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Summary: For Artemis, morning had lost all tranquility. In fact, not only had tranquility disappeared; it had been replaced by chaos. […]

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For Artemis, morning had lost all tranquility. In fact, not only had tranquility disappeared; it had been replaced by chaos. Myles had decided that he was too tired to work on his ‘project’, which meant another night of sleeplessness and fire hazards.

Of course, there was a fair amount of grumbling over breakfast. Nobody was in a good mood, except for Mrs. And Mr. Fowl, who slept in the other side of the house.

Perhaps that wasn’t the only reason; Mrs. Fowl had an announcement to make.
“Artemis, we’re leaving you in charge for a few days.”

Artemis looked up from his pancakes. “What for?”

“Your mother and I are taking a short break, and we thought we’d go to the Bahamas.” It was Artemis Senior who spoke this time. “We will only be gone for a week.”

“Without us?” Beckett asked.

“Er… yes,” Mr. Fowl replied. He was not expecting that.

“Holly can help too, of course,” Angeline put in, as if reading Artemis’s mind. “Because she’s here,” she added quickly.

“Of course,” agreed Artemis. “But, don’t you think it might be rude?”

“Of course not!” Artemis’s mother exclaimed. “She spends so much time here, she might as well have moved in!” But you could tell by the look on her face that he was right.

Of course, it was then that Holly came down to breakfast. “Huh, what?!” she glanced nervously at Artemis. His stone expression told all. “One week.”

“What?! I am so– I mean, er, I think it will be fun.” Holly blushed.

“Oh, and by the way; Myles, Beckett, I now you love those toy cars with sound effects, but try not to play with them after bedtime. They’ve been keeping me awake.” Artemis looked at the twins with an expression that belonged on the face of a cat who had reccently eaten the fattest rat.

 Holly frowned. One week. Two kids. Darvit! 

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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  1. *singing* if you are clever, you can figure out the the secret of the title… 😉

  2. You have spelling mistakes, and grammar mistakes. Proofread, and get a beta. There’s a list to the left of this page.

    Anyway, good story. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it had proper spelling and such, but… No, I didn’t manage to guess that name. What name? Tell me!

  3. Pretty good. Now, the main issue I saw was Beckett. That is how you spell his name. If you fix that, it would help. 😉
    Interesting idea. Update, it there’s more. 😀 I’d love to see how far this goes… 😈


  4. I appologise for all the spelling mistakes. I can never spell Beckett’s name right. HOWEVER, the title i spelled that way for a reason. (hint: try looking at it upside down. That helped me come up with a title.) I shall go edit now. I need to.

  5. Cool story. But you know, same problems as everyone said. I just looked at the title upside down and said, “OH!” It’s raveN!! But wait, why is it raveN?

  6. YAY!!!! you got it! it’s ‘raven’ backwards! this reason will reveal itself in time. ;))

  7. Okay, i have edited and updated. Should have better spelling now. I was editing it by hand, rather than using spellcheck. Now you can read this without fear. 😉

  8. come ON people! SOMEBODY read this! Please!
    …My story is dead. *sigh…*

    Comments merged, one at a time, please 😉

  9. Captain Awesome August 5th, 2010 at 7:11 am 9

    I read it, so it’s not dead. It’s awesome.


  11. you NEED to update!!!!!

  12. Artiholi180 iz watchin you ^_^ August 20th, 2010 at 4:39 am 12

    NOOOOO! dont end here! keep going =)))) please…..0.0 (puppy eyes) i like this story…….. Please update, Falcon.
    -Dex out-

  13. *demonic voice* YOU SHALL UPDATE OR I SHALL BUG YOU AT SCHOOL!!!!!!

    wait i wonder if we go to the same school might have not noticed you before or something

  15. UPDATE ALL YOUR STORIES AND STOP SAYING YOU’RE A BAD WRITER!!! FoalyIsAGenues- yeah I have been seriously thinking about that, it would be SO freaky if everyone on the site went to the same school and we never knew it… But then I’d probably love school cuz I wouldn’t be the only insane one!

  16. if you dont update i stop reading

  17. lets see. holly hanging out at fowl manor, parents leaving for vacation, and people get eaten by random creature that appears to be from other dimension…….. i like it

  18. Alright, peoples. I updated… and more is comeing. Soon. I promise. *shoves update-hateing, REAL Falcon into closet*

  19. No, really, I updated… Has this story died again???

  20. I’m dying!!!!!

  21. @FoalyIsAGeneus
    Do you live in colorado?

    @Fal, one of the dying breed of fangirl who doesn’t want to marry Arty

    It is NOT dead. Just slightly ignored.
    How does this have to do with the Para Files????

  22. It has to do w/ da Paradox Files because…

    That’s where I got the idea.

    D’arvit. I hate this new format.

  23. Update, please! it’s nov. 1st 2011!

  24. How dare you end on a cliffhanger?!

    No mistakes. You are good at reading through, I always end up having a few leftover mistakes.

  25. I am still confuzzled.

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