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Merry Christmas

Summary: I'd like to enter this one into the Holiday contest. I really don't think I'm going to win (this is my first fanfiction), but I just thought it would be fun to try. Sorry for the Artemis/Minerva ship, I don't like it any more than you do. It just fit the short better. I have now updated! Well, edited is more like it. Once I got going, it became really evident how much editing was really needed. Please edit more! And tell me that you like my story, I'm really vain. *tee hee*

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I don’t own any of the characters. Eoin Colfer does. I submit to his authority, etc. etc. etc.



A young boy’s voice wakes you up.

“Yes?” you ask.

“It’s Christmas, and Vinyaya and I were wondering if” he pauses, “…if we could open presents now.”

You pretend to consider it, then say gravely, “Yes. You may.”

“Thank you, father. I’ll go wake Vinyaya up and tell her.”

He turns, walks out of the room, and as soon as your door is closed, you hear feet patter quickly down the hall, and knocking on the door. “Vin! Father says we can open presents now!”

You sigh, then ask Minerva, “Was I always that formal around my father?”

“Yes,” she replies frankly.

Now you understand why Angeline never liked “Mother”. You thought it was more professional, just another barrier to protect you. All it did was distance you from your family.

You get out of bed, to join your children downstairs. You look at Minerva, still comfortably nestled in bed, and give her a are-you-going-to-get-up-now look.

“I’ll come in five minutes. Go on without me.”

“If I left you here, I could come back at noon and you would still be asleep. Get up.”

After five minutes, she deigns to descend the stairs with you, and as you go to join your children, you remember that Christmas 23 years ago, when your mother descended these very stairs, sane for the first time in years, to tell you it was Christmas. You miss her.

Artemis III (how strange it feels, to share your name with your child) and Vinyaya (Holly absolutely refused to have the child named after her) are lying on the floor underneath the tree, all dignity cast aside, searching for presents addressed to them. After a while, their grandfather takes pity on them and finds the presents from him at the back of the tree, handing them each one.

The doorbell rings; Minerva answers it. A man in his young twenties, his black hair dusted with snow, grins down at her. The children leave their half-opened presents, and run to him, crying “Uncle Beckett!” Vinyaya asks, “Where is Uncle Miles?”

“He’s coming tomorrow – his flight was delayed.”

Vinyaya and Artemis III sigh in unison, then realize that Uncle Beckett has a box of presents behind him, carried by Juliet, who had taken on the position of his bodyguard. She drops that box by the door, and nearly tackles her brother. Butler allows it for a few moments, then gently removes her and takes the box.


After all the presents under the tree have been opened, you and your father lead the rest of the family into the main hall, where more presents lie on the hearth. Artemis and Vin dash towards the presents, as if each year it is a new surprise that “Santa” visited. You think wryly of the faries and, as if reading your thoughts, young Artemis holds out a present.

“It’s for you, Father,” he tells you. “It’s from a girl named Holly. Who’s she?”

You take the present from him and, deciding that Christmas has no need of formalities, sit down cross-legged on the floor. “She’s a woman I knew many years ago, before I knew your mother even.”

As your children struggle to understand a time when Father was not married to Mother, you carefully unwrap the present. A box emerges, and in the box…

You laugh. It starts out as a chuckle, and escalates until you are laughing as you have not in years. No one in the room understands why, but in the box are two large, swirly, rainbow lollipops. When you finish laughing, you wipe the tears from the edge of your eyes, and read the note tucked underneath.

“Dear Mud Man (you aren’t a Mud Boy anymore, are you?), Merry Christmas! I’m glad that Minerva was able to make you stay home this year. I’ll be visiting about the time you open this present. Merry Christmas, Holly. P.S. The lollipops are for Arty and Vin. Unless you want them, of course.”

You hold out both lollipops, and the children’s eyes grow wide. “Holly sent you these.”

They each take one reverently, and sit down to finish opening Santa’s presents, with the candy in a place where they can always see it.

The doorbell rings once more, and this time you rise to answer it. No one is there, but you see a shimmer in the air. You step outside, and shut the door. “Hello, Holly.”

“Hey, Artemis,” she replies, shimmering into sight.

There is a moment of silence. Holly does not appear to have aged a bit, while you – well, 20 and 35 are distinctly different. And what do you say, when you haven’t seen your friend for years?

“Thank you for the lollipops. Vin and Arty just love them.”

“Merry Christmas, Artemis,” she tells you. You nod back, and she smiles.

Holly shimmers out of sight as she flies away.

“Merry Christmas,”

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  1. I feel so happy… I’m published! I think I’m getting way too excited over this… too bad! Yay!

  2. I like it! It’s awesome =)

  3. i like how u put it as if we were artemis. smartly done. look forward to wat else u can write

  4. really nice, keep up the good work!

  5. It’s a little spaced out, but that is okay… 😉 But I love the story line! Keep up the good work! :mrgreen:

  6. pretty good I guess I like how u made us as if we were Artemis but it would be nice if you would let us realize that we were artemis sooner.

  7. i luved it! you need to continue or is this the end?

  8. Unappreciated genius December 21st, 2007 at 11:23 am 8

    Hmm, it was good. But Artemis seemed a bit OOC…

    It also took me a while to figure out why it said

    “Dear Mu- i mean ARtemis”

    Why would Holly bother writing that?

  9. I was planning on this being the end. Sorry if you found very many mistakes – I had already written this on a different program, then hurridly changed something and copied/pasted it into the typer thing. *sigh*

  10. i don’t get the ‘ dear Mu- i mean Artemsi’ part someone explan please!

  11. she was going to type dear Mudman, or mud boy , I got that rite away and thought it was a nice touch.

  12. Thank you! Someone appreciates my unappreciated geniusness.


    I really don’t know what I’m going to write next. I should probably just concentrate on editing this. But that would involve rereading it… *sigh*. Should I fix the “spaced out” problem?

  13. OOC… means…?

  14. OOC means out of character

  15. Thank you. Sorry if he was “ooc”. I’m not Eoin Colfer. *sigh* Of course, if I was then I would be publishing in print instead of on a fansite.

  16. mahi101 AF Fan January 27th, 2008 at 4:49 am 16

    wow , lol , just to tell u , i’ve just reread ALL your work , and I LOVE all of it , they’re all awesome! , keep up the good work!

  17. Wow, mahi! I’m impressed that you went to the effort to read all *cough*five*cough of my stories! And you’d better stop telling me how great I am – my sister think’s I’m getting a swelled head! (And I am!)

  18. Aw… you named Artemis’ kid after Vinyaya… That must have been Holly’s idea.
    Lollipops… *laughs*

  19. Minerva Paradizo June 9th, 2008 at 7:32 am 19

    I love it! I don’t know why, but it makes me sad… Tell me if it’s supposed to make me sad.
    Love it! (This and all your other stories) 😀

  20. Well… the original point wasn’t to make you sad… I wanted it to be a big family gathering for Christmas, with even Holly joining in. Although, I guess the way I wrote the last line could be sad… hm…

  21. Artemis Fowl in the future. It’s good. I didn’t recognize a single grammatical error. Artemis was quite in-character.
    I’m glad he got married to Minerva. Juliet and Artemis would make a terrible couple.

  22. I KNOW!!! I just can’t imagine Juliet and Artemis getting together… *Shudder*

    Personally, I would love an Arty/Holly relationship, except I know it’s impossible and that A/M is the only option (aside from keeping him single, but who wants that?). *sigh*

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