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Mums and Carnations

Summary: The long awaited, third installment of the flower series!!!! YAY!!!

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 Yes the next installment in the flowers series, a double story!!!!  The title would wear on forever if I wrote down both meanings, so you’ll find out.  Enjoy!!!

Artemis stared into Minerva’s eyes.  She was beautiful, her blonde hair layered in waves.

“Artemis, we could be like this forever…” she started. 

“And?” He said.

“Will you marry me?” she asked quietly.  He remained silent.  “It’s ok.  I’ll give you some time to think about it.”  She stood up, and walked out the door.   Artemis stood, and after snatching a few pounds, called up Foaly. 

Holly Short was waiting at Tara, where Artemis had said he would meet her half an hour ago.  Suddenly, a lone shuttle opened, and Artemis stepped onto the platform.

1 hour later. 

Holly Short was pacing around her apartment.  “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?” she yelled.  “MARRYING THAT WITCH?” 

“Well, she is right for me..” He said. 

“HOW DO YOU KNOW???  YOU’VE BEEN SEEING HER FOR THREE MONTHS!!!!!!”  She yelled, trying desperately to prove her point.

“Well, for one thing,” Artemis said cooly,” She is smart, pretty, and rich.  What more could you want from a girl?” 

“Well, in my opinion, she leaves quite a bit to be desired.  She’s a spoiled brat, and if you haven’t noticed, she no better than you at twelve.” 

“She’s getting better, ”  he said. 

“But what about us??  Are you forgetting the People?  She will probably exploit us while your back is turned!!! And with her around, you would have less time to help the people around you when the world needs to be saved again.” 

“Just be quiet.  I don’t need you.”  He said.  OOH, harsh……Srry random Author’s note.

“But I need YOU!!!” She said. 

“Huh?” he said.  So unaware sometimes…

“I love you, and you sit here and turn your back on all of us!  All the people who care about you!  Is that what you wanted?”

“No of course not, but..” he said.

“Then don’t marry that lying, supermodel witch.  The first chance she gets, she will go off with someone else.  It’s just her nature.”  Holly interupted. 

Artemis just gave her a look, and then walked out the door, back towards Fowl Manor.  On the way, he stopped by a small shop in the Temple Bar area, and spent the few pounds he had brought. 

The next day……

Minerva awoke, and the morning was bright and cheery.  The first thing she thought was to check on Artemis.  She ate a hasty breakfast, and slipped out the door, almost stepping on a plastic wrapped package.  It was a small boquet of flowers, and Minerva’s first idea was to shout her joy to the world, but some blossoms are more than they seem.  The boquet consisted of a golden mum, and a striped carnation.  After careful inspection, she decided it was maent to say, You have been a great friend, but I have to say No.  She cried a little, and then pressed the flowers in a book, to be reminded of stinging rejection. 

Holly woke to a normal day in Haven, and after a long shower, and small breakfast, she rushed out onto the deck of her apartment to look at the city.  Sitting on her table was a small boquet of flowers, 1 gold mum, and 1 striped carnation, so heavily banded that it looked almost like a solid color.  Elves, who are more in tune with the sound of nature, new immediately what it meant.  Technically, thanks but no thanks.  He had gone and married the witch after all.  She stayed at home that day, even knowing she would get in trouble for missing work. 

A mum means simply, you have always been a good friend, and the banded tiger carnation, a refusal to proposal.  Both Girls were blissfully unaware of Artemis’s new girlfriend, and if they knew, they would’ve been surprised beyond reason.

Ok, what you think? R&R pleez!!!!!!! 🙂

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  1. ooooh i never knew that anyways this is reeeeeeeeeellly gd and u should continue
    all the best artyrox xox (dont ask me y i do that its just pure habit lol)

  2. take a shot at who artemis’s new girlfriend is!!!!!! LOL, u’ll nvr get it!

  3. ummmmmmmmmmm i can’t guess!!!! tell me!!!

  4. unnapreciated genius October 7th, 2007 at 8:31 am 5

    wait is it… Vinyaya? No 1? Harry potter? ( haha)

  5. Unnapreciated genius October 7th, 2007 at 8:31 am 6

    haha, notice only one of those names are acctually female.

  6. nono, keep guessing, we all know her from fifth book.

  7. ooooooooh is it maria

  8. do i get a prize if i get it right

  9. Juvenileelfsrule October 7th, 2007 at 11:27 pm 10

    Maria? and uh, sure..U get.. This Official AF Hand painted poster!!!!

  10. Gah! shut up, and stop changing my username!!!! Srry, a little thing about the poster……

    Made in China.

  11. Rofl! LOL ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i want it to be vinyaya lol for obvious reasons!

  13. ok, u guys give up yet????? It’s…..ur never going to believe it….LILI!!!! LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. captain_artys_girlxx October 18th, 2007 at 11:29 am 15

    WHAT!! no it isn’t!! dream on

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