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Mulch and Foaly

Summary:       There were several other ways that Mulch Diggums would rather spend this day. In fact, he would have rather […]

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      There were several other ways that Mulch Diggums would rather spend this day. In fact, he would have rather been in the company of a whole pack of trolls. Instead, he is in the operations booth, with (you know who) Foaly. Artemis, Holly, and Butler had wriggled their way into yet another conflict. Holly had insisted that Mulch stay there with Foaly while they were out because Holly thought Mulch was going to put another getaway plan into progress. Unfortunately for Mulch, he wasn’t going to do anything of that sort, but that’s what you get when you’re a criminal- no trust. Anyway, you guys are probably dying for me to say,” let’s get this show on the road”.

Operations Booth 

     ” So donkeyboy, how did you escape from that 3D movie, Shrek?”

     ” I don’t know what your talking about, but wasn’t that you next to Snow White? Yeah, that was you, she took one whiff of you and died. Either that or it was the evidence that prooved looks can kill.”

     ” Hey, what’s that on the screen?” Mulch pointed to the screen with a horrified face.

     ” It’s probably just your reflection. It gets to-” Foaly turned around about half way when he felt some heavy weight on his back. He whinnied, turned his head, and saw Mulch on his back.

     “Giddyup donkey! Giddyup!” Screamed Mulch. He had always wanted to jump on Foaly’s back and see his frightened expression.

     Foaly had just started to kick his hind legs up franticly trying to get Mulch off his back. Mulch had finally fallen to the ground with his shoulders shaking and laughing like a hyena. “You should have seen your face! You looked like your head was about to pop off.” Mulch lay their laughing his head off for about another minute.

     “Hey, I was just surprised that’s all, there could have been a demon on my back for all I knew!” Foaly explained, but it was no use. When Foaly tried to explain to Mulch, he laughed even harder and louder so it drowned out Foaly’s voice.

     ” Foaly! Foaly, are you there?”

     ” Yeah, I’m here. Holly, is there a problem?”

     ” No, I just wanted to say hi, of course there’s a problem!” Holly paused. “Hey, what’s all that laughing in there?”

     ” What laughing? I don’t hear any laughing.” Foaly lied. He faced Mulch who was still busting a gut and waved at him which meant,” STOP LAUGHING!” Mulch slowed his pace about halfway, still snickering.

     ” Well, I guess that’s one cheap piece of technology you got there Foaly.”

     ” Yeah Foaly, did you steal that from the mud men? It’s pretty low tech.” Mulch cut in. He said this loudly so Holly could hear.

     ” Okay fine! Mulch was laughing at me and I won’t tell anyone the reason!” Foaly admitted. If Foaly agreed that a piece of his technology wasn’t performing correctly, then he would be criticized even further. “Well anyway, what’s the problem?”

     ” I got a couple of dots on my radar, I think they’re magical demons. I need you to knock them out while I run over to the next room.” In case you’re wondering, this story came after the 5th book, so when the demons were sucked through the time tunnel, they stole some magic during their trip to Earth. They all knew Leon Abbot stole some magic, so they did as well. And while they were settled underground, they built a sort of castle-like structure from what they remembered from Lady Heatherington Smythe’s Hedgegrow.

     ” Sure, no problem, you took the updated version of the LEP helmet, so the helmet can knock anyone out when I tell it to verbally. I used to have to look like i was playing a human video game with a joystick. It’s extremely clever really because all I did was make the helmet a tad bigger so I could install the voice activated-”

     ” Foaly, have I ever told you that your excessive rambling of your inventions has always been helpful?” Holly asked.

     ” No.”

     ” Good.” Foaly sulked for about ten seconds until he remembered what he was supposed to be doing.

     ” Okay and GO!” Holly raced across the room and spotted two magical demons. Holly avoided them and flew above the demons.

     ” Foaly nothing’s happening! Why aren’t you shooting?”

     ” I don’t know! Something has gone wrong!” Foaly looked around the room and saw Mulch with some vole curry. ” Hey Mulch where’d you get that?”

     ” I found it in your system. It’s like vole curry noodles mixed in with clay. I’d say it tastes pretty-”

     ” What my system?” Foaly looked around and saw a big hole in the wall. Foaly wondered how he could have missed it. Now it made sense to him. Those noodles in Mulch’s “vole curry” were actually wires from his computer and those wires just so happened to be the wires that connected Foaly’s computer with Holly’s helmet! “Holly! Unless you want stun them manually, you have to get out of there!”

     ” D’Arvit! I can’t take my neutrino because my hands are full! I have to get out of here!” Holly raced for the door. “D’Arvit,” she repeated, “the doors are closing!”

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. Are you new to the site? I’m new too. Welcome to Artemis Fowl Fanfiction ~bows dramatically~. Anyway, good start, but write more so I can give you a proper review.

  2. mahi101 AF Fan March 3rd, 2008 at 1:11 am 2

    HI! I guess your new, Im Mahi101 AF Fan but you can call me Mahi. lolz, I like it but plz add more because there isnt a plot yet. Anyway it looks intresting so I cant wait to read more!

  3. Hey! What’s up? I’m Foalygenius! Anyway, I like your story so far! But yeah, please add more! I’m sure it’ll be great!

  4. Hey I’m Olive or Katherine, whatever you want to call me. Welcome to the site. I must say, Mulch is even more stupid in this story then usual, but it is very funny. You have a knack for comedy! 🙂

  5. Hey, It’s GoMulchGo, and I would like to say that comments are always welcome. I would like you to say anything good to make me feel more confident or say anything bad to tell me what I need or what you would prefer in my current or recent stories.

    P.S. my first story, Mulch and Foaly is still in progress, in case you didn’t know.

  6. P.P.S. Sometimes when I am writing something, I sprout another idea right in the middle. So if any of my stories are about halfway and a new one starts, then please don’t get mad at me. The idea can’t wait.

  7. I like your story alot, its very funny 🙂 please continue! 🙂 and since everyone is introducing themselves; I am happyhypnosis, or simply H.H., at your sevice *bows* ;D
    welcome to the one of the best websites ever 🙂

  8. Captian Holly Short March 8th, 2008 at 5:12 pm 8

    There right you need to right more this story is great! Eoin Colfer Could have written it him self!!!!!!!!!!

  9. :mrgreen: this is so funny! I could imagine the look on Mulch’s face when Artemis told him to stop. :mrgreen: 5/5, defenitly in the right catagory!

  10. i wold like to introduce myself as well. i am butler_1993 and i am also new here *bows overly dramaticly* i joined 1 day ago and already have two stories up.


  11. Hi, I’m Helen.
    I’m quite new as well. I joined around April and I’ve got LOTS and LOTS of stories going now (even if you don’t know). I’ve got tons of ideas whirling around in my head so please don’t blame me if my stories don’t get updates. I will probably be writing another story.

    As for you story, it’s realy quite nice. Actually, it was very nice. You got to write more soon, you know. 😉

  12. Nice! you have done very well preserving the the personality of the characters in this story. (‘specially Mulch and Foaly.) Keep up the awesome work!

  13. Nice! I say! Mulch and Foaly somehow definitely would clash, continue the story, we like it! If you can, please comment on my story Artemis Fowl and the Mallan Rebellion, Thanks!

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