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Summary: Red He was restless. Adrenaline rushed through his muscular body as he ran, legs pumping automatically, his heart beating with […]

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He was restless. Adrenaline rushed through his muscular body as he ran, legs pumping automatically, his heart beating with a frenzied rush. Unforgiving cobalt eyes glared into the distance. It was as if an animal instinct had returned to him, surging through his already strong body like it had been bound for centuries. How long had he been running now? Sweat trickled down his shaved forehead as fatigue threatened him. The pounding of his exhausted heart reached his ears, agitated, chaotic. His lungs were on the verge of bursting, and yet he ran on.Not once did he glance back.


Behind these hazel eyes…Pirouettes a phoenix, livid with fiery ambition, like an untouchable blazing flame, dancing with unconquerable determination. 

Behind these hazel eyes…

An embellished cobra coils its enameled serpentine figure with a warning hiss. Dangerous, beautiful.

Behind these hazel eyes…

Prowls an ebony wolf, foreboding golden eyes the only relief from the impenetrable darkness.

Behind these hazel eyes…

Basks a contented feline, a purr rising in its throat with a blissful crescendo.

Behind these hazel eyes…

A dragon lies upon its scales, its azure eyes dull with sorrow, its mourning croon shattering the silence.

Behind these hazel eyes…


A jade ring is twirled on her manicured fingers. Dangerous and ornamental. She glances around.The ring is tossed aside and the speakers turned on.Honey blond tresses are tossed over her shoulders as she dances to the music, alive with intense energy, beyond caring if she is being watched.She blasts the stereo, rolling and tossing her hips with the beat of the music, golden strands of hair plastering onto her lip gloss.And suddenly she is hurled back into reality. The radio is turned off, and with a sigh, she slips the ring back onto her tapered fingers.


How could they?Despair wraps its strangling arms around her, dispelling even the slightest morsel of hope. They praise him, honor him, worship him.A grimace shrouds her delicate features. He does not deserve the praise, the honor, the worship. She does. He’s robbed her of her genius by throwing her into a fruitless cell of bare walls and concrete floors.Matted onyx hair falls before her face, obscuring her vision like slices of obsidian suspended in front of her.How could he?He destroyed her intellect. He destroyed her ambitions with a blink of an eye.She seeks revenge. 


He glances out the window, sapphire eyes following the emerald valleys and hills, lush green turfs, shimmering azure lakes. He is apparently untroubled, his mind wandering to his ingenious schemes and daring endeavors.There is a gap in his heart. An empty slit, slowly decaying into oblivion. He pitifully attempts to bridge the void, but to no avail.Wearily he accepts the single possibility. The seemingly endless days of his criminality are gone. Vanished, like misty fog in the morning. For that, his cerulean eyes reflect sorrow.Perhaps he truly has become a protagonist.But then again, perhaps he hasn’t.


Violet?Out of all the colors of the rainbow, I’m violet?Doesn’t violet represent mystery? Perhaps I am a mystery. Nobody knows my secrets, they are utterly impenetrable and I am quite reserved.Purple is the color of royalty, isn’t it? Well of course, only royalty would break into its own home and rob its own diamond-studded gold crown.Nowhere in purple does it mention sarcasm.They say magic is represented by violet. Oh, the sweet irony. I have no magic.And purple is the color of seductiveness. Not to mention the certified color of homosexuality. 

I’m deeply disturbed now.


A metallic click reverberates through the empty chamber. His eyes dart with a frenzied urgency. A bead of sweat forms on his forehead.What was that?Has he been discovered? Would they massacre? Kidnap? Horrid thoughts surge through his despairing genius mind. The click echoes in his troubled thoughts.They’ve found me.His whirls around slowly, inching hesitantly until the coruscating walls come in view. Finally, he turns around fully, ashamed at his thoughts, at his mistrust from his ingenious intellect.Or perhaps he had a reason for the obsessive paranoia.He came face to face with a steel pistol. 

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  1. :O Very creative! It almost has a kind of rythm, like poetry. Especially like violet. XD
    New Dreamlight: First class literature in a bottle! Just add water.

  2. This was great. Loved it. Especially violet and indigo. Very poetic.

  3. I love it of course.
    IH to Violet XD

  4. It’s brilliant- I love Blue and Violet especially. IH from Violet, as BlackOpal said, and Blue really matched my mental picture of Artemis…

    I think there’s something wrong with the spacing, though- it seems to be different every time I look at it.

    Oh, and shouldn’t indigo be before violet?

  5. Yeah, there does seem to be something wrong with the spacing. Everytime I go and fix it, it goes right back to before. I’ll figure it out eventually x]

  6. The main problem see is that the writing is flowery to the point of detracting from the story, versus adding to it… it’s a fine line between stylizing and killing a perfectly decent story. You have the right stuff going into this, the concepts, the motifs… but at times the overdone adjective use just grates on the reader.

    I’m being a bit harsh, but that seems to be the main problem in your works in general… You have the right stuff, again, and I’m certain that you’ll work at it more. 🙂

  7. Nicole_artist April 6th, 2007 at 6:44 am 7

    Is violet Mulch?

  8. Love it! Great stuff…anyways, it’s like, hard to see which colours represent who but then one key word or phrase gives it away which just makes it really good 😀

  9. I dont get it
    i dont see anyone in it
    no one
    it just sounds smart and pretty

    Oh well
    i guess thats what i get for being pretty and BLONDE
    no really
    i dont get who is who
    cud someone please write on this which colour is which person
    luv ya

  10. minervagirl100 May 6th, 2007 at 2:24 am 10

    Who’s red? Butler?

  11. I don’t get it. what is this about?

  12. It’s about the different Artemis Fowl characters and colours that represent them.
    Once again, I love it.

  13. mahi101 AF Fan December 7th, 2007 at 4:34 am 14

    nice , very creative , it is……… one question , can someone write down which color is who , I got blue , and some of the others but , but one or to i am confused about.

  14. Red – Butler
    Orange – Holly (hazel eyes)
    Yellow – Juliet
    Green – Opal
    Blue – Artemis
    Purple – Mulch
    Indigo (which should go before purple) – Foaly.

    Am I right??? Huh? Huh? Huh?
    Very good, BTW.

  15. so very creative.:P . nice and origonal too

  16. Wow…brilliant! I doubt I could write poems like that.

  17. wow!!! I love it!!!

  18. It was-is gorgeous. 😉

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