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Puppet Master

Summary: Tainted by evil devotion, filthy love and bloody passion, she will have to listen to his every word, and become his puppet.

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A collab songfic by FowlStar and Iris_Cam.

I_C: Hi there… Yes, I realised that most of my latest works have been songfics. *shrugs* I’ll try to update the other stuff.

Anyway, you know the drill. Italics are the translated lyrics(original is Japanese), and normal font is what Fowlie and I added on. *glomps Fowlie for collaborating.*


Fate or Fake? by Luka Megurine

Puppet Master

Your intense eyes move me

“Are you sure, Artemis?”

I’m slowly consumed

“I am sure.”

My arms tied awaiting your love

“I’m not your sniper, Arty.”

My tears proceed to drop intensely

“You will do it.”

I will.



I remember the days when I sat with my beloved

He was good once.
He helped people.

Showered in smiles and kindness

He is cruel now.



When all this was a string of destiny

Has this person actually changed, from the person I first met?
Was he ever kind?

And was broken from the intense reality

Was Rathdown Park just a dream?


I have to look at the mocking shadow

“I will massacre Haven if you don’t, Holly.”

It’s my imagination refusing to accept

I have to blink back tears and nod.

That you hid your true self

He was always like that.

Like hiding behind a light’s shade

He just hid it, so well.

It started to change and your illusion vanished

He never changed.
He was a mask, a mannequin.
And I was the fool who took to him.

Like moths to a candle.
I loved him.

To start the night of intense madness

I have to go out and kill for him.

Slaughtering hundreds, blood of the faithful…
Stains my once-pure hands.
In the name of love.



My heart and limbs are eroded

Always, always, threatening.
But they aren’t empty.
No empty threats ever leave his lips.
I have no doubt that he would do it.

To be constantly lacerated

The knowledge of that kills me, little by little.



I am resigned because I know that I cannot escape
Because I am now your prey

Forever enchained
Frozen butterfly, cold and empty.
Eclipsing the warmth,
Of sweet blood running through my veins.


The happy memories are my only strength

Remember when I gave you the coin?
Remember when you rescued me?

Remember, remember, remember
…the countless memories we created?

I miss your old self

I remember you from before…
The shadow, spectre that captured my heart.
Bewitched by a mask, hollow,
Absorbing the beat of my resounding love.

Hollow memories, hollow drums.

My heart still had not, and will not change

I, who loved with all her heart,
He, who deceived, my world falling apart.

Shattered soul, broken hearted slave.
I am encompassed, forevermore.

In this dirty, filthy, evil love.

My thoughts decomposed

My guilty conscience will cease to exist…
One day.
When that day comes…
I will be your eternal slave.
A killer.
Your killer.
Under your iron grip.


While my constant desire is pronounce

However, on that day…
I will still love you.

While a sad wound is reported

Even if you do detonate them….
Even if we stand in the smouldering remains of my home…

Perhaps my pain will subside a little

I will still be the piece under your control.
Your sword.

Your sword, dyed scarlet with blood.

Until you are done dyeing my body an intense red

My blood, and the blood of countless more.

I have no room for thought.
I make a quick decision.
I aim for the chest.

These lacerations stab nothing but my heart

My finger is on the trigger.
I think of his smile.

Burning today and tomorrow…

I shoot.

~ End ~

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  1. I am not worthy, I am not worthy. *Does that whole worship thing* This is a masterpiece, I’m going to try to read it to a poetry club I go to. *backs away doing the I am not worthy thing*

  2. WHOA!!!! (joins kristinn.v.) thats awesome!! dude, i’m SO not poetic. this is not fair. Ya’ll did great!! 5 stars!!!

  3. This was so sad! I really liked it, it’s well-written and it’s just… *sniffles* 5 stars!

  4. “I have no doubt that he would do it.”
    “I don’t doubt that he would do it.” or “I’d never doubt that he would do it.”

    “I, who loved with all her heart,”

    I believed “had loved” would be more fitting here because the helping verb “had” shows something of a past tense; without it, you can assume that she still loves him. If this is actually what you are going for, then I recommend “I, one who loves with all of her heart.” *thinks hard* This is actually rather difficult to correct. I’ll just trail off awkwardly here.

    Other than that — mm, I think that’s it. But the short sentences bother me. Choppy things are fine if they’re nicely done, yet I felt that this was… overdone. You know? It’s kinda awkward at places. Maybe I’m just not getting this right; maybe I’m at fault. Ignore me if you so please~

    Funny, though, for a period of time, I was listening to Mirotic while reading this ^^ and it fits pretty well ^^ I think. I only realized this when I began singing out loud and said, “I GOT CHUUUU~ UNDER MAH SKIN~”

    Check it out — (English subtitles because I assume you don’t know Korean ^^ I don’t, either)

    (But of course, I can link everything to kpop~)

    (BTW, this vid converted Fowlie ^^ it was an instant KO~)

    Well, I guess it is kinda choppy… I’m no good at smooth songfics.

    The song… *thinks* seems more from Arty’s PoV to me. We used Fake or Fate? because the story behind it is that she fell in love with a person whose nice behaviour was just a charade. Well, thanks for the con crit!

    No problem ^^ It was actually very nice~

    And yeah, that’s what I meant~ thought it was kinda funny how it cropped up ^^ I have 40-odd songs in that playlist, after all. ~WE

  5. Ah, sorry I didn’t get around to reviewing until now. :3

    Perfect, of course. Very nice, you guys somehow made the extreme choppiness fit. Nice job.

    “My finger is on the trigger.
    I think of his smile.

    Burning today and tomorrow…

    I shoot.”

    ^This part confused me a bit. She shot someone else because of her love for Arty? Or, did Holly shot Artemis, because she couldn’t stand being his slave?

    5/s, very sweet and poetic. 😀


    I_C: I intended it to be that Artemis ordered her to shoot someone, but it all depends on how you interpret it. It’s very open to opinions.

  6. Very good, but it was… too poetic, I guess? It was almost too… well, no… don’t know how to phrase this… Okay, got it. Really good, but not professional. THere’s a difference. I like it.

  7. i.. when i finished it..i was actually crying.. *sobs* i-its that a-awesome!!

  8. wikd stuff . it was rite up my street

  9. LEPofficerHollyShort February 19th, 2012 at 8:13 am 9

    Well i loved it no mistakes that i can see. * thinks really really hard* ug any way it was very dramatic and, *drum roll* perrrrffect

  10. I AM NOT WORTHY! *cries at the beauty of this*

  11. This is amazing! 🙂 5 stars! You could make a story type fanfiction out of this too, if you wanted, instead of it being like a poetry/songfic thing. That would make it even better, thought there’s not a lot that could be improved on here. I loved it! 🙂

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