Minerva or Holly (All of the parts so far)

Summary: This is all of the parts to 'MInerva or Holly' so far for now one I will add one to this.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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This is all the parts so far to ‘Minerva or Holly’ . I fixing and changing some parts to make it alot more understandable. Hope you like it, I’m trying to figure out how to use the chapter thing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Artemis Fowl the series or Artemis himself. But I do own the hacking info to get into his system. * Sees Butler outside the window with gun!* Fine! I don’t hack into his system. * Sees Butler go away* Thank God!!

Chapter 1

Artemis Fowl age 25 woke up from a bad night of dreams, about being in love with Minerva and Holly at the same time. So he walked over to his desk to see if Foaly had hacked into his system again, but there note on his keyboard. Suddenly feeling a pain strike the back of his neck as he picked its up.

“What is this, a letter from Foaly I presume.” Questioned Artemis as he opened the letter. “Oh it’s from Holly.”

As he opened it to read it there was a knock at the door. “Butler will get it, at least I think would.” Thought Artemis. Another knock was at the door. So he dropped the letter on his desk and proceeded to the door.

“Butler were are you. Someones at the door!?!” he cried.


“I’m coming.” KNOCK! “I SAID I’M COMING!” Artemis yelled at the top of his lungs as he answered the door in his solid blue pajamas.

At the door was his mother and father also ……..MINERVA! His heart leaped with a little joy when he saw her. “Mother, father and Minerva. I guess I forgot you were coming over.” He said as he just stood there dumbfounded.

“Nice to see you to, Arty” his mother replied sarcastically with her arms folded. “And I can see that you just woke up, by the look of your hair.” She noticed while his father was fixing his navy blue suit.

“Come right in, I’ll go and fix my hair.” Artemis addressed them as he hand gestured them to come in with a flick of his hand.

“Artemis I think you might want to changed your clothes also your in your pj’s” Minerva whispered in his ear while she followed his parents into the manor. ” Also your brothers are on their way at this very minute, their not having a good day.”

“Thanks for the heads up, Minni.” Artemis teased.

“Don’t call me Minni, Arty.” She teased back.

Haven city, Holly’s apartment

Holly was lying in bed with the worst flue of her life and loosing her voice at the same time, talking to commander Kelp on the wall screen. “Commander, sir I…I… I ACHOO!” Then Holly blew her stuffy noise with a tisho.

“Let me guess you can’t come to work today because you have the flue, take all the time you need” He told Holly.

“Yes sir, com… coman… ACHO!. Thank you very much”She sniffled.

“Holly it’s time for your median, Ewe it’s so slimy and green.” Said a familiar voice.

“Got to go commander, over and out. I’m coming aunt O.”She faintly said even thought only Trouble could here her.

Trouble was sitting at his desk doing his normal paper work.”I wonder who that is, O well back to work. It could be Opal, no it couldn’t.” Trouble wondered while Foaly was spying on his conversation.

“Opal Koboi is Holly’s aunt! Wow that’s a shocker even for me.” Foaly accidentally said out loud.

“Foaly get your hairy butt in here now.” He did not come in at that second “I said now Foaly!!” Roared Trouble

Fowl Manor

Artemis was getting dressed in his most favorite black suit for Minerva. He was thinking of Holly and all the times he gazed at her.”Should I read the letter now or later from Holly.” Then his thoughts were broken by the yelling of his twin brothers. He quickly shoved his shoes on and ran down stairs to help break up the fight.

Minerva was curios to know were Butler was. So she walked all around the manor. The last place she looked was Artemis’s room, suddenly she saw a note on his desk and she read it.

“Dear Artemis,

I have something very important to tell you about. It’s important because its how I feel about us…….”

Suddenly she heard foot steps coming up the hallway, so she put the letter in her pocket.  And walked down the outside the room before he saw her.

Haven City, Holly’s Apartment

“Holly take your medicine, please don’t make me get Scant.” Said Opal Koboi.

“But I …… I…….Achoo! Holly sneezed while Opal shoved the spoon holding green slimy medicine into her mouth. The grossness of it made Holly gag.

Opal walked out of the room and closed the door “Get some rest” she said while the door was cracked “because you’ll need it” Opal giggled walking down the corridor.

“I really miss Artemis and butler” Holly thought. “Just imagine the name Holly Ember Fowl.

For the past years Artemis and Holly have been dating, but every time they get to a point in their stages something happens. For example they were in a beautiful meadow on a picnic at sun set. Then when they were just about to kiss, a certain Dwarf pops his head out of the ground right in front of them. And says ” Whatcha do’en……Eh……Holly?” Mulch Diggums said.

“just going home, Mulch.” She would said as she literally had to fly off before he realized what they were doing just then.


Opal Koboi was drawing in her note book. Then the door bell suddenly rang. “OPEN UP, IT’S THE LEP!”

“O-no its the LEP they don’t know I’m Holly”s aunt.” So she grabbed Scants or Merv’s hammer, she didn’t really know who it really belonged to. Opened the door and hit the officer in the head. “O my god! It’s Trouble…..Eeeeep.., what am I going to do” She thought.Then it hit her like a brick, so she grabbed him by the caller and dragged him into the basement.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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  1. Let me help you here with the chapters. Go to your HTML editor and insert this tag between the chapters:

    Hope I helped. Make sure to remove all of the spaces in the TAG. Okay?

    Right now, it’s too confusing for me to read.

    Amber Says:
    Thanks for the help, but I tried it and it did’nt work. So I just wrote Chapter #. But thanks Fowlie. 🙂

  2. TungstenMessiah July 8th, 2011 at 3:51 am 2

    Grrr…I hope the dream opening wasn’t from my book!Quite a few spelling mistakes, but other that that, it was all good. EXCEPT…for the letter. Holly can be fairly blunt, but when you dump someone, its quite rare you’re going to do that in three sentences or so.

    Amber Says:
    Please don’t Grrr… me ok? What book had the dream in it. Because I’v read your stories and I really don’t remeber a story. So sorry, I didn’t know. What does ‘TungstenMessiah’ mean?

  3. FowlsGirl123 July 9th, 2011 at 2:58 am 3

    Waiting patiently for the next chapter! (However, it will not be patiently after much longer.)
    You should probably work on punctuation a little bit, cuz whenever a question is asked, there isn’t a question mark, but other than that it was good. update!

    Amber Says:
    Thanks for telling me that I’ll fix it right away. 🙂

  4. Grrrr Fowlie I tried what you said even with the steps and guess what… It did’nt stil work!

  5. Oops. Didn’t show up. Try this: .
    Then, take out the spaces. Sorry for the double comment!


    Hmmm. TungstenMessiah. Long story. Check my profile. Btw, FS, I don’t think too many people know what a tag is, so just give it to them plain and simple. To get the chapter buttons, simply type . I think.

  6. Hey! I fixed it up for you. Now if you need to add another chapter, just copy and paste the tag (the words that make your chapters pop up…) in between the chapters.

    If you still have trouble, go read the guide for inserting chapters.

    *pokes* Tell meh if you have any problems. 😀

    Amy Says:
    Thank you sooo… much Fowlie. Your my hero! 🙂

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