Mission # 1: Mission Seemingly Impossible.

Summary: PG-13 because of cussing and my sense of humor. And possibly mild gore :D

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Whoo! New story! 😀 I shall try to update it often!~


Location: Secret Fowl Headquarters

Time: 2:07 AM


Short:*diligently working on her computer* Ahg… *growls and facedesks*

Falcon:*wearing a blanket like a hooded cloak* Shoooooort, Shooooooooooooooooooort, I am your fathaaaaaaaaaah!

Short:*muffled* What do you want Fal?

Fal: Aw.*drops the “hood” of her blanket* Why so cranky?

Short: I’M WORKING FOR THE GUY I SHOULD BE KIDNAPPING! *throws hands in the air*

Fal: *sighs* I feel your pain. *pulls up a chair next to Short and sits*

Short:*lazily opens up the web browser* What should we post? *motions at the screen*

Fal: Probably more quotes.

Short:*nods* Alright. *starts typing* Hey, Fal?

Fal: Huh?

Short: Where’s Artemis…?

Falcon: What’dya mean? He’s in his room…

Short: *fullscreens the Arty Security Cam(ASC)* He’s not in his room…*opens the Fowl Mansion Security Cams(FMSC)* Or anywhere else!

Falcon:*takes a good look at the screen* What are those? *points at the screen*

Onscreen:*shadowy figures are carrying something large and lumpy*

Falcon: Short? *looks around*

Short: *Already half way up the stairs* C’mon Falcon! *continues up*

Fal: Darn it Short! *quickly follows*


Much more to write later, but I’m tired, so, rate and review please!


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  1. I personally think that since there are so many actions, this would work better as a full-on regular fic instead of it being chatroom-style.

    It’s really short so far, so I can’t say too much about it ^^ Don’t think I saw any mistakes, but the astericks thing really bothered me because you were practically narrarating the whole thing anyway~

    Do you know what I’m saying, or am I not making sense?

    ~WE, out

    I like those.
    Not much else to say.
    I like the [enter] button.
    second comment lollipop

  3. Hmm. Chatroom-fic style. Those can be good, if done correctly, but normally I would try to stay away, because most of them suck. If I were you, I would write more before posting. I agree with WE on this one, it would be better as a normal fic. And I think thats it.

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