be “‘Goodnight, boys,” he muttered quietly”. A couple times where you got the comma at the end right, there’s still a capital letter afterwords where there shouldn’t be.

    Looking past the technical stuff, it’s an excellent fic, though. Very touching. Nicely done. 🙂

  4. Obviously your spell check didn’t pick up on ‘pointed t the’, should have been ‘pointed TO the’ I just love proving computers don’t know eveything 😉
    But other than that, the spelling was much better and a really nice story.

  5. I loved it!!! =)=)

  6. There were a few spelling errors as everyone’s already pointed out, but it was awesome. Great, AK! 😀

  7. It’s really good.
    apart from the technical stuff, which i didn’t notic anyway, the story really flows.

  8. Um, yeah, but the grammar wasn’t so good.

    … take it personally,” his mother had …

    But good story! Japanese, hehe, I picked it up watching the manga/anime. Why would he use Jap anyway?

    The story was so so so cool…(my muse went on a year-long holiday, or maybe it just died and I didn’t notice).

    Yeah. :jealous: 🙂

  9. Truthfully, I just wanted to get the idea out of my head so the grammar wasn’t really the main focus. I appreciate the crit though!

    And I just used Japanese because, a) I needed to pratice and b) I felt like it. There was no reasoning behind it what-so-ever!’

    And if yout muse died you can borrow one of mine. *shoves over Kat* Please. Take her. Please!!!

  10. I want her. My muse is currently this voice Rowan Renn, and she doesn’t really count. Cuz she’s basically me with a bigger problem than me. If it makes sense. So I’m writing some crack. 😀 Laugh. It’s your cue.

  11. *laughs* Okay. My job is done here.

  12. *shoves over Kat yo Helen* She helps with humor, adventure, action, and the ocasional crossover and What If?.
    Kat: Hey Hel!
    Me: And she calls you nicknames you hate as soon as she learns them.
    Kat: I do not, Shane!
    Kat: No. I like Shane.
    Me: It’s a guys name!
    Kat: I think it’s cuter!
    Me: Enjoy! *runs off*

  13. *applauds* This has to be your best story ever. It’s interesting, and captures the reader before he/she gets bored. Five stars! I’d be a fool if I didn’t give it that.

  14. It’s good. I like the end was preety sweet. As everyone pointed out a couple of grammer mistakes but it’s fine.
    I guess I’m like Helen cos I learn all my japanese from my mangas and animes.
    I liked it, it was a nice story and probably one of ur bests. Now that you’ve raised the bar higher for yourself I’m waiting for another fic that tops this one.

  15. What? HIGHER??? I’m barely reaching my bar as is! I can’t reach it now that it’s HIGHER!!!

  16. 🙂 lol that’s real sweet AK. 🙂 that’s really really sweet. Well, I’m glad they pointed out the spelling and grammar and stuff, so I don’t have to. It’s really awesome!!

    My muse, is, erm, erm,erm…..

    Skye: SAY IT…. *holds knife*

    me: ……fine…….

    my muse is Skye, happy? huh?

    sorry bout that. she bugs me a lot *scowls*

  17. Trade ya! *hand out Ally, whose glaring daggers at me*

  18. Well Skye’s my stupid, stupid–
    Skye: WHAT????
    Me: AWESOME sister.

    Thanks anyways. But I have Bunny to tame her.

    Skye: Oooh who’s a little Bunny? You are! You are!

    Me: ugh….

    Helen can have Ally. I’ll stick with my Bunny and Skye.

  19. shadowsnake451 January 16th, 2010 at 3:02 pm 20

    how do you say ‘little brother’?

  20. sweet.
    I like it.

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