Once Upon a Drabble (2)

Summary: /fanfiction/general/once-upon-a-drabble/12 I’m not quite dead yet ^^ Disclaimer: I seriously don’t think anyone does this anymore, but no, I do […]

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I’m not quite dead yet ^^

Disclaimer: I seriously don’t think anyone does this anymore, but no, I do not own Artemis Fowl and I never really will.

Anyway, I wrote this for a class I’m taking in one of those educational summer camps. It kinda fits Holly, Minerva, and Opal, even though I didn’t intend it to. It’s just for strong women in general. And while I’m not much of a poet, I thought I’d put this up.

~The Female Warrior~

They do not see past

Bows of lace, skirts of frills;

To them, we are only


Something to protect;

To scale mountains for

To tame seas for

To go those thousand miles for

We are



An accessory for the warrior who has

Claimed us

But we


Scale mountains

Tame seas

Go those thousand miles

If others would just

Let us be

What we aspire to be

What we can be

What we will be


At the end of the day

We are also warriors

More than

They’ll ever know

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

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  1. I can see how it relates to Holly, Minerva, Opal, etc. Not really Opal though. After all, Opal is crazy, not “strong”. So. I liked the physical structure of how you used indentation in the poem. It captures the readers eye. The description is jjjuuusssttt enough to paint an effective picture, and of course, no mistakes.

  2. Oh, this is amazing! I totally agree! Women are inferior, the greatest joke ever? Women’s rights! Women belong at home- I’ve heard it all. At my internationally minded, OPEN MINDED school. Hem.

    That was well done, and there were no mistakes I saw. Totally see how it realtes to Juliet and Holly in particular.

  3. Wow…. I agree with LEP about it being Holly and Juliet. No mistakes, 5/T(tacos). It was so, so pretty! Women’s rights!!!

    YAY! WE is back! 😀

  4. FantasyDevourer August 12th, 2011 at 2:39 am 4

    Of course, when I tried to post a comment the first time, my computer decides it hates me and logs off the Internet. Humph.

    Anyway, I didn’t find any mistakes and I loved it, especially since it was about women (I thought of Juliet and Holly) being powerful. Just how the words flow when you say them out loud is very nice, as well as how the indentations make it easy to read.

    Are you going to be more active again, WE?

  5. Wow. This is awesome. I keep finding a bunch of beautiful fics now. They’re awesome. Welcome back!

    I definitely agree with this, and I love how you use the indentation to enhance the poem for the reader. No mistakes!

    This is amazing. 5/s!

  6. YEAH! Peaople think I’m a total wuss just cuz I’m a girl…. Just cuz I do’t beat you b**t**ds up in PUBLIC……

    No mistakes!

    I believed that you lived on. I did not doubt you. 😉

  7. That wasn’t a failure. A bunch of people have tried doing scenes like that but this one’s the first I’ve seen that actually did it right (no mistakes!!!).

    Only thing is that my mind likes to think of Arty as a bit more loving.

    And I’m the first to comment on this new chapter. Heh.

  8. Tungsten Messiah: Interesting username. Might I ask what it means?
    Mm… I like to think of Opal as strong as well — she’s had a pretty hard time because she was a girl, and she only became evil from her resent of the LEP. People would choose Foaly over her just because she was a girl. Thanks for your review — it was a lot more helpful than some others I’ve had in my time.

    LEPreconGirl: Apparently, by writing this, I’ve appealed to my readers! BWHAHAHA! *runs around in circles* With this new method of controlling, I shall dominate the —
    *cough* Oh, yes, thanks for your review. My school treats boys and girls the same, except when they lecture us about dress code. -__- Then they start with the girls, saying, “Make sure your skirts and shorts aren’t too short.” After they’re done, only then do they remember that there’re guys, too, and they reprimand them with an “Oh yeah! We’re supposed to treat them equally!” voice. I can understand that, though, because the guys never break the dress code. XD

    Amber Root: Haha, did you guys see nigahiga’s new video, Feminist? I agree with him, though — except I do pick up a controller and play. In fact, I like it a lot better than shopping, but maybe that’s just because I’m a nerd. Because of my lack of interest in things I should be interested in, I’m sometimes more comfortable talking to guys than girls. Glad to see someone missed me!

    FantasyDevourer: Yeah, I’m trying to be more active. Thanks!

    <3Trouble<3: Is your picture... Fax? XD, thanks.

    ILoveFowl: My band had a field trip in Hershey Park. I went on all the biggest rollercoasters -- Fahrenheit, Sidewinder, Great Bear, you know the kind -- and had a great time. When we were driving back, everyone was talking about the roller coasters they went on. One kid (a friend that doesn't want to be considered my friend) got really sulky when he realized I went on all the good ones. He complained that the guys in his group were all wusses. XD. And language, girl! You're what, eleven? Twelve now, maybe? XD

    FantasyDevourer: Really? I haven't seen one. What do you mean by "did it right"?
    Yeah, I do make Artemis a bit of a softie in all my other drabbles, but I decided to make this one more bittersweet. More bitter than sweet, too.

    Does anyone know where Orion Fowl ran off to?

  9. I mean that they’re almost always OOC and it sounds awkward and fake. 😛

  10. I wish I knew where Orion was.

    SHE LIVES! You, not Orion, who I’m presuming is a boy anyway XD

    I am twelve. And yes, I’ve got quite a mouth on me. Most of my friends are used to it by now… i started cussing at nine years old…

    I love these!!!!! No mistakes, of course, you being you.

  11. Bobo Paradizo October 7th, 2011 at 5:14 am 11

    Ooh! An update! Did you write new drabbles? I haven’t read this for a while, so I have no idea whether you did or not XD. Okay, the last few are, as usual, perfectly perfect.
    Yeah, they do seem just a tiny bit rushed. 😀 But I really like the last one, though. Especially the way you used repetition, which was amazing.
    And of course, 5/s.

  12. I like these drabbles. But I still haven’t figured out about who the last one is, but I think that makes it interesting.

  13. SaraParadizo March 1st, 2012 at 6:38 am 13

    Well, I’m guessing Break Away is about Dom leaving Juliet to work for Arty. But since your comment was in 2011, we’re talking about different drabbles? 0.o

    Anyways, WE, absolutely amazing job, as always. 😀

  14. paranoidcentaurfoaly March 17th, 2012 at 1:05 pm 14

    Write more. Please. And don’t moan on about your “failure”. It isn’t.

  15. Hah! Buy Arty! Easily my favorite of them. I hope you write more. I enjoy reading your stories because you make next to no errors (which may or may not defeat the purpose of commenting for con crit). I read as many of your comments as I can find, too, so thar I can fix mistakes, or just not make them, but I’m sure the only fic I have up has plenty of them. I hope you review it soon because I want to know what I did wrong. It’s called Deadly Melody. Keep on writing WE!

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