Reflections of a Goddess

Summary: Finally got some inspiration to post something! 😀 This story contains Artemis GENDERSWITCH, so if you don’t like this sort […]

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Finally got some inspiration to post something! 😀

This story contains Artemis GENDERSWITCH, so if you don’t like this sort of thing, don’t read. I’m trying to exploit his personality from a feminine point of view. Manipulating canons is fun! BWAHAHAHA!
Artemis Fowl the second was a very deceptive creature.

At first glance, she was almost like any other prepubescent girl, with her pretty blue eyes, raven hair held up neatly in silver hairpins, and a mild Irish accent that could charm when she wanted to. Almost.

But the second you got past the initial novelty of the charisma of the young Fowl heiress, you could tell that Artemis wasn’t all just about her pleasant looks and her lovely voice. She possessed a brilliant mind unmatched by any other prodigy of the century. Who else but Artemis could have patented over fifteen inventions, all before he reached his teenage years? Who else but the young Fowl heiress could have beaten several chess champions in less than nine moves? Who else but she could have created several computer programs to hack into hundreds of Swiss accounts?

It was no wonder the other children had been afraid of her.

No one would have dared taunted the girl, whose father held a substantial amount of control in Ireland. Not to her face, anyway. But Artemis didn’t need the children or his teachers to tell them what they were thinking. It was painfully obvious in their eyes.

(Freak. Think you’re better than all of us, huh? Bitch)

If Artemis was truthful to herself, she would have admitted she would have held the same opinion in their shoes. But she was a Fowl, and Fowls were taught to lie and taught to deny, especially where the law enforcement was concerned.

But maybe she wouldn’t have to deny herself any longer.


Artemis held the brush to her cheeks, dabbing face powder furiously onto the surface of her skin. No, not enough…never enough…After a few more minutes of the repeated action, she put down the brush and picked up the mascara. This process went on for an entire hour, and by the time Artemis decided she was done, empty bottles of Angeline’s various cosmetics littered the bathroom, some toppled over and spilling their contents.


She didn’t like it. She didn’t like it at all. Who was this strange creature looking back at her in the reflection of the mirror? Who was this girl, with her blotchy face covered in toxic chemical products?


Artemis felt her fist ball up, and involuntarily strike the mirror, shattering it into a million pieces, each holding a separate reflection of the young Fowl reflected from all directions.

(Breaking a mirror is seven years of bad luck…Artemis)

Two hours later, Artemis Fowl the second was out standing in the rain.

She really didn’t know what to call it really, whether it was mercy or a chastisement. The rain pelting against her chemically lubricated skin certainly did sting—

—but it was worth it in the end, Artemis ruminated bitterly as the layers of foundation was rinsed away, leaving only her pale vampire-like features behind, and an exceptionally large puddle of water at her feet as well. Artemis looked down only to catch her reflection staring back at her.

Artemis settled for chastisement.

She never looked at a mirror the same way again.

Sorry if it’s not completely coherent D: I’m writing this at eleven in the evening, damn it. I need reviews, especially since this is my first Artemis Fowl story in a long while! I’m considering extending it, depending on the response that you guys give.

Thank you for taking the time to read! 🙂 

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. It’s a good story, I like it! Only thing is, you’ve written he and his a couple of times.

  2. WHAA!!! ARTEMIS… *Splutters incoherently* A GIRL???

    Okay, calm down. It’s not that serious.

    Good story, can’t wait to see your update, need to go now, so bye.

  3. ooooh!!!! I like it!!! Artemis Fowl the third!!!!

  4. Ahhh! Darvit…I kept getting the pronouns mixed up…

    *facepalm* I KNEW I should have submitted this on instead…sorry guys, if the concept distrubs you. I think there’s a lot of Arty’s personality that can be explored femininely.

    Oh BTW, this is AF the second–assuming that he was born as a she.

    I’ll fix the pronouns later. I’m dying of sickness right now…

  5. it was a mistake? i thought it was Arty’s daughter!!

  6. If it had been on and not on here, Star, I wouldn’t have read it. Don’t you dare post stuff there and not here!

    Anyway, I liked it. I think it touches on a lot of vulnerabilities that Artemis might have had if he were a girl that he luckily avoided in the canon.

    Except for the physical description, though, I didn’t really see even glimpses of the real Artemis… I think it might have been better if you highlighted both similarities and differences. (Ha, I thought of actual constructive criticism!)

    Also, shouldn’t this be in “What if?”?

  7. I like this! The only bad concept is Arty couldnt fall in love with Holly unless she became gay, WHICH I FORBID YOU TO DO!!! hmm.. maybe Doodah? IDK.

    UPDATE! please! (when ur feelin better of course)

  8. ArtemisFowlfan January 9th, 2009 at 4:52 am 8

    weird… it just seems weird to me…

  9. ArtemisFowlfan96 January 25th, 2009 at 5:42 am 9

    I like the update! Its funny and aweful what Artemis did to that guy! Artemis is even more evil as a girl! Juliet is so aweful! How old is Artemis? Update again soon!

  10. This is great! If you wanted to follow thw canon storyline from the female Artemis’s POV, you could have her kidnap Trouble instead of Holly, though that would be an odd pairing. One thing you’re doing is forgetting periods right before close quotesm but it;s still great. Update, this is awesome 🙂

  11. partyonsoccerfan January 25th, 2009 at 11:03 pm 11

    i think it was pretty good please continue.

  12. partyonsoccerfan January 25th, 2009 at 11:11 pm 12

    again totally awesome dude or dudette

  13. Don’t let Arty fool you. Girls are naturally very childish and emotional people, and much more so than the males in my opinion. I’m guessing it has something to do with puberty (and I think I mentioned she’s 15 here)

    Oh, and you’re not supposed to put periods in quotes XD not only does it look odd, none of the really good authors I know do that.

    Juliet’s not supposed to be spiteful here. She’s only teasing like an older sister. 🙂 And it does work out.

    As for the pairing and the story line…bwahahaha! You’ll just have to read on later and find out, ne?

  14. ArtemisFowlfan96 January 27th, 2009 at 5:42 am 14

    lol i cant believe Juliet said that… and Artemis is only 15!

  15. (wedding music playes) Dun dun du-dun, dun dun du-dun……..ROTFLOL!!!!HAHAHA!!!nice!! good story and you definatly need to write more!!

  16. RandomReaderGuy May 27th, 2009 at 2:45 pm 16


    “(Freak. Think you’re better than all of us, huh? Bitch)”
    Interesting idea……Arty as a girl
    Please continue with this story so far its great!:D
    (Hmmh…If Artemis is a girl… then Minerva would be a guy and say something like “generally minerva is a female name but once in a while a male deserves to use that name. I am that man. I fought you. LOL)

  17. Ohansahyosheli August 29th, 2009 at 3:58 pm 17

    ARTY GIRL???
    Arty: How dare you laugh! :evil::twisted:

  18. xD hehe i like da idea with minerva randomreaderguy….xD L! o_O im random sorry. “i dont like lollipops!”o_O nuff said! peace out!

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