~Moluccella is the flower of rivalry~

Summary: A/N JADE MALICE IS BACK Hey! Here’s a cool fact: The moluccella flower is more commonly known as “Ireland’s Bells.” […]

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A/N JADE MALICE IS BACK Hey! Here’s a cool fact: The moluccella flower is more commonly known as “Ireland’s Bells.” This story is about the rivalry of Trouble and Holly Short fighting over first in command! Enjoy.

It started off as any other day. Holly stepped up to the steel door of Artemis the II’s section 9. She looked into a scanner. A red light scanned her retinas and the little light turned Green. “Captain Holly Short, female, elf, section 9.” Said the computer’s voice. Holly stepped through the first door and into a blue lit room. “Please remove all metal.” the voice said. Holly removed her badge and some of her weapons. Blue lights shined down upon the young elf. They moved over every inch of her body. “Clear.” the voice said. Holly picked up her stuff and moved into the next room. She was startled when she heard “Please remove your clothes.” Holly gaped. “Fowl, you pervert.” she muttered removing her clothes. Without warning her hands and feet were grabbed holding her perfectly still. Needles came from the right left front in back. “You will feel a pinch.” the computer’s voice said. Small needles cover Holly’s body. Holly gasped. The pain was excruciating. The needles removed themselves and Holly was repulsed to find the floor seemed to have veins fill with her blood. “DNA check. Welcome commander short.” Holly grumbled and put her clothes back on. She stamped through the door and found eighteen year old Artemis Fowl flipping through files on his laptop. Holly bent down to glare into his eyes. “Remove your clothes? It may pinch? FOWL YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!” Holly cried standing up right and stamping her foot. Artemis treated her with his best vampire smile (which had gotten considerably more evil looking) Holly stared right into his eyes. He didn’t frighten her anymore. “Don’t think it’s because I had any intention of seeing you naked Commander. Commander Kelp had to go through the same procedure.” Artemis stated bluntly returning back to his laptop. Holly turned red, whether from anger of embarrassment one could not tell. “It hurt Artemis.” was all she said. “Painful but necessary.” he replied not taking his eyes from the laptop. “Can we go over the mission now?” Came a voice from the shadows. “Kelp.” Holly said crisply. “Short.” he replied stepping into the light. Holly was about to turn away when something went on in her head. “Wait, Trouble was here when you did the scan?” she asked whipping around to face Artemis. “Of course. Honestly Holly I didn’t think it would be a big deal. I mean really, if it was ok that I was in here why not the commander?” he said dismissively. Holly turned to Trouble blushing. “Don’t worry Holly, I closed my eyes.” he said winking. Holly almost puked on him. “BOYS ARE SO PERVERTED!” she screamed. “Just figured that out have you?” Artemis said in a bored voice. Holly turned to him. “The mission Fowl.” she snapped. “Mr. Fowl.” Artemis corrected her finally meeting her eyes. “Here are your files and your going to need that new wing set and guns…security includes trolls.” he said scanning the bands on their wrists. (Downloading their info) Holly groaned inwardly. “When do we leave?” Trouble asked. Artemis smiled, “As soon as possible. Better get packing you two. It’s supposed to take two weeks minimum.” Holly glowered as she turned on her heel to leave. “Oh Holly?” Artemis asked as if it was an after thought. Holly turned and gritted her teeth. “Yes?” she said through clenched teeth. “You may want to get over your differences with Commander Kelp because you two are going to spend a lot of time together.” he said. Holly’s eyes sparked and danced with fiery rage. “I’m gonna kill you.” they said. “I’d like to see you try.” Artemis whispered. Holly stomped out glaring daggers at both Trouble and Artemis. After she was gone Artemis turned to Trouble.

“You weren’t really in here for the scan. Plus there are no cameras in here.” he said.

Trouble grinned. “I know.”

“She’s a handful. You ready for this?” Artemis asked.

“She’s worth it.” Trouble replied. Then he too left Arty’s office.

Artemis smiled and shook his head. Those two were in way over their heads and it was about to get a whole lot deeper. He just hoped they knew how to swim.

((Don’t worry everyone I’ll update…..maybe……if you like it……Please review! Flamers are welcome!))

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  1. YAY! You’re back!!!!! I missed you. I’ve updated so much on deserted! But that’s out of the question. Great story! I’ll be watching my back from now on! 😛

  2. OMG I love it! Update! By the way I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Olive. Nice to meet you.

  3. oh thats wonderful…u must UPDATE!!! love the whole DNA part 😛

  4. that was really really good i liked you should have said what the mission was though so please update soon!!!

  5. ArtemistheHunter March 19th, 2008 at 6:19 pm 5

    I don’t know what to say about it.
    Well……………I liked it please update

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