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Summary: Artemis Fowl; age ten  If you were an animal, describe what you would be and why. Simple homework. Very childish. […]

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Artemis Fowl; age ten 

If you were an animal, describe what you would be and why.

Simple homework. Very childish. Artemis could do it easily. He never had any problem with homework.

Exept that he did not often accociate himself with dumb animals.

Ah, well. If he had to, so be it. It was a minor obstacle, anoying but minor. Like a fly to be swated at.

Artemis walked into Fowl Manor.

“How is Father doing?”Artemis asked instantly. His father, Artemis Fowl Seinor, had recently left home on a ship by the name of Fowl Star. But Mother wasn’t there. Strange.

He walked into the computer room.

“Mother, I’m hom-” Artemis stoped in the middle of his word. Angeline Fowl turned around from one of the many computers in the room. Her delicate face was streaked with tears.

“Mother! What happened?”

“The Fowl Star. It-” She burst into tears. Artemis could feel his heart beating faster and faster, with every sob, every tear.

“-It-it sank.”

No. His world exploded into chaos. Artemis became suddenly tired. That was millions of dollars gone to waste, not to mention his-

Father.  Artemis went upstairs to work on his homework.


If I were animal, I would be a raven. A childish begining, but he couldn’t think strait.

First, my hair is raven black. But that is not the only reason. I am clever, and like ravens have been observed using simple tools, I plot, and can, as a genius, solve any problem or obstacle I come across.

His father. Gone.

The raven is quiet, and yet common. It knows when to be seen, and when to make itself scarce.

Forever. Gone.

But, most importaintly,

Artemis thought for a second. If his father was gone… Artemis would have to take matters into his own hands. What would become of his mother?

It was all left to Artemis Fowl II.

But, most importiantly,  like my father before me, my heart is as black and stiff as a raven’s feather.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. Yeah, i know, it’s a one-shot with 2 chapters. If you want me to change it, i will.

  2. Yeah, you should probably change that, since it’s two chapters and all. In the first chapter, by the way, Artemis asks a question before entering the room, and only THEN does he say that he’s home. I don’t think it usually works out that way.

    Also, its kindof weird that directly after he turns in that homework, would he become interested in the supernatural. Shouldn’t there be a reason for that?

    Sorry, just tryin to help. Nice plot, overall. 🙂

  3. But, Ann, he never turned in the homework, did he? Hmm? 😉

    Brilliant, Falcon. 😀 I give you five stars for a beautifully written piece of work. 🙂 The last paragraph of chapter one was amazing. Brilliant. 😀


  4. Aw, the last sentence of Chapter One was great. I loved this, but you might want to change the One-Shot-ness ’cause of the double chappies. But, anyway, I enjoyed it. Thanks for writing, and keep up the good work! 😉


  5. I have edited and erased the One-shot tag. I kept it cuz it needed that extra chapter, but it really wasn’t part of the story.

  6. Beckett Simpleton June 27th, 2010 at 3:00 pm 6

    It’s awsome! Awsome awsome awsome! The first chapter’s… Well for lack of better words… Awsome! The second chapter is really more of a epilouge isn’t it? Maybe you could insert a line and then put the second chapter after it? Or five/six stars? But what the Hell? It still rox my sox. (I’m is a surprisingly slang mood today) 5* though. Even if your second chapter did make me over exited because I didn’t read the story profile and thought it was a chapter fic…

  7. You were right, the last chapter was an epilouge. Thank you for figuring that out.

  8. 😀 Brilliant. Like a Raven’s feather… *sigh*… beautiful!

  9. Wow. Wow. The only word for this story. FIVE STARS DUDE!

  10. The ending was rather anti-climatic, hope you can change that, but the first chapter was AWESOME.

  11. Well… the last chapter’s not really part of the story. It’s an epilouge. And I didn’t write it to be climatic.

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