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Summary: This story takes place seven years after Artemis first captured Holly and held her to ransom. Humans are aware of […]

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This story takes place seven years after Artemis first captured Holly and held her to ransom. Humans are aware of Fairies, and live in harmony with them, thanks to Artemis. Holly and Arty have kept their adventures secret so that humans will think that he only recently discovered them. Most Fairies still live in the Lower Elements, but the can come and go as they please. The LEP is still active, but a lot less exciting. Holly works for a small branch of the LEP that takes care of above-ground criminals. The story is based on commercials I saw for shows called “High School Reunion” and “First Love, Second Chance”. This is DEFINATLY and Arty/Holly story so if you don’t like it don’t read it. Please read, rate and review!



Chapter One: Television


Nineteen year old Artemis Fowl turned on the television, a rare thing for him. Besides the news, he hardly ever used the thing! He flicked through the channels. One hundred thirty six, one hundred thirty seven, one hundred thirty eight, one hundred thirty ni…… Artemis stopped and turned back to channel one hundred thirty eight. A reality show called “Reconnected” was playing, a new episode. On the screen Artemis saw a very familiar face. “Holly” he mouthed. Then he said it again out loud: “Holly”. He hadn’t seen her in years!

This show, if Artemis recalled correctly, reconnected people who hadn’t seen each other in years.

Who could Holly possibly want to reconnect with? Not Foaly, she still worked with him. Not Trouble Kelp, he lived a block down from her. Not Mulch or Doodah either. Who? “And now our next guest, Miss Holly Short!” boomed the host, a short man with a go-tee. Captain thought Artemis. Captain Holly Short. Or was it Major now? A good amount of applause came from the TV’s speakers. Holly gave a reluctant smile. “Now, who would you like to reconnect with, right here, right now?”

“Well,” She said. Holly took a deep breath. Artemis was glued to the TV. “About sev….I mean, a while ago is when I met this person. He really meant a lot to me. A whole lot more than he knew.” Artemis was baffled. Who was Holly talking about? “After all we’d been through, I really wanted to let him know, that he meant the world to me, and I forgive him for everything he’s done.” Artemis waited with baited breath. He was now down on his knees in front of the red couch he had previously been sitting on. “His name” Holly began, then paused. Artemis’ heart was racing. “Is Artemis Fowl the Second.”

The host looked shocked. So did Artemis. “A-and we’ll b-be right back!” the host stuttered. The program immediately cut to commercial. Reconnected thought Artemis, his mind racing with a mixture of shock, confused joy and pure genius. That’s filmed only twenty miles from Fowl Manor! Artemis sprang up and pressed the intercom button on the wall. “Butler! Prepare the Bentley! Quickly! We need to get to Jade Studios as now, if not quicker.” He needed to catch Holly before it was too late


“Okay boys! Get this girlie off my set! She’s just another crazy who wants to meet the great Artemis Fowl.” yelled the host.

“What!” Holly yelled ducking out of the way of the security men. “I am not! I know Artemis!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” sneered the host. The men caught hold of Holly’s arms and dragged her to a door. One of them opened it, and they threw her out. Holly landed with a thud on a cluster of trash cans. They smelled foul. Holly wanted nothing more than to walk back in there and give those loons a piece of her mind. She even stood up to do so. But then, a sudden rush of emotion came over her that made her just want to sit back down and cry. She did just this, falling down onto the garbage cans, and sobbing quietly.


The Fowl Bentley arrived at Jade Studios exactly twenty minutes after Artemis ordered Butler to prepare the car. Artemis stepped out of the car and instructed Butler to wait there. He had to do this on his own. Artemis walked around to the back of the building. He had a strange feeling that was where she’d be. As he walked, he began to hear a muffled crying sound coming from a cluster of waste bins. Artemis crept up behind them. There he saw Holly, her knees tucked under her chin. She was mumbling to herself.

“I should have just told him! That was disastrous! What was I thinking?”

Artemis laid a hand on her shoulder and said, “Told me what”?

Holly jumped. “Artemis,” she said. She continued softly. “Did you……I mean…….. Were you……”

“Yes Holly, I saw the show.”

“Artemis,” she said, “I’m sorry. If I did anything to embarrass you…………. I mean……”. She dropped her head into her hands.

“Holly,” Artemis replied just as softly as her, “How could I be embarrassed, if I feel the exact same way.”

He put his hand under her chin and lifted her face so that he could see it. Holly had tears in her eyes.

“Arty. Oh…”. On an impulse, she reached out and hugged him tightly. She pressed her lips against his neck. After a while she pulled back. “Artemis, oh gods, I thought….I mean…. I never thought,”

“Me either,” replied Artemis, “But who really cares now”. And with that, the pair simultaneously pressed their lips together. Holly’s hands were intertwined around Artemis’ neck and in his hair. His hands were positioned on her waist and around her shoulders. A few minutes later, the pair broke apart.

“Wow…………….” said Holly then trailed off.

“ Umm, well, are you doing anything this weekend?” asked Artemis.

The question surprised Holly, then she laughed. “Of course!”

“Great, it’s just, there’s something I need to do first,” and the next thing she new, Artemis was dragging her around to the front door. He knocked on the door. “Holly, I need you to shield,” Before she could object, the door opened. She shielded before the man at the door saw her. It was one of the security guards that had thrown Holly out of the studio.

“Can I help you?” he droned.

“Yes, I believe you can. My name is Artemis Fowl and I would like to talk to the host of this show”. The man rushed away. “ Holly, come over here and unsheild”. She obeyed. Moments later the host appeared at the door.

“Listen,” he said, “if you’re here to complain about that last guest, then…..” then he spotted Holly next to him.

“Quite the opposite,” said Artemis. He put an arm around Holly. “You had no reason to throw my friend out like that. You will be hearing from my lawyers.” And with that, he closed the door on the host. He turned to Holly. She had a huge grin on her face.

“Come here Mud-Boy,” she laughed. She pulled his face close to her’s and kissed him again. Then the pair walked back to the Bentley.

Chapters: 1 2

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  2. Wow, I really like that! Though they kiss way too much.

  3. Thanks for the reviews! Oh, well, youre right about the kissing thing!

  4. Loved it! You’re fairly new right? I took almost a year to develop a style. Different here though.

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    I love it. upd8 ASAP

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